Did you watch "Slumdog Millionaire"

did you watch "Slumdog Millionaire" ?.

or Did you know movie director "Daniel Boyle" ?
Slumdog Millionaire is India and British Movie. because
movie background is India, Made from British.

American and Indian film industry scale hit near a close is .
Indian also film industry is great ride.
therefore, if you like movie, you should watch
Slumdog Millionaire and more India Movies.
this movie was get world 88 award won. amazing !

1. Festival of the blast
2009 Academy 8 most / best picture, best director , Best Original Score,
Film Editing, Cinematography , themes , virtual, Best Sound
2009 Golden Globes four Most / Director , Best Picture , Best Original Score
2009 British Academy Award (BAFTA) / Best Director, Film Editing
Best Original Score and best , Cinematography , Best Sound
2009 UK Evening Standard Awards (ESBF) / Best Technical Achievement
2009 Excellence -in Production Design Awards / Contemporary Film
2008 Satellite Awards (Satellite) / Best Picture , Best Director
2008 Beulraekril Awards (Black Reel) / actor , fortunes , Best Original Score
2008 British Independent Film Festival (BIF) / Best Picture, Best Director
2008 Toronto International Film Festival / Audience Award
2008 Chicago International Film Festival / Audience Award
2008 Camera Lee unknown Film Festival in / GOLD FLOG Awards
2008 Asian Film Festival / Audience Award
2008 St. Louis International Film Festival / International Film Festival

2. The critics' Unanimous choice
2008 National Critics Award (NBR) / best picture, best adapted
2008 New York Critics Award (NYFCC) / Cinematography
2008 Washington Critics Award (WAFCA) / best picture, best director , newcomer
2008 Chicago Critics Award (CFCA) / director , best adapted
2008 Boston Critics Award (BSFC) / Best Picture, Film Editing
2008 Dallas Critics Association Award / Best Picture , Best Director
2008 Florida Critics Association Award (FFCC) / best picture, best director
2008 Phoenix Critics Award (PFCS) / best picture, best director, film editing
2008 Southeastern Film Critics Association Award (SEFCA) / director, best adapted
2009 Kansas City Critics Association Award (KCFCC) / best picture and best
2009 Central Ohio Critics Association Award (COFCA) / director, best adapted

3. the United States combined of the reasons The cheers
2008 Migukjejakjajohapsang (PGA) / Best Picture
2009 Migukgamdokjohapsang (DGA) / DIRECTOR
2009 Migukjakgajohapsang (WGA) / best adapted
2009 American Film Editors Award (ACE) / editorial
2009 ASC / director, cinematography, film editing, art direction
2009 U.S. Art Director Union (ADG) / art dealer
2009 S race (SAG) beseuteuangsangbeulsang
2009 American Film Sound Association Award (CAS) / Best Sound
2009 Costume designer johapsang (CDG) / uisangsang

4. 2009 This year's movie selection
L.A. TIMES Selected ' the year's best movie of No. 1 '
Time magazine named the year 's movies TOP10 '
Rolling Stone named ' best movie TOP10 '
The Wall Street Journal named ' best movie TOP10 '
Stephen King named ' this year best movie TOP10 '


'IT Mecca' has risen to India rediscover

'IT Mecca' has risen to India rediscover

resen ?. This word ins`t suited.
India already IT Mecca, and more Strong or Strongest.

Indian Hyderabad on the outskirts of working engineers bindu salrimssi.
He 24 hours dedicated on a satellite connection
Dell service network is managed.
India of the city sitting on the edge network the world market to manage
English Master grade india people is 500,000 people amounts to.

These India the scenery of, along with programs economic powers emerging
as India, figures reveal . The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
this 2009 April announced purchasing power parity compared to
countries GDP ranked in the Indian and the United States, China, Japan
behind four ranked.
It`s so amazing and almost westerns should afraid of india.