Korea plans to develop a three-stage indigenous space rocket,
the KSLV-2, by 2020. Before that,
it aims to develop a 75-ton thrust engine by 2018.

Kim Seung-jo, president of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute,
said earlier that the country should look to a private space firm
called SpaceX for its future space model.
The California-based firm’s two-stage rocket uses the
Merlin engine, which provides a 66-ton thrust using liquid oxygen and kerosene.
The first stage has nine Merlin engines clustered together that
can generate nearly 600 tons of thrust.
KARI’s long-term goal is to develop a 300-ton thrust engine that
can carry a 1.5-ton satellite into outer space by combining 75-ton thrust engines.

The National Science and Technology Commission has already
approved a new five-year space program that aims to
develop an indigenous 10-ton thrust engine by 2016.
To this end, KARI seeks to launch 14 new projects,
costing a total of 1.54 trillion won ($1.4 billion), which
will include the construction of a space vehicle test center
as well as a training facility for astronauts.


advertise of real PSY story

advertise of real PSY story

it`s an advertise of real PSY story.
PSY was normal korean domestic(?) singer.
but his new song "Gangnam-Stlye" was getting famous in Youtube.
He is World Famous Singer.
He`s song ranked #2 in Billboard.

did you see this advertise ?
it`s an advertise of korean brand samsung.
it`s real PSY story.
it`s real New-Wave of Korean Brand, Korean Singer for the world.

1,245,915,876 views. it`s world new record (guiness)
and look at this ~!

with Madonna.

CNBLUE, King of Billboard World Album chart

CNBLUE, King of Billboard World Album chart

Korea rock band CNBLUE has released 14 January 2013 the fourth mini-album
"re: Blue" climbing into the top 24, U.S. Billboard World Album chart.
this Record is beyond or same the Gangnan style. (GangNam style is korean sone)
This mini-album is filled with members of the title song, including whole grains,
C & Blue made all.

Leader Chung, Yong - Wha
"that topped the Billboard World Chart
Have given me hope once again that you can make your dreams come true.
CNBLUE love giving travelers time to say thank you
once again in the world we would like"
said, According to testimony.

CNBLUE domestic band's first in China, Singapore and Hong Kong in Asia,
 as well as the Plans to conduct tour of Europe, Australia, North America,
South America, leading up to the World.



Korea new president Park, She is ...

Korea new president Park, She is ...

Korea new president Park Geun-hye. (born 2 February 1952)
She is the first women president of Asia.
She is president-elect of South Korea following the presidential election on
19 December 2012.
She will be the first female and the 11th president of South Korea
(serving the 18th presidential term).

Her father is Park Chung-hee. He was President of South Korea from 1963 to 1979.
He made strong Korea.
korea economy was too bad Before Park Chung-hee generation. (world economy rank about 80th)
But Park Chung-hee after, Korea was rising and rich.
that Influence made the Strong Korea (Now world economy rank about 9th)
She is Daughter of Park Chung-hee and Korea new president.

souce from : wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Park_Geun-hye)


Swansea City KI, He is Korean

Swansea City KI, He is Korean

KI Sung-Yueng has warned Swansea City not to start dreaming of
Wembley ahead of their crunch Capital One Cup
semi-final second leg clash with Chelsea.
The former Celtic midfielder used to watch English football's showcase occasions
when he was growing up in South Korea.
Ki saw players climb the famous steps before holding aloft a trophy
without ever imagining he might one day match their achievements.
Now Swansea stand on the brink of a trip to England's most iconic
stadium to compete for major honours.

korean Team "FC Seoul"

Scotland "Celtic"

now, Swansea City and Korea National Team

They lead Chelsea going into tomorrow's return match after a sensational 2-0
win in West London a fortnight ago.
But Ki has urged his team-mates not to let their minds
wander to a potential glamour game under the arch because
all their focus needs to be on finishing off a star-studded Blues side.
"I think it is a great chance for us as a club," said the 23-year-old.
"When I was growing up, I used to like all the big teams in the
UK like Manchester United and Liverpool, Arsenal and others.
"I used to watch the cup finals, but I didn't think it would be
possible for me to play in a final like this.
"It would be huge for my career, but
we have got to win first otherwise it will not happen.
"We have done very well lately, and in the away game at
Chelsea we did well to beat them and not let in a goal.

