Notice to stupid & poor Caucasian

Notice to stupid & poor Caucasian

The movie, 12 Years a Slave, was broken the seal.
Steve Mcqueen as a director and Brad Pitt had been
participated in the production of the film.
The leading actor is Chiwetel Ejiofor.
The movie is based on a true story, tells the black slave existed in America legally
in the 1850. Namely, it is a true story before 160 years.

Caucasian, shoved slaves around as a property only by the reason of black...
And now, passed 160 years, the racism still exists unbelievably.
The photos below were filmed in 2013.
The reason, why the campaign of "Say no Racism" is continued at this very
moment, lies on the fact, that Caucasian still does racism.

I warn to Caucasian. You should regret your stupid past and
must try to erase the word "Racism" in itself. It is your shameful past.

I hated Caucasian very much.
So many Caucasian are poor, noisy,
talkative, ignorant and low-educated comparing to Korean.
Because of their such characteristics as seen above, they committed the
possession of human beings as slaves by the reason of different skin color,
shoved slaves around and did inhumane treatment legally before 160 years.

I also, from now on, will not hate such ignorant, poor, 
talkative and noisy Caucasian.
I had been look down, ignore and neglect Caucasian by the reason of white skin,
but now will stop to do such. 

Why South Korea is not known widely abroad?

Why South Korea is not known widely abroad?

Korea is not known well abroad.
What's the reason? Of course, there must be several reasons,
but one of them is that North Korea is browsed more frequently abroad.
As we Korean have prejudices influenced by the mass media,
that in Africa only poor black people live and Indians are all natives...

So many media overseas treat exciting news about North Korea more frequently.
Because the exciting article can get more clicks of the readers.
Actually, in Google North Korea is browsed in 1,220,000 times, but Korea in
135,000 times, South Korea in 90,500 times only.
Therefore, the browsed volume of North Korea is bigger more than 5 times than
the one by South Korea and Korea combined.
It means that one person browses South Korea or Korea,
but another 5 persons browse North Korea.

Spooky, huh?
Naturally distortion of information has been occurred.

Thanks to the popularity (?) of North Korea, relatively there are many foreigners
appreciating South Korea also as a poor nuclear power state.
Furthermore, even some people have no idea, where Korea is located, in Asia
Europe, East Asia or Middle East.

Korea has many problems.
Dokdo issue with Japan, cooperative problem with North Korea, financial problem,
the conflict between labor and management, gender equality, academic problem,
problem of employment etc,... It must be beyond of expectation, that such many
problems of Korea could be understandable by foreigner abroad.
Especially, it must be yes for Dokdo issue.
If asking Korea whether he knows about the territorial dispute between
America and Canada? Do you know it?

I think, it must be a priority, that where Korea is located, what kind of country,
what's Korean national flag and what it looks like and what about the situation of
economic & security of Korea should be informed widely abroad.


2014 Sochi MVP, Best athletes at the Olympics (NBC)

2014 Sochi MVP, Best athletes at the Olympics (NBC)

Here’s a list at the top 14 athletes from the Sochi Olympics, in reverse order.
and No#1 Player is Viktor Ahn.

1. Viktor Ahn (RUS), Short Track Speed Skating

Three gold medals, one silver medal in four events entered.
Ahn was one of the leading international stories going into the Games.
He had won three golds and one bronze while skating for
South Korea as Ahn Hyun-Soo at the 2006 Olympics.

Ahn did not qualify for the 2010 Olympics, and subsequent fallout
with the Korea Skating Union led him to acquire Russian citizenship.
He flourished with his new nation in Sochi,
astonishingly bettering his 2006 Olympic medal haul. Ahn was
077 away from becoming the first person to sweep all four short track golds.

He became the most decorated Olympic short track skater of all time,
matching Apolo Ohno in medals but with more golds.
South Korean fans were irate over his success,
especially compared with the South Korean men’s failure to win a medal.

Ahn, 28, is considering the 2018 Olympics,
which are in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Souce by : http://www.nbcsports.com/sochi-14-best-athletes-olympics

Apologize to Adelina Sotnikova

Apologize to Adelina Sotnikova

A Russian citizen launched an online petition demanding an apology from Korean netizens for insulting Olympic figure skating champion Adelina Sotnikova on Monday.
“Not only Russians, but experts from other countries agree that her program, her performance was really high level,” said the petitioner, going by the name one two,
on the petition uploaded to Change.org.

