Apple has to win over Samsung

Apple has to win over Samsung

Sometime earlier on, Apple sued Samsung.
There were trials in nine countries including the U.S,
The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, South Korea, The Great Britain, Italy,
France, Australia etc., Apple only won in the U.S and lost in the rest of the countries.
Especially, a company situated in The Great Britain
requested Apple, to post on its web site, that
‘’The Samsung electronics didn’t imitate Apple’s products’’.

Samsung only lost the battle in the U.S, the fact that the U.S tried to cover up
its antics were broadcasted as great news in South Korea,
the image of U.S became negative.
Samsung has to compensate 2 million and 9 thousand dollars to Apple for having lost.
How ridiculous this?
The U.S’s cover up of its own company’s mistake is such a pity.
But it can also be understanding.
If Apple can’t be protected by the U.S in this way, its reputation will fall further.
Due to the threat of Samsung, Apple called for SOS to its home country.
The U.S accepted its proposal.

I don’t use products of Apple, I use those of other brands instead.
There’s no longer any drastic change in Apple, it having lost Steve Jobs,
I can’t stand looking at the apple shaped trademark on the products having
thought of what Apple and U.S did.

It’s such a coward thing for the no.1 most valuable brand, Apple to treat
its competitive company.
The Samsung electronics, leads the global market.
In the market of Smart phones, South Korea’s
Samsung’s sale rate is 32% and the one of Apple of the U.S is 12%.
The Samsung electronics is expected to catch up on Apple, in the market of Tablet PC.
The Samsung electronics’ rate of sales rose up 7% to 20%,
but the one of Apple fell 4% to 26%.
Now, Apple has to win over Samsung.
Could it do that just with the support of the U.S.


south korea true

fact of south Korea

How much do you know about South Korea?
The flowing is a short explanation of South Korea.
I also need your help in order to promote South Korea.

1. The top 10th country of the world
On the year 1960, there were only five thousand people,
it was economically ranked in the 100th place, but due to
its fast economic growth, globalism, and it’s now in the 10th.
It’s ranked higher than Swiss, Australia, Spain and same as Italy and Canada.
Its economic growth can’t be compared to the one of Hungary, Croatia and Mexico.
South Korea is situated between China, Japan in terms of geography.
It grew economically due to the fact that
China, Japan are the top 1st, 2nd economical empire.

2. The home country of Psy, the singer of Gang-nam style.
Gang-nam style which was sung by Psy was a hit
all over the world on the year 2012.
Korean no. 1 it songs often won the first place on the music charts of Japan,
Taiwan and East Asia but Psy exceeded in Asia as well as the Billboard charts.
Gang-nam is the name of a town, in which rich people
gather to live in such as the Beverly Hills in the U.S.

3. The country which owns the two companies-Samsung and LG
Samsung and LG are Korean companies.
Their main companies are in South Korea.
Most of the Korean use Samsung and LG devices.
Samsung has the highest rate of sales of Smartphones and TVs globally.
The rate of sales of Samsung of Korea was 32%
and the one of Apple of U.S was 12%.

4. The country of Hyundai and Kia motors.
Hyundai and Kia motors are Korean car companies,
their main companies are in South Korea.
The 90% of the thousand cars, which the car owners own are Hyundai, Kia motors,
the other 10% are foreign brand cars such as the
Benz, Ferrai, Fox baggen, Pujo and BMW. Most of the Koreans drive Korean cars.

5. The sports empire
It’s always ranked the 10th place in the Olympics.
It has entered the World Cup, eight times in a row and
its best score of the fourth game.
Pro soccer and baseball are popular but American soccer is not so.
It’s the home country of Taekwondo; Korean players always win the gold medal
in the races of short track and Skate in the winter Olympics.

6. Divided country
The first thing which will come up in your mind
when you hear the world ‘Korea’ is that it’s a divided country.
Korea is the only country which is divided into two parts-the North and South.
North Korea is always on the hot topics, because of its nuclear weapons,
communism, socialism and is always on the cover page of the world news.
Due to this, most of the foreigners don’t know much about South Korea.
The key word of North Korea was searched on Google for
1,220,000 times but South Korea was only so for 90,500 times for one month.

7. We need your help.
Please help us promote South Korea.
If you want to know about the reality of South Korea,
search for the (English Google blog) - www.fullkorea.com

If you are planning to South Korea, or
want to know about it more in your home country, leave your name,
contact information and address in the comment box.
We can send you and/or your friend a brochure of Korean travel information for free.
Your small help will help us to reveal the truth of South Korea which is hidden.


Turkey meat is not popular in South Korea

Turkey meat is not popular in South Korea

There are two different meanings of the word, Turkey.
One, is Turkey, a neighboring country of South Korea.
When you look back at the history, it’s of the same descent.
Turkey, has provided numerous soldiers for the Korean war.
When the World cup was carried out in South Korea, on the year 2002,
there was a 3.4th match between South Korea, Turkey and
that match is remembered to be one of the most beautiful match rated by FIFA.