"But it's not going to be an easy game even though we are playing at home."
Ki featured in Celtic's 3-0 Scottish Cup final win over Motherwell
two years ago, scoring their first goal and being named man of the match.
And he has run out at Wembley before,
when representing his country in the Olympics last summer.
Now comes an opportunity to return to the biggest stage in this country in the
Capital One Cup — and a chance to seal a place in next season's Europa League.

"I have played at Wembley once at the Olympic Games
 but if I get there with Swansea, it would be very different," added Ki.
"The atmosphere would be amazing and also the feelings for the fans.
Also, we want to go for Europe so we have a lot of things to achieve.
"I'm really looking forward to playing against Chelsea.
"I think we are ready and looking forward to
it especially after getting three points against Stoke."

writing souce from : http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk


JS Park and Korean angry for Fucking white

JS Park and Korean angry for Fucking white

QPR captain of the England premium league that plays
Park Ji-Sung is not a dumb white crowd shouted from the stands yelling racist.
The news was in Korea, South Korea's largest portal site Naver
Is tremendous news and real-time search query ranked #1, the reaction appears.

Stupid white men, so when will you wake up?
now is 2013. not 1800. Still be compared to blacks and Asians?

Poor whites fat, stupid white men, white people, incompetent white people
Why big voice full of confidence? I can not understand.
Shame on you, please.

PS: stupid white pig spectators, was convicted.

Racism now

Racism now

October last year, Korean EPL Player Ji-Sung Park,
(England Premiumsung League) to the William Blythe spent booed the Everton fans
to United Kingdom West London court ruled guilty.

Park at Blythe Yixing towards defeat me chingkeu
'I Ching' eyes torn',' Chinese workers grow, which means bellowed expletives.

In Europe, the racist remarks of the spectators as
well as players are often controversial.

Liverpool Suarez Manchester United Patrice Evra a nigger derogatory,
Chelsea captain John Terry also had to issue an up to guseol
racist disgrace retired from the national team.

AC Milan's Boateng can work as a protest
agaracist racist booing I'm gonna kick the ball into the stands during a game.

Topics poor stupid white men, still humble colored are.
Stop racism told no change to the country's poor education,
low quality education .. White people are just miserable and poor.

Or is infinite egoism.
White people are still living in the 1800s ?
It's funny, Asians than the poor on the subject, very well forage stands hollering.


The world-famous, the four brand OF kOREA.

The world-famous, the four brand OF kOREA.

1 Samsung
Named as Samsung exceeded since 1938 began.
The world's No. 1 selling great TV and
Proud that the overwhelming sales of the Galaxy series smartphones than
Apple in the United States is well known.
Korea, ointments, basketball, football, professional baseball team.
2012 won the series (professional baseball).
9 global brand value.

2 LG
Display products, electrical appliances (washing machines, microwave ovens, etc.)
is well known.
The birth of the joint venture the two companies in South Korea LG brand.
1947 start, change the name Lucky Lucky Chemical Industry in the
Since 2003, the current logo being used.

3 Hyundai
Modern construction industry,
the credit card industry in South Korea is actively engaged.
Once, but became more popular in the electronics industry currently in
Korea and worldwide
Is famous for its cars.
Korea, ointments, basketball, football, professional baseball team.
53 global brand value.

4 Kia
Only production car in Korea, Kia car company specialized in selling.
Has recently merged aspects of modern and
Korea ointments that baseball pro team.
87 global brand value.

Global brand value No.1 is Coca-Cola,
Yahoo Starbucks Note 88, 97, Ferrari 98 ranks.
now, gangnam style official music video viewer is fantastic.

Do you know Naver.com ?

In the world, Google's share is 60%.

However, the share of Google in South Korea is not less than 5%. Korea native portal site Naver (www.naver.com) because the reason Portal site, Naver is Korea's

# 1 market share was 75%.

# 2 Approximately 15% of Korean native portal site (www.daum.net) share

# 3 Korean native portal site Nate (www.nate.com) has a market share of about 5%.

Yahoo was withdrawn from the market. Lycos also did not lead to a big performance in Korea. We maintain, share of 5%, but the bottom turns. Performance overseas portal site in Korea, why not huh?

Koreans distinctive approach of content because it is For example, Google's first screen does not show anything. However, Naver, Daum, Nate screen direct link provides numerous content is. Users search, even if you do not have the issues of the day, news, gossip and shows. Korean people like this.

If you do not know Korean, you can not talk about Korea. Basic research on Naver, Korea via the Internet. if You don `t know naver. you never understand korea.