The Russian petitioner, who presumably opened the petition in response to the one in support of South Korean skater Kim Yu-na, explained that the difficulty of Sotnikova’s program was high which is why she made a “small mistake” on a jump. The poster said Kim, on the other hand, opted for a “simple program” that was “not so high level.”

The petition further read, “It was absolutely clear who is fighting for a medal and who did not even try to show that she is interested in medals. “Shame on you, Korean netizens. Shame on your country. Ask for forgiveness,” the petitioner said, adding that Korean fans have no manners. Shortly after the gold medalist was decided in the ladies’ figure skating singles competition at the Sochi Olympics, a petition challenging the results was set up at the popular online campaigning forum.

The petition, calling for an investigation into the event’s judging, attracted slightly more than 2 million signatures, while the one seeking an apology from Koreans drew some 1,000 signatures mostly from Russian and Japanese users as of 5 p.m. Korean time on Wednesday.

souce by : http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20140226001331


Sex slave, it must be known as much as Holocaust

Sex slave, it must be known as much as Holocaust

Most Korean well knows about "sex slave".
And now, the whole world should know about the
identity of "sex slave" like the Holocaust by German Nazi.
"Sex slave" (Wee Ahn Boo in Korean) is expressed as Japanese Military Sexual
Slavery in English. It must as same as Holocaust by German Nazi Reich.

Korea was a Japanese colony from 1910 to 1945. It was because Korea had been
defeated in Korea-Japan war.
The purpose of "sex slave" was the satisfaction of sexual desire for Japanese
soldiers during war, and it was the official action by Japanese Government, and for
the action they kidnapped Korean 11~30-years-old females forcibly,
and enticed & raped.

In 1945, Korea had been liberated from Japan independently. And now, it is in the
year of 2014, it has been passed 70 years after termination of war.
Currently Korea has an equivalent economic activity to or beyond Japan.
A balance of current accounts of Korea has been jumped over Japan.
But, Japan still never apologizes officially for "sex slave" though it has been
passed several decades.
Far from formal apology, Japanese lawmakers and broadcasting authorities existed,
"The facts of compulsory mobilization of sex slave were not confirmed by
documents, and had no testimony of Japanese side”, and "Sex slave issue is very
general in any war, but what's all the fuss about?"
But the facts of compulsory mobilization were confirmed through hundreds of
documents, and we have the formal testimony recognized by Japan side, and
moreover official "sex slave" approved by Government has not been found yet

Holocaust Museum of Queens College in New York, USA
At one side of Holocaust Museum having related historical records, paintings of
grandmothers, who were sex slaves, were exhibited.

The authorities of Museum have been announced, that as the victims, who can
testify the history, are leaving this world gradually, so we should inform the right
history to the next generation, and for this they are planning to prepare a
permanent exhibition hall not an one-shot thing.
If the first permanent exhibition hall for sex slave is installed, then the movement
will be spread to several hundreds of Holocaust Museum in USA.
The huge Holocaust Museum located in Washington D.C., the capital city of
America, is one of the tour courses worldwide.
The whole world recognizes the Holocaust.
The shameful dirty history of "sex slave" affair committed by Japan to Korea must
be also viewed like the Holocaust.


Galaxy S5 draws mixed reviews

Galaxy S5 draws mixed reviews

south korean Global Brand "Samsung" launched Galaxy 5 today.
Some said it focused on the simplicity,
others said it was lacking of innovative changes.
Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S5, which was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday, was a letdown for those who expected a much-hyped design makeover, but the key features -– a built-in heart rate sensor and a fingerprint scanner -– were notable, a number of tech news outlets reported.

“Galaxy S5 shapes up to be an excellent device that
will keep Samsung at or near the top of the smartphone heap,” it said.
Wired magazine also cast doubts on the gadget’s complete overhaul.
It noted that it’s faster, waterproof and capable of capturing UHD video,
 but questioned, “Is it enough to warrant applause?”

Stressing the advanced technology of the heart-rate sensor, it said that Apple engineers will “kick themselves for not adding the feature sooner” on their device. Media widely took note of the extended battery life, which has long been considered one of the Galaxy line’s flaws. The fingerprint scanner that enables users to make mobile payments and 16-megapixel camera were well received by tech experts and media. “Notably one (key feature) is photography,” Wired said. “The Galaxy S5 has a 16-megapixel camera that, alongside a simpler user interface redesign, includes two interesting features: real-time high-dynamic range photography and video capture, and post-processing focus alteration.”