The word, turkey also means the turkey meat.
Numerous turkeys died due to the thanksgiving day of the U.S.
The funny thing is that, a wild turkey had climbed up on to a car,
made a fuss on the front yard, cried loudly day,
night and excreted all over the place so that it was hard to take care of the situation.
Many turkeys will be killed this Christmas,
well try imaging what it would be like the turkeys
which you eat often will attack you on the other hand.

Koreans hardly eat dishes made of the turkey meat.
Chicken is more favored in South Korea.
Koreans steam, fry chicken, eat it for protein intake and eat it often.
You can eat chicken dishes of Asian,
western and Korean style easily in south Korea.
The most favored delivered food in South Korea is fried chicken.
When there’s a baseball, basketball, soccer match on the TV,
friends gather at their home, pub and enjoy
Chi-mak (Chicken and Beer) and have a party.

You will be able to eat various types of chicken dishes
if you come to South Korea. Such as

soy Steamed Chicken (Zzim-Dak) 
it’s cooked in soy sauce with some Chinese vegetables

Seasoning or Spicy Chicken (Yang Nuem Chicken) 
fried chicken, on which spicy sauce made of chilli pappers put on

Chicken stick or Yakitori (Dak - Kochi) 
chicken and vegetables are put on a stick and cooked together

Chicken baeksuk (Baek - Sook) 
chicken is cooked with oriental medical plants and vegetables

Rather than just roasting the turkey in the oven on the thanksgiving say,
Christmas, why don’t you cook it in a Korean way which you can cook turkey with?

Golf Korea

Golf Korea

South Korean golfer Park In-bee clinched her
second straight LPGA Tour money title with a top-five finish at the season's
final tournament in Florida on Sunday.

Park topped the tour's money list with US$2.45 million in earnings,
after finishing fifth at the CME Group Titleholders at Tiburon Golf Club in Naples,
Florida. She carded a 4-under 68 in the final round for the 
four-round total of 11-under, four strokes behind the champion 
Feng Shanshan of China.

On the money list, Park edged out Suzann Pettersen,
who ended in second with $2.29 million, and Stacy Lewis, in third at $1.93 million.
Pettersen ended the tournament in a four-way tie for 29th at 1-under,
while Lewis tied two others in sixth place at 10-under.

Park is the first South Korean to lead the LPGA Tour in money in
back-to-back seasons. Shin Ji-yai became
the first South Korean money leader in 2009 and Choi Na-yeon
followed suit in 2010. Park won the 2012 money title with $2.28 million.

Heading into the tournament, Park, Pettersen and
Lewis all had a chance to claim the money title.
Park was the leader with $2.39 million, with Pettersen trailing at $2.28 million and
Lewis in third at $1.89 million.
The winner's check for this tournament was $700,000.

With their respective finishes, Park added $63,1016,
while Lewis earned $44,238 and Pettersen made $11,780.
The money title is the latest feat in what has been a historic season for Park.
The 25-year-old won the year's first three majors and had six victories
by the end of June. She has been the world No. 1 in women's golf since April 15.

Park is only the second golfer, after Babe Zaharias in 1950,
to sweep up the first three majors of an LPGA season.
Aside from Zaharias, only two others,
Mickey Wright in 1961 and Pat Bradley in 1986, have won at least three majors
in the same year.

In 1950, however, there were only three LPGA majors.
Park is the first to capture the first three majors in a season of at least
four big tournaments.
Park clinched her first career Player of the Year
honors after the end of this year's penultimate tournament,
the Lorena Ochoa Invitational in Mexico,
becoming the first South Korean to do so.

Park scuffled since her sixth victory,
the U.S. Women's Open at the end of June,
recording three top-10s in 10 starts with no win.

Pettersen ate into Park's lead in both the Player of the Year points and money.
She picked up three of her four wins this season after September and
strung together nine consecutive top-10s in one stretch since missing the cut
at the U.S. Women's Open.

After securing the top player award,
Park said her goal this season had always been to be the Player of the Year and
any other title that comes afterward would be a bonus.
In an interview after her round,
Park said she couldn't have asked for more from herself in 2013.
"I've ended the season as the world No. 1 and won the Player of the Year,
but I never really went after the money title," she said.

"My last goal of the season was to stay at No. 1 ranking until the final tournament,
and it feels great to be both the money winner and the Player of the Year.
I've achieved everything I wanted to this year. It's been a satisfying season."

Park said her different mental approach this year has contributed to her success.
She added that she's been trying to stay relaxed in key situations,
which in turn helped her minimize mistakes.
"At the start of the season, I told myself I wanted to be just a little happier than
I was last year and I should just try to win one more tournament," she said.
"Then I won the very first event of

2013 (the Honda LPGA Thailand in February) and
it made things easier the rest of the way."
Park admitted to going through some difficult times after
the U.S. Women's Open victory but said it was a good learning experience as well.
"That really hardened me," she said. "And
that's why I have higher expectations of myself next year."
Park said she will try to improve her conditioning for
next year and also work on her technique.

"I will try to improve every facet of my game," Park said.
"I will start the new season with a clean slate."




