To become the rich in America

To become the rich in America

"Money is from your sweat." "You should work hard."
People who have these kinds of thought can make money
but it would be hard for them to become the rich. Of course,
they can be rich but it would be hard stochastically.

Don know Michael Mohr?

He was the first person who found that there were great opportunities in Starbucks.
Starbucks's stock market cap was only $220,000,000 in an initial public offering
but current it's stock market cap is about $23,000,000,000.
He found and invested Google and Apollo corporation when they started.

It's similar to the investment philosophy of Warren Buffett, isn't it?
The way to become the rich in America is to find corporations which can be successful.
Then what do you focus on when you do net surfing?
Which website in the world suddenly attracts lots of people,
which website Wall Street people talk about gradually.
This is what you should find.
Why don't you go to the companies you found through net surfing?
Help president in those companies. Talk about your philosophy and capitalism view.
If you have a right subject of net surfing and take an right action for that,
to become rich in America through the internet will be very easy, won't it?