The New York Times gave credit to Samsung for keeping the smartphone simple and focused, compared with the “gimmicky” Galaxy S4 that was “jam-packed with all kinds of new software features.” “Samsung must have made a New Year’s resolution to stay more focused,” the newspaper said.

souce by : http://khnews.kheraldm.com/view.php?ud=20140226000819&md=20140226121457_BC

South Korea questions Russian gold in figure skating

South Korea questions Russian gold in figure skating

Controversy over why Russia's Adelina Sotnikova
took gold while figure skating ''Queen'' Yuna Kim was dethroned.

souce by : http://www.reuters.com/video/2014/02/21/south-korea-questions-russian-gold-in-fi?videoId=281139838

Dennis Rodman's North Korea visit set for Hollywood movie

Dennis Rodman's North Korea visit set for Hollywood movie

Dennis Rodman's visit to North Korea will be made into a movie soon,
the Hollywood Reporter reported Sunday.
The article said 20th Century Fox has reportedly
bought the rights to a comedy pitch titled
"Diplomats" based on the former basketball player's time in North Korea.

"Ride Along" Tim Story has signed on to direct,
"The Heat" Peter Chernin will produce the movie and
Jonathan Abrams will write the script.
Rodman's random visit to North Korea and close relationship
with the young North Korean Kim Jong-un has caused controversy.

Last January, Rodman and
several other former NBA players visited North Korea
to take part in a basketball game on the birthday of the dictator.

souce by : http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/world/2014/02/182_152228.html

Gold medalist Sotnikova’s Facebook activities come under scrutiny

Gold medalist Sotnikova’s Facebook activities come under scrutiny

While debate lingers over who deserved the gold in women’s figure skating at the Sochi Olympics, controversial gold medalist Adelina Sotnikova of Russia is creating new online buzz after she reportedly “liked” photos of South Korean figure skater Kim Yu-na on Facebook.

The newly-crowned Olympic champion recently followed one of Kim Yu-na’s fans on Facebook and “liked” some of the photos of the Sochi Olympic silver medalist, Korean media outlet Newsen reported.

The Russian even “liked” a photo of Kim with the caption, “Everyone knows who is the real champion,” which presumably implies that Kim is “the real champion,” not Sotnikova.

Koreans, shaken by what they call “home-cooked” judging that “robbed” Kim of the gold, have been watching Sotnikova with a critical eye.

Many deemed the Russian skater “rude” after she unexpectedly left a joint interview while Kim was speaking. It has become the norm that medalists jointly hold official interviews with the press in a common area and wait until others are finished before leaving.

Sotnikova’s unexpected “likes” on Kim’s photos are being viewed as “incomprehensible” and “weird” for Kim’s fans, who learned from Sotnikova’s previous interviews that Kim was no more than a rival she badly wanted to outshine.

At the recently-ended Sochi Winter Games, Kim failed to defend her Olympic crown, and captured silver instead with a total of 219.11 points despite a faultless program.

Sotnikova won gold with a total of 224.59 points, which led to an uproar over the judging. A slew of experts and foreign news reports claimed the Russian skaters benefitted from the home crowd and unfairly generous judging.

souce by : http://khnews.kheraldm.com/view.php?ud=20140225001413&md=20140226003051_BC

The Korean disgracing Korea after Sochi Olympics

The Korean disgracing Korea after Sochi Olympics

Kim YuNa, the figure skater of Korea,
gained silver medal in Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.
At that time, Adelina Sotnikova from Russia vanquished
Kim YuNa and grasped gold medal.
So many overseas media also reported the Russian unqualified gold medalist using
home-ground advantage ridiculously beaten Kim YuNa.
However, actually Kim YuNa was pretty cool.

In sports we find so many such cases.
Korea also at World Cup 2002, held in homeland, has been experienced to reach
semifinals thanks to home-ground advantage.
American Bleacher Report had been criticized, "Because of obvious miscarriage
Korea moved to semifinals, and this must be the mostly nasty moment".

But some Korean people did not want to finish "Kim YuNa's affair" with "sorry".
They might to give gold medal to Kim YuNa surely.
Korea is evaluated as the fastest in internet velocity, top ranked internet diffusion
rate, top ranked smartphone diffusion rate and the shortest replacement period for
smartphone. (America is the 35th)
The bitter counterattack of Korean people has been started.