Korean music is called KPOP.
The audition program, called KPOP STAR 3, which aims to produce budding singers, is broadcasted on every Sunday, at five PM on SBS,
a Korean TV channel (Seoul Broadcasting system). It lasted for two seasons,
numerous singers had debuted by this program,
the singers who had been voted, had won the first place in the K-POP chart.

 The best point of this program, is if you win the competition to be chosen by a judge, you get trained by the management company ran by the judge,
the ones of the judges who are judging the program are the
YG, JYP and Antennamusic
These three companies created the K-POP and promoted it globally.
Perhaps, because of this, numerous people from
all over the world participate in the audition.
The following are the judges of KPOP STAR 3

Park Jin Young (JYP) :
Pak jin young debuted with the album which he produced himself on the year 1994.
He won the 1st on the top of the charts, numerously,
with the songs which he wrote and
earns the most amount of copyright fee in the South Korea.
He wrote the lyrics of Mase (Mase, Mason Durell Betha)’s
"The love you need" and Will Smith’s ‘’I wish I made that’’.
JYP, came up with the groups, Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, Miss A, Bei (Rain),
one of the main stars of the Hollywood movie, (Ninja Assassin).

Yang Hyeun Suk (YG) :
He debuted as an member of the dance trio called the ‘
’Seo tae ji and the kids” on the year 1992.
He was one of the first people to create the dance music syndrome.
Because of this, many people say that Korean music,
K-POP are the imitations of the songs of the ‘’Seo tae ji and the kids”.
Yang Hyeun Suk, is the representative of YG entertainment, has produced the singers, such as Psy, who sang the song Gang nam style,
which was a sensation all around the world, Big bang,
2NE1 and Epik High who are popular in Asia and Latin America.

Yoo Hee Yeul (YHY, the representative of Antennamusic) :
if Yang hyeunsuk, Park jin young are the masters of dance music,
Yoo hee yeul is an musician and producer of sentimental ballads.
Yoo hee yeul debuted debuted by winning in the music
competition in memorance of Yoo Jae Ha, is the leader of the group “Toy”.
He has great musical talent, been working as a radio DJ,
presentor of music programs, as a celebrity and his appearance in the KPOP STAR 3, means there will be a variety of music in the audition program.

He hopes to break out of his lack of music work,
during a long time by starring in the program, KPOP star 3.
official site of KPOP STAR: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/kpopstar3
Official youtube channel of KPOP STAR 3: http://www.youtube.com/user/KPOPSTAR


Google’s worldly mistake

Google’s worldly mistake

Dokdo, is an official land of South Korea.
It’s a Korean land which is near to Japan.
But as you can see it marked with a blue line on the Google map,
it definitely belongs to South Korea.

All of the Korean land has been marked in Korean.
The cities of it has, should not written in English, French, Japanese or Spanish.
But Google, has made a mistake which is an example of this.
It has marked Dok-do, a land which belongs to South Korea, the Liancourt Rocks.

click the following link to see it for yourself: http://goo.gl/oYyds2

Over 2000 people live in Dok-do, all of them are Korean,
there is not a single foreigner living there, so why is it called the Liancourt rocks?
None of the Koreans call Dok-do the Liancourt Rocks, isn’t familiar with the word.
I want to let Google know this by sending a email but don’t know where to send it.

could you help me ?


North Korea Nuclear

North Korea Nuclear

North Korea is one of the few last hereditary communist nations succeeded
from Il Sung Kim, Jung il Kim to Jung Eun Kim.
Korea is the only divided country into North Korea and South Korea.
Like Germany which was divided into West and East Germany,
Korea will soon be united.
However, currently North Korea is pushing ahead with nuclear test
Several national organizations led by the United States oppose the
North Korean nuclear test. It’s the same here in South Korea.

North Korea is poor enough to be the world's impoverished countries,
while the South Korea has one of the largest emerging economies of the
world's top 10 economy and is despising the capital of the
United States and Europe, their people and companies.

The idea that North Korea is a dangerous nation is spreading worldwide,
but riskiness caused by the division of territory is a lot safer than
Russian skinhead, Australian racism, American firearm accident.

As American economy which stumbles,
but doesn’t plummet to outside of the  top 10 world economy and
as Apple’s iPhone which has no demand,
but remain undiminished like NOKIA,
North Korean nuclear test will pose no threat to the life of South Korean society.

Westerner’s false alarm makes us think
South Korea is in trouble because of North Korea, but that’s
no different from thinking we are going to be get shot
if we go to the United States.

USA Student Loan

Serious!! USA Student Loan

American college students’ total amount of student loan
surpassed $1 trillion (1,087 trillion KRW).
Since the total U.S. national debt is $16 trillion,
the severity of the student loan is not hard to get. 6 people out of ten college
students in the United States owe student loan debt.
American college students owe 5,000 dollars
(about 543 million KRW) by student loan debt.
This is 2 times more than a decade ago.

Graduated from four-year universities,
the average student debt for one person is about $25,000 (about 27.17 million KRW).
However this is the average value,
a lot of actual college graduates is estimated to be
fallen into $50,000 (approximately 54.35 million KRW) of student loan debt.

CBS interviewed with Betty '(27-year-old female),
who’s a teacher of a junior high school in Maryland.
To barely manage to eke out a living and pay off the debt,
minimum salary should be $60,000 (approximately 65.22 million KRW)
but she only earned $13,000 (about 46.74 million KRW) last year.
This was all in spite of her book organization and
serving as a church choir as increased income.
Betty is currently working as a waitress in a restaurant in the evening.

University students are speaking out of anger with handful of
burning student loan documents, holding a sign 'degree without debts’.

Student loans have to be necessarily paid off even
if they declare for personal bankruptcy in the United States.


Korea international Airport (ICN)

Korea international Airport (ICN)

Korean institution Hanhwa(One of the top 3 Solar Energy Inc. in the world) is
running a business on 1830ha region in Bismayah,
which is 10km from Baghdad, capital of Iraq.
This project is about building 100,000 housings and
new town including roads and water and sewer infrastructure.

This is 8 billion-worth major project and
there is a operating system of Incheon International Airport in the
export list of South Korea.
South Korea is already in business for exporting the management method of
Incheon International Airport.

Have you been to South Korea?
Then you might perhaps have visited Incheon International Airport in Korea.
Korean ICN awarded the Best Airport Worldwide which is hosted by
ACI for the seventh straight year.
In short, it’s an unbeatable best airport in the world.

As for me who visit Incheon International Airport frequently,
I think it is outrageous who conceits themselves to be a member of developed country to
boast their lag behind airport
I have been to Airport in United States, England, France, Italy, Brazil,
Argentina and Russia, and It was quite surprising to me to visit filthy and
stinky airport they have.

Not only facilities, but also censorship,
service hours and waiting time was far below the level of Korean Airport.
I want to coach airport system to every airport that fell behind from Korean Airport.
Airport in the whole world have to learn about
Incheon International Airport and New town developing.

Winamp, Goodbye

Winamp, Goodbye

Winamp was first, released on the year 1997.
Most of the people who had listened to music online, would have downloaded it.
Now, Winamp can only be downloaded until the
20thof December of the year 2013 and can’t be after that.

To say the truth, Winamp is hardly used in South Korea.
It’s the no.1 country of fastest internet.
Japan follows as the 2nd, Swiss as 3rd, Hong Kong as the 4th,
Lativa as the 5th, The Netherlands as the 6th,
the Czech as the 7th and the U.S as the 8th.
Due to it’s internt of quick speed, portal sites based on words such as the
Google is hardly used.

The speed of internet of the U.S is low,
therefore simple type of portal sites such as the Google is popular,
but the one of South Korea is the no.1 fastest one and
so it uses one of a quality content which is combined of visuals,
images and music programs
It only takes 20 seconds to download a video of size of 2G.
But when I lived in the U.S, it took me at least 20 minutes to do so and
it sometimes didn’t download even after 20 hours.

The Winamp was popular in South Korea at first, because of
its easy way of use but now it’s hardly used nowadays.
But, a Korean original portal site called Naver is more widely used in South Korea,
it can stream various programs at once such as playing the music and
its video of original quality.
 Even though, it’s not used often now,
but Winamp is still a program of ahistorical importance.
I would like to say farewell to Winamp, Good bye, Winamp!!

Korea New President, Park

Korea New President, Park

2013 Feburary 25th, the 18th President of Korea assume her presidency. 
New president is Geun-Hye Park is the daughter of former president 
Jung-Hee Park once in 1963, once in 1972 and once in 1979.
The Daughter of former president, and first woman president. Everything is unfamiliar.
Yet, Geun-Hye Park will bump the Korean economy up like her father did.
Perhaps it can be the 4th presidency for Jung-Hee Park.

After Jung-Hee Park administration, Korean economy has been grown amazingly, 
and that was unprecedented successful outcome throughout the world. 
Top 10 economic power in the world, Korea, is 
preparing to jump up with new women president.
The Dad who knew well about world economy, and it's her daughter.

re write before : 2013. 02


steady seller Hyundai Motors

steady seller Hyundai Motors

Korean company Hyundai's sales in the United States
has surpassed 8 million units.
The U.S. population is about 300 million people,
and assuming 60 000 people which is approximately 20%
of the population own a car, they ride
Hyundai car one in six drivers in the United States.
European-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen.
U.S. Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet
Nissan, Toyota of Japan.
South Korea's Hyundai, Kia.

There is Top 10 car brand in the world.
However, American bought no American cars,
they are buying Japaneses and Korean goods.
The reason is maybe the quality, compared to the price.

Hyundai cars are cheap in price. However, the quality is
better than Ford in the United States.
U.S. car has no demand in the United States, home country.
Situation that Korean cars are sold predominantly in the United States.
Very ironic.


super junior

super junior

South Korea, population is 50 million.
The only separated country. North Korea ispoor nuclear making country,
but South Korea is one of the top 10 economic power.
Did you heard about Korean wave?

Korean singher PSY was ranked 2nd at Bill board chart,
 And C.N Blue was ranked 1st in world chart.
‘Made in Korea’ products are always sold out in China and Japan,
And Korean drama, movie and pop song dominated teenagers in Southeast Asia.
Super Junior, the boyband of Korea have been ranked
No.1 for 100 consecutive weeks unbelievably.