▲ The link above was spread after failure of Kim YuNa's gold medal by low score
through home-ground advantage in Korea very fast. In Korea, there was some
rumor, that if petitioners exceed more than 1 million, then Kim YuNa could get the
right to ask to rejudge to Sochi Olympics, and already more than 2 million Korean
signed for this. But this was only a rumor and no rejudgement.

Park SeungHi, Korean player,
got bronze medal at female short track speed skating 500m in Sochi Olympics.
She skated to the top in 500m finals, but she was collided with Elise Christie,
British player, and consequently ranked to 3rd and
British player is dropped out of the race through foul.
Elise Christie apologized instantly, but Korea people were also angry.

The most famous English mass media including Guardian, Independent, Mail Online,
BBC, Telegraph and Times etc., have been reported the cyberterror against Elise
Christie from Korea quickly. And the advisory team of GB Winter Olympics had
been eliminated official Twitter & Facebook accounts for her remaining events.

In Sochi Olympics, Korea players did their best.
But Korea people are dong best to disgrace their own country.
 terror against Elise Christie from Korea "(Cyber Bullying, Twitter Abuse" quickly. And the advisory team of GB Winter Olympics had been eliminated official Twitter & Facebook accounts for her remaining events.

In Sochi Olympics, Korea players did their best.
But Korea people are dong best to disgrace their own country.


GDP of Korea is ranked to 15th in world.

GDP of Korea is ranked to 15th in world.

The occupied market share of 60% in smartphone by Samsung Galaxy, the 5th
ranked automobile sales volume by Hyundai Motors in the world, and LG competing
the top of sales volume in TV & refrigerator with Samsung are all Korean brand.
'Gangnam style' swept whole world is also a Korea music.

GDP (Gross domestic product) is used as an index of worldwide economic activity.
On the basis of GDP, America the 1st, China the 2nd and Japan the 3rd.
From the 4th Germany, France, England, Brazil, Russia, Italia, Canada, India,
Australia, Spain, Mexico in the order and Korea the 15th in world economic.
Reference ▶ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal)

Korea is divided into South and North.
But the 15 of world economic is South Korea.
Every news concerning danger, communism and nuclear-weapon state of media
including is only related to North Korea, not South Korea.

North Korea is unbelievably poor. It is because of no economic activity.
On the contrary, you can find more brilliant nights than
Japan or New York in South Korea.

Below Korea, ranked to 15th in world economic, there are Netherlands, Swiss,
Sweden, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland and Greece etc.,
many European nations.

How do you feel about Korea?
Do you feel South Korea is also a dangerous and
poor country only because of exciting news of North Korea?
Maybe, Korea would be far richer and
safer than your country and most Korean would also be richer than you.
As a simple evidence, please take a look the KOREAN DYNAMIC MORNING with
full of energy every simple day.

The popular 3 articles, Top 3 of fullkorea.com

The popular 3 articles, Top 3 of fullkorea.com

The fullkorea.com is a Google based site to introduce Korea to other countries
since its established & operated in Jan. 2010.
One day, my one Polish friend worried and asked me, "Is South Korea safe?
No danger by nuclear weapon? What about economic situation?"
His saying was my decisive opportunity to establish and operate fullkorea.com.

In Google, the interest about North Korea is certainly sparked,
but the attention and browsing frequency
about South Korea & Korea are far from enough.
The worldwide famous media only deal
very exciting news from North Korea frequently.
Because of such reasons, global people often hear information about North Korea,
therefore relatively they have no idea on South Korea.
South Korea is the top 10 economic world power, experienced the World Cup
semifinals, and using Galaxy as a smartphone & riding Sonata as an automobile,
but people don't know the mother country of Samsung & Hyundai Motors.

On the basis of 24th Feb. 2014, the number of visitors to fullkorea.com
is estimated 19,000 persons per day on average.
Among them, I would like to introduce 3 articles,
which are shared in best by Google+
(most foreigners use Google, it is a sharing application provided by Google).

The most introduced article, US Army problem.
The article, the troubles in Korea, written through my uncomfortable sights,
caused by American including GI was shared 8,320 times totally.
The article, South Korea true, was shared in 4,158 times, and the article,
Caught sight cosmetics from S. Korea, then have your eyes on them,
was shared in 1,896 times.
(Should you have interest on this, then you can check them
at fullkorea.com by browsing title of the article)

Occasionally, some people don't know where Korea locates,
even in Asia or Middle East.
If I tell them about the problems of Dokdo or East Sea? OK, let me be an
Argentinean. And if I ask your idea on Malvinas War 
between Argentina and England?