Also ranked 7th as world record music sales.
When you understand Korean Culture,
you can swallow up Asia. Like Korea now has swallowed up Asia.
However if you don’t know about Korea,

(Write day : 2010. 03. 03)

George Zimmerman, and Racism

George Zimmerman, and Racism

On February of the year 2012, George Zimmerman,
who is a member of the regional civil militia (private military committee),
took a gun and shot a black male teen,
who was seventeen years old who was buying some
confectionary from a convenience store.

Zimmerman, claimed that his head was hit by the boy and shot him in protect himself.
The police accepted Zimmerman’s saying and
did not arrest him for forty four days.
The police arrested Zimmerman for the 2nd degree murder
but the jury of the court of Florida but was claimed not guilty
by the judge of the court of the state of Florida.
As he was released, the society of the black people and
human rights were furious. The most controversial fact is the
setup of the jury which was mostly consisted of the white people.
Over 30% if the citizens of the town of Sanford,
of the state of Florida are black but there was not a single one in the jury.

The name of George Zimmerman,
will remain as ‘a symbol of the conflicts between the black,
white people and racial prejudice’ even on the 21st century.
He, who was claimed to be innocent,
walked back into the court after pointing a gun at his girlfriend today.
Was he really innocent?

One thing which I can’t understand, is why do Americans still consider the
white people as superior?
Are we still living in the 1940s?

Recently, Koreans criticized that “white people,
especially those of nationality of America or the Great Britain are poor,
stupid and has a big mouth.”
Over 60% of the American soldiers who were sent to South Korea are white.
One Korean taxi driver claimed that “the white soldiers
who have come to South Korea cant even write their own name.”
The fact that, the soldiers who were sent to
South Korea from the U.S couldn’t get a job in their country,
came far here in order to work as a soldier who is of low intellectual level,
lacks ability to get employed is being seen as superior is an
uncomfortable and unpleasant sight.

Doesn’t your country, the U.S a poor country, which borrows money from China, prejudices people over the skin color,
has great media power such as in the movie industry or sit coms
but is nothing more than that?


Weather Channel in Korea

Weather Channel in Korea

Today, there was a tornado in Illinois,
which is situated in the state of Washington IL.
Another great storm has stroke the earth since
five thousand people died in the Philippines due to it.
There are tragedies due to weather changes all over the world.

According to the site, http://www.weather.com, the storm
which has been caused in the area of Illinois,
is not as devastating as the large one in the Philippines.
However, a storm is always an danger.
How can the weather problems be fixed?

Snow has fallen in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea on the year of 2013.
South Korea has clear different seasons-3rd~6th month-spring,
7 ~ 8th month-summers, 9~11th month, fall and 12 ~ 2th months is winter.
This year, snow has fall earlier than usual,
it seems like the Christmas season already.
Korean weather is the most stable.
No great storm or tornado has happened so far,
there’s always four seasons.

The weather problems in the U.S and Philippines are not just their problems.
About twenty people are reported to be missing due to the storm in the Philippines.
Furthermore, numerous Koreans live in the U.S.
Let’s hope for peace in the word weather …


US Army problem

US Army problem

There’s an army camp in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.
It’s on the center of, its size is measured to be 3,806,000 yards.
This makes it easier to commute in Gang-book, Gang-nam because
it’s situated at the center of Seoul and there’s hardly any political,
economic crisis or problems in security or harassment so
American soldiers don’t have a great deal to do.
There are soldiers who came to South Korea from the U.S,
they have been causing small and big problems in South Korea.
There are news of them destroying public property,
drink drive every week or so, and a soldier and
his wife drunk drive and shoot and were sent back to the U.S.

They also caused problems in the city of Dae-gu,
which is in the south region of South Korea as well as causing problems in Seoul.

Three days ago, four American soldiers drunk drive,
caused a car accident against a car which 24, 25 years old youths were riding in
and tried to get away but were caught be the police.

I know that, American youths are having a hard time coming to South Korea as soldiers.
Being a soldier is a hard job.
But why are they causing problems in South Korea.
Why don’t they just stay in their country and behave but
come to South Korea, which is a far country and cause problems?

Only 10% of the Korean soldiers cause problems in the society.
How would Koreans think of the American soldiers?
They would think that they are poor, only has a big mouth and
cant get a job in their own country.
Perhaps because of this, Korean youths do not like to talk to the American soldiers.


iPhone 6, samsung galaxy YOUM

iPhone 6, samsung galaxy YOUM

youtube iphone-6

The Samsung electronics, a Korean company and Apple,
a American company both has shares in the market of smart phones.
Apple released the first smart phone, but Samsung came up with the Android phone, overthrow the sales of Apple from the 3rd part of the year of 2011,
Apple’s sales were high on the 4th part of the year
2012 due to the release of the I-phone 5 but even during that time,
Samsung’s rate of sales were very good.
Afterwards, on the 2nd part of the year 2013,
Samsung has sold seven thousand and Apple sold
three thousand and eight hundred smart phones.

It seems as if Samsung is exceeding over Apple rather than competing against it.
The reason why Samsung is overthrowing
Apple in terms of sales nearly two times is because even though
Samsung is coming up with new products such as the Galaxy S4,
Galaxy note, Galaxy round, Galaxy gear, Galaxy in ordr to stimulate the
interest of the smart phone users , Apple is not doing so,
its complicated method of uses (with I-phones, you have to
download i-tunes before using it).
The only difference in I-phone 3, 4, 5 is just its shape or colors.

Samsung electronics claimed that it was releasing a new smart phone
with ‘three sides’, which are thickly covered on the 15th by the Bloomberg news.

It also added that a new smart phone of which every sides can be
bent was going to be released as well as the (curved), Galaxy round smart phone.

This new product’s side which contains the volume control,
lock key button is covered by the display of it.
The user will be able to see the screen from any angle.
This could help with sending text messages or checking the stock/share.

This uses the latest mechanism of the Samsung electronics called the ‘Youm’.
This has already been adapted on the first bendable
smart phone of the Samsung electronics called the ‘Galaxy round’.
Samsung electronics hasn’t let known the exact date,
but the phone is likely to be released late next year.
When is Apple going to catch up on Samsung?
Its tedious marketing of selling the similar styles of phone of the
I-phone 3 with only difference in color, display will not satisfy the customers.


Apple and Samsung

Apple and Samsung

Apple sued Samsung.
On the April of the year 2011,
Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung for imitating their brand and
it spread all over Europe, Japan, Australia and nine continents.
According to ITC (International Trade Committee), the result
which was decided upon was that Samsung and
Apple should stop manufacturing their products.

Barak Obama, the president of U.S,
claimed that Apple’s imitation of brand over
Samsung was ‘acceptable’, but argued that Samsung’s one over Apple
was not ‘acceptable’ so only Samsung’s products couldn’t be shipped to the U.S.

Obama’s claim had been criticized in South Korea but not in the U.S.
In other countries except the U.S, it was known that Samsung,
Apple imitated each other’s patents but the sue was claimed to invalid ant.

How should I accept this, as a Korean?
Of course, I know that there is an economic crisis in the U.S.
But it’s not pleasant to see the president do this despite its huge market.
Isn’t it disappointing thing for the
U.S to do this considering that it claims that it’s a safe area of trade.


Google Drive, but

Google Drive, but

Google drive was released.
Google drive is used to save files by using the Cloud service online.
From the name, you might think it will help you in driving
but it’s a Cloud service.
In South Korea, only 10% of the Korean internet users use Google and
Korean sites such as Naver and Daum is used more often.
90% of Korean netizens use Naver, Daum and hardly use
Google except when they need to search things on English.

Naver is an Korean original portal site.
75% of Koreans set Naver as their first web screen.
Naver provides its users N drive which is similar to
Google drive and it can save files up to size of 30GB.
Google drives capacity is only 15GB, therefore
Naver provides twice as much space for files.

Google’s service seems to be better otherwise except in
space capacity, but Korean internet users use
N drive more than Google, so its not likely to be popular in South Korea.

Such as this, American service is not so preferred by
especially Koreans, Chinese or Japanese people.
For example, 11th of November is Solo day (Kwang Koon day) of China.
Last year, main Chinese online companies made profit of over 30 dollars on solo day, three times more than Black Friday of the U.S.
The Boston consulting group announced that,
the number of Chinese people who bought products on
Solo day was over 1million and 300, exceeded the sales
of America on the Black Friday which was over 1 million and 7000.

But, do yo know about the Chinese Solo day?
More people would probably expect, wait for the
Black Friday rather than the Chinese Solo day which is three times greater in size.
The service or people of the U.S do not seem to be
very aware of South Korea, China or Japan.


Veterans Day in USA

Veterans Day in USA

The people who live in South Korea are excited over Bebero day.
Bebero day, which is on the 11th of November is a day
which the company of Bebero, which are long biscuits covered
in chocolate have made up as a marketing strategy.
Lovers or friends share the long, chocolate covered biscuits.
It’s almost like a Valentine’s Day or white day in South Korea.

But the 11th of November is the Veterans day of the
U.S (Veterans day, the day of retired soldiers),
all of the American citizens are very greatly participated in it.
It’s also a national holiday.
It’s on every 11th of November.
It’s a day of remembrance for the retired soldiers who have finished their duty,
carried out every year, it celebrated elaborately or moderately
but all of the roads are blocked before the parade is carried out.
The retired soldiers are welcomed by the townspeople every year.
It has also become the 3rd, 4th most searched word on
Google and in interest of the American people.

A photo of the parade being done on the American Veterans day.

But the retired soldiers of the devastating,
harsh Korean war of 6.25 are treated like this.

The death of the soldiers who were killed in the war was compensated with 5 $.
Thinking about it, it seems to be the problem of all of the people living in
South Korea and not just the officials.
If the citizens take part in something, the governing people in charge do the same.
While the people living in South Korea are falsely interested in the Bebero day,
the citizens of the U.S have set a day for the retired soldiers in
remembrance of their part in fighting in the war.