What we have to do firstly, must be the information about Korea in itself and right
rather than the problems of Dokdo or East Sea, I believe.


heejun han, brodie and Top 10 of Kpop star3 finally distinguished

heejun han, brodie and Top 10 of Kpop star3 finally distinguished

Kpop star3 has been broadcasted the 14th series by now among 20 series totally.
And the Top 10 at last were decided through a lot of auditions and competitions
among the 100,000 participants from the preliminary.
Top 10 includes 10 teams of
Almeng, Zzari Montang, Bernard Park, Kwuan JiNa,
Sam Kim, Han HeeJun, Chang HanNa, Bae MiNa, Nam YeongJu, Something.
Personally, I suppose the champion could be
found among Almeng, Zzari Montang and Bernard Park.

Especially, Han HeeJun is a star ranked to Top 9 in American Idol 2012.
In America he was very known to people, his records were published and could
manage his smooth life, but basically he is a Korean and wanted to drive his
music life in Korea, so he has been participated
Kpop star3 and finally reached to Top 10 in Kpop star3.

By the way, the attention focused Brodie was dropped out.
She showed 'Sunny' of 'Boney M' in a funky sort of rhythm,
but regretfully because of unstable key and unskilled choreography
she dropped out. The reason maybe depends on her age of 11 years old.
But nobody can deny her brilliant future through her proven ability at this event.
Instant viewing of Brodie's video : http://tvcast.naver.com/v/126842/list/11991

Now the competition is almost on the final stage among 20 series in total.
The singers of Top 10 have to pass the tournament in live broadcasting.
Who will catch the championship?


Kagoshima Day, Korean people knows the day

Kagoshima Day, Korean people knows the day

There is a small island between Korea and Japan.
The name of the island is "Dokdo".
It belongs to Korean, and it is ruled by Korea legally.
By the way, Google marked the island as "Liancourt rocks".

Please browse Dokdo at Google. It is Liancourt rocks.
Please click Google map ▶ http://goo.gl/IZ3Mb4
Because the first foreign discoverer of the island was the French, Liancourt.

And moreover Japan calls the island as Kagoshima (Takeshima).

Let's consider you are the people of the third country, not Korean, just like
the American/ the British/ the Australian/ the Spanish/ the French.
Then how will you call the island, and how will you think the owner of the island?
Aren't you confused?

If the naming of the island continued and the property dispute continued, then this
matter would be discussed at International Court of Justice.
And through this many countries will recognize the court.
By the way... Japan is doing a performance in national level through designating
22nd Feb as Kagoshima anniversary to name it as Kagoshima.
Japanese leader Abbe supported the event by dispatching higher authorities of
central government, and so famous global enterprises are supporting 'Kagoshima Day'. Uniqlo, Hello Kitty, Asahi, Mild Seven, Shiseido, Family Mart, 7-Eleven, Sony,
Nintendo, Cannon, Daiso, Asics, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Casio etc....
really outstanding!

Buy the way, what do you do, YOU, KOREA?
Kagoshima Day, Korean knows the day.
And we are afraid of general knowing by world people in a near future.
Korea has no Dokdo Day. And no Korean enterprise supporting Dokdo,
and even no Korean government action.


The anniversary by Japan for Dokdo, the Korean Island, Takeshima Day

The anniversary by Japan for Dokdo, the Korean Island, Takeshima Day

I wanna ask Korean people.
Maybe you know the nae of island marked with ◀ at the picture under?
You know the island belongs to what nation?
The island locates in the southeast of Argentina.
How much Korean people know about the name of the island located in
South Atlantic Ocean and the owned country?

So to speak, the island is the Falkland Islands.
By the way, it has another name. It is just Islas Malvinas.
So it is a Falkland Islands and also Malvinas island. It's just like Dokdo or 'Takeshima'.
It is called Falkland in the English, and Malvina in the Spanish. 
And then to whom belongs the island?

It's England.

Basically the island belongs to England. But Argentina insisted the illegal
occupation of England by the reason of its location to Argentina near. Since the
first discovery by England, the island was ruled under England,
so England refuted. Argentina dispatched troops and stated war in 1982.
This is the Falkland war or the Malvinas war.
But as Argentina lost the war against England,
presently it is still under the effective control by England.
At the war British dead 256 and wounded 244,
while Argentine dead 645 and wounded 105 had been occurred.
I wanna ask Korean people. Do you want to the fact, 
that Dokdo belongs to Korea and the whole world knows it?
Do you displeased with its calling as Takeshima not as Dokdo by Japan?
And you should understand the fact of the naming argument of the island between
England and Argentina, and moreover the real fact about the Falkland Islands
including dead caused by the war. Why you don't understand the fact of other
countries… but only insist the worldwide notice to
Korean Dokdo story and also the taking sides of the world?