Bayer Leverkusen Palyer, SON

bayer Leverkusen Palyer, SON

Son Heung-Min,
who is a player of the national soccer team of South Korea,
who is now playing in the team,
Leverkusen of Bundesliga of Germany scored a hat trick,
one assist on the match against the team, Hamburg.

The official sponsor of Leverkusen is a Korean company called LG.
The players of the team wore uniforms of the logo of the latest
smart phone of the company, LG and the advertisements of the product G2,
was on the advertisement board.
Also, Son Heung-min, a Korean player scored one hat trick,
assist and made a name for South Korea by playing for Bundeliga of Germany.
An article about Son Heung-min was uploaded on the home page of
FIFA on the 10th for having played in 37 games without losing once.


Justin Bieber in Korea

Justin Bieber in Korea

The video of prostitution of Justin Bieber has become hit news.
But the woman who was in the video was found out not to be
a prostitute but a member of the production team in charge of his concerts.
Recently, Bieber rent a house in the area of
Rio dejaenairo while singing in a concert in Brazil,
invited 50 acquaintances and she was one of the invitees.

Justin Biber had a party in South Korea as well.
He had carried out a concert in South Korea on the tenth of
October on the year 2013, G-dragon of the best Boy band
of South Korea performed with him.
After the concert ended, Justin Bieber partied with PSY,
a fellow singer of his management company and G-dragon in a club.

His after party was also issued in the News in South Korea.
The party was carried out very well without much problems.
But the unpleasant news of Justin Bieber was a pity.
As it’s hard for a singer to regain his or her reputation,
I hope that he will get back to his best.


Sport of Korea

Sport of Korea

There are fifty thousand people living in South Korea.
But the land itself is very small.
Korea is the only country which is divided into two parts~ north and south
The land of South Korea is three times smaller than
the Great Britain and four times smaller than Japan.
It’s also about hundred times than China
Its thee worlds 110th smallest country.

There are companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia
in this small country and is the 10th economical country.
It’s a also a highly ranked country of sports.
It’s not hard to find a Korean player in the MLB of U.S or EPL of the Great Britain.
South Korea won the 7th place in the Bejing Olympics on the year 2008.
South Korea participated in the World cup eight times in a row.
There has never been a case when South Korea has not entered the 32nd game in the finals of the World Cup.
South Korea had played in the 16th, 8th, 4th game in the match against Japan.
Many Korean soccer players are players of the leagues of
European countries such as the Great Britain, Germany and Netherlands.

United Kingdom
Park Chu-Young , Arsenal
Ji Dong-Won,  Sunderland
Ki Sung-Yueng,  Sunderland
Kim Bo-Kyung, Cardiff City
Lee Chung-Yong, Bolton
Yun Suk-Young, Queens Park Rangers

Koo Ja-Cheol, Bundesliga side VfL Wolfsburg
Son Heung-Min, Bayer Leverkusen

Park Ji-Sung, PSV Eindhoven

You can also not talk about the history of Korean soccer
without mentioning Ji sung Park who had become a global star
on the year 2002 who is still being loved by numerous soccer fans.
Ji sung Park, played in 4th game of the World cup on the year 2002,
stroke a goal in the 16th match against the Portugal, won against the team
despite the fact it was consisted of Luis Figo,
a great soccer play of the Portugal and Christiano Ronaldo
who is a player of the great soccer team called the Real Madrid.

After the World Cup ended, Gus Hiddink who was the coach of the
Korean soccer team chose Ji sung Park as a player of his team called PSV Eindhoven.
Afterwards, the fans of the team made up a song of praise for Ji sung Park.
He was a also a player of the team,
Manchester United from the year 2005 to June of the year 2012.
He is back as the player of the PSV Eindhoven,
which was the first European team he played in nowadays.
The song of praise for him which was made over ten years ago
still echoes all over the Netherlands.

South Korea is more fascinated about the World Cup than the Olympics.
The aim of south Korea of the World cup which is going to be
carried out in the Brazil is tgo ply in the 8th game.
As a Korean soccer fan, I wonder if it is a dream which would possible to achieve.


Samsung Round, LG Flex

Samsung Round, LG Flex

Samsung, LG, two Korean companies
have released Smart phones with bendable screens
competitively first time in the entire world.
Only two companies have released these types of phones are
they are Samsung and LG which are Korean companies.

Samsung, a Korean company showed off an electronic
product which had a bendable screen called
“Samsung Round” for the first time in the entire world.
The screen can be bent sideways; the concept of one
 which is in used in cinemas was used for playing games or watch visuals.
LG released a phone which can be bent similarly as Samsung did.
The electrical device which LG showed off was more
easily to use in terms of flexible use of screen which was its competitive factor.

The photo on the top is one of the electrical products
called G Flex which was released by the company, LG.
The images were provided by and found in the
official page of the company, LG.
The following photo is one of the Round,
an electrical device of the Company, Samsung.

Samsung, LG which are Korean companies
released electrical products of which the screens can be bendable.
The electrical devices of the brand of Samsung have been
sold more than the ones of the company of LG.
Samsung, is a company which sells more smart phones
than the company, Apple is the no.1 smart phone seller.
LG, the company is the world’s 3rd and 4th best company which sells smart phones.

So of course, more electrical devices of the company,
Samsung would be sold, however LG is also a tough competition.
A professional of the area has said that the weakness of the company,
LG is that it doesn’t provide products efficiently.
The electrical product of the company, LG had run an event in New York,
of the U.S on early august but the products were
actually started to be sold in September and October in Europe.
But its competitive companies, Samsung electronics,
Apple provided their customers products as soon they were released.

Samsung and LG which are the two competitive companies of South Korea.
As South Korea is a big part of the worldwide market
of smart phones, I hope that it would be reflected on the
service for the customers all over the world.


Girls Generation Wins YouTubes Video Of The Year

Girls Generation Wins YouTubes Video Of The Year

Korean girl group, Girls Generation, has received the Video of the Year,
one of the honors at the 2013 YouTube Awards,
beating out some of the biggest names in music.
The nine-member K-pop band took home the prize for an artist with the
most fan engagement on YouTube for their song
"I Got A Boy" at the inaugural music awards on Sunday night,

U.S. time. The group's win came as a surprise as it beat out such huge stars as
Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, One Direction and Psy with Gentleman.

Psy and Girls Generation are Korean musician.
if you never heard about Girls Generation, Listen.
Girls Generation`s song. "I Got A Boy"

I Got a boy" official MV

Girls Generation concert in Paris


Korea economics and japan

Korea economics and japan

What it means, by a low current account is that
more foreign money was used than earned.
Amount of funds which were estimated from the January,
august of the year 2013, were over four hundred twenty two dollars.
During the same time, Japan gained four hundred and
fifteen dollars so it has overruled the Korea by seven dollars.

It was the first time South Korea broke a record of low current account over Japan.
Japan’s economic funds are over six times higher than
South Korea, during the IMF crisis of South Korea,
the current account of Japan was over fifty times
higher than the one of South Korea.
However, due to the earthquake of Japan on the year 2011,
the profits related to energy resources were increased greatly
Japanese electrical companies such as Sony,
Panasonic had corrupted and caused this situation.

On the other hand, South Korea overruled the world market in terms of products
which are shipped abroad due to the success of companies such as
Samsung, LG and Hyundai motors.

South Korea was the territory of Japan for 35 years from the year 1910 to 1945.
Around then, South Korea was an incomparably poor country to Japan.
At that time, Japan won in many wars, had military,
economic power which could cause a world war.
Even now, Japan is the 2nd, 3rd most powerful economic nation.

South Korea has developed greatly economically for
sixty years after having been freed from Japan.
As a result, South Korea had become the top ten most powerful
economical empire and young  Japanese people watch
Korean movies and listen to Korean music.
It isn’t a uncommon thing for a Korean song to be on the 1st,
2nd place in the music charts in Japan but a Japanese song has never been
ranked the top tens of Korean music charts.
Korean male duet band, called Dong bang shin ki (TVXQ) had been
on the 1st place in the ‘Oricon’ single charts over twelve times,
set the record as a foreign artist and had sold over
fifty thousand tickets for twenty six concerts.
(Extra performance is being requested to the totally sold tickets,
seats of poor quality of view and lack of seats)

Furthermore, on the year 2013, the rate of
current accounts of south Korea has overcome the ones of Japan.
South Korea and Japan are very near countries.
It only takes about one hour to get to and fro between each country.
But because of their history, a phrase called “far but near country” is
used to describe the two countries.
The economic growth, development of culture of
South Korea has left many points of views to consider for Japan.


samsung glass, Gear

Samsung glass, Gear

Today I will talk to you about a new product of brand of Samsung
which competes with one of Apple.
As known, it’s a product which plants some devices on a pair of
glasses to make a person more enhanced like a robot.
Recently, Samsung showed off a wearable device of the series of
Galaxy note 3 products, called the ‘Galaxy gear’.

The fact that it was put in the market to be sold, not just
worked on makes Samsung more advanced.
The one difference is that the Galaxy Gear
can be worn as a watch, not on the head itself.

Samsung came up with the product faster than Google.
But Google came up with the glasses version of the product.
Following that, on the October 25th of the year 2013,
Samsung invented a device called ‘Glasses for sports ware’
and trademarked it in South Korea.

It has been presumed that the Samsung electronics might be
preparing to release a product called ‘Gear glasses’
which is a type Smart glasses.

If you look at the picture of the product, you can see
that it has earphones intact so it can used to listen to music or
receive a phone call with and the lenses are clear or half clear.
There is also a button on the front of the device, there is a camera intact.

The company of Samsung electronics has suggested that
a new product of a type of wearable device after releasing the first product
of the Wearable series on September in International (IFA)
which was carried out in Berlin in the announcement of Galaxy gear.

Wearable devices are an area which the IT department works on
after it released Smart phones.

It’s a pity that the wearable electronic products are being invented,
quickening the electrification of humans but Google,
Apple are already working on it and Samsung, a Korean company is
working into selling the Galaxy gears.

The US and South Korea are struggling in the aspect of the
market of wearable devices.