Japan today declared to call Korean island "Dokdo" as "Takeshima", and moreover
their ambition to do national event through preparing of Takeshima anniversary.


Korea is upset with Kim Yuna's low mark

Korea is upset with Kim Yuna's low mark

In spite of Kim Yuna's perfect performance,
Kim Yuna could only gain silver medal
because of different mark of Adelina Sotnikova caused
by Russian home advantage Russia.
Every Korean media is reporting a scoop broadcasting day by day,
"Though did perfect performance,
but lost gold medal to mistook Adelina Sotnikova". For this, not only Korea,
but also numerous foreign media raise a question about this shocking fact.

NBC, America : "Do you agree on the result?"
BBC, England : "Kim Yuna's performance was perfect, and nobody can do better."
ARD, Germany : raised strong doubt, "It's beyond our mind."
ABC, Australia : "People must avoid such event giving more mark to the mistook player."
CBC, Canada : "Of course, we predicted Kim Yuna's medal,
 but the color cannot be understandable."
AFP, Canada : "Kim Yuna's silver medal involves a lot of controversial issues."
Chicago Tribune : "Adelina Sotnikova should send champagne and caviar to judges."

Adelina Sotnikova at a interview with Russian media just after the event said,
“Judge is judge's duty. I never reinforced judges something”, and drew a line,
“I do not want take any question concerning to judge any more.
I did only perform my event.”

Korea is now very upset.
At an article reported in Naver, Korean portal site, more than 60 thousand
comments were written.
Even some movement of appealing to ISU (International Skating Union) exists.
As the homepage of ISU does not provide a space for bulletin board message,
so many netizen are crowding to facebook page,
and protesting to ISU Russia for Kim Yuna's silver medal.
At the moment, the facebook page of ISU has been changed the cover with a
photo of Kim Yuna.

The next Winter Olympics 2018 will be held in Korea.
YES, WE CAN SAY, Korea Winter Olympics
will never cause such dirty action like the one in Russia.
Korea will not make World Sports Festival dirty worse than village game.

The overwhelming difference in ability, Kim Yu-Na's Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 has been begun

The overwhelming difference in ability, Kim Yu-Na's Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 has been begun

Yesterday, figure skating of Sochi Winter Olympics begun.
In Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Kim, Yu-Na gained gold medal.
In World Championship also she took 1st place, the score difference from the
second rank was big. She might have no competitor.
And in Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Kim, Yu-Na aims at successive victory.

At the first event, Kim, Yu-Na also grasped the top honor.
Sochi Olympics is held in Russia. Yulia Lipnitskaya, the rising new rival from
Russian, made a mistake in landing at the third jump, triple flip.
About this, an article was repoted, “Yulia Lipnitskaya fall breaks Russian hearts”.


Mao Asada, called Japanese signboard of figure, also made pratfall and could not
perform the last jump in perfect, she could only get worst report card of 16th rank.
As Mao Asada failed triple axel jump, from the corner of Russian stand ridicules
and triumphant yells broke out.
To the event of Mao Asada today, so many Japanese people showed such
reaction, that they cannot believe, and were distressed.
By the result, her difference from Kim, Yu-Na is almost 18 points, so she seems
to have no possibility to get gold medal practically.

The pointed 2 players as rivals against Kim, Yu-Na were not the rivals.
Instead of them, Adelina Sotnikova from Russia, a new rival threatening
Kim, Yu-Na, had been floated. The score difference from Kim, Yu-Na is only 0.28.
However, what we have to understand is, that Sotnikova is much stronger than
Yulia Lipnitskaya on the stage of her country, because she got the top place in
Russia Championship Series.

Carolina Kostner from Italia also recorded high score with only 0.8 point difference
from Kim, Yu-Na.

Every Korean mass media is chanting for Kim, Yu-Na currently.
It is covered with real time popular search words of special broadcasting & reports
for Kim, Yu-Na.
At the moment, Kim, Yu-Na's gold medal seems to be very near. Oh, my god!!
Kim, Yu-Na is a Korean figure skating player!!