N. Korea conducts live-fire drill in western sea

N. Korea conducts live-fire drill in western sea

North Korea began a live-fire drill near the tensely guarded western border on Monday, hours after notifying the South of its planned drills in a rare move by the communist state, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. The North fired several artillery shells in waters north of the Northern Limit Line in the Yellow Sea starting from 12:15 p.m., the JCS said.

After several rounds of the shells fell south of the NLL, the South Korean military shot dozens of artillery shells with K-9 self-propelled howitzers in response and dispatched F-15K fighter jets near the maritime border.

Residents in the northernmost island of Baengnyeong were evacuated to temporary shelters, military officials said.

The move came after the Southwestern Command of the Korean People's Army faxed South Korean Navy's Second Fleet at 8:00 a.m. to announce the fire drills in seven border regions near the western maritime border later in the day.

"North Korea demanded South Korea control its vessels in seven regions north of the NLL before it holds the live-fire drills," the JCS said. "We have banned vessels from entering the training zone for the safety of residents and sailors."

It is rare that the communist state announces a training zone that encompasses all western border regions ahead a live-fire exercise.

The South Korean military has stepped up its guard against possible clashes, looking into Pyongyang's intention behind the latest provocations.

"We consider that the North's announcement contains hostile intentions," Army Col. Wi Wong-seop, the vice defense ministry spokesman, said in a morning briefing ahead of the drill. "(North Korea) is believed to be creating a crisis situation on the Korean Peninsula by raising tensions near the western maritime border."

Seoul officials have been on high alert as some artillery shells fired by the North fell south of the NLL during a 2010 exercise.

The latest move comes as the North Korean military has been stepping up its rhetoric against annual joint drills between South Korea and the United States, firing a series of missiles and rockets in a show of force in recent weeks.

Pyongyang last week fired two mid-range ballistic missiles capable of striking Japan in the latest provocative launches, drawing condemnation from the U.N. Security Council.

souce by : http://khnews.kheraldm.com/view.php?ud=20140331001039&md=20140331142536_BC&kr=1

299 points for Bernard Park in K-Pop Star 3!!, but Jjari Mongddang's dropping out

299 points for Bernard Park in K-Pop Star 3!!, but Jjari Mongddang's dropping out

The 19th episode among 20 of K-Pop Star 3,
Korea audition program, has been elapsed.
Now, the broadcasting next week should be the last one, but as 3 challengers are
still survive, so the broadcasting next week was decided as the semi-finals.
In other words, at the broadcasting on April 6 next week another challenger shall
be dropped out, and on April 13 will be the final winner determined.
In the final of K-Pop Star's Season 1 & 2 also just two teams went up,
because it was a rule.
Therefore, it is likely to be organized as 21 episodes by extension.

And the great thing has been happened today.
Bernard Park has been taken the points of 100, 100 & 99 from the three judges
respectively, and with 299 points totally out of 300 points he has been recorded
the highest score in K-Pop Star history.
The singing by Bernard Park passionately was ‘Right Here Waiting’ of Richard Marx.

The another impact was the Jjari Mongddang's dropping out.
Jjari Mongddang has been sung 'The hot farewell' composed by Yu HuiYeol, the
judge, but unfortunately was dropped out at Top 3.

As the team was one of the most powerful front runners, it was very shocking, but
now everyone can be said to be a strong challenger to win.
The 3 challengers of Bernard Park, Gwon JiNa and Sam Kim will undergo the battle
ahead the final next week.
Now, I'll just watch the broadcasting unconditionally.

Moschino for sale T-shirts containing Nazi symbol

Moschino for sale T-shirts containing Nazi symbol

T-shirts containing Nazi symbol
are for sale at the online shop of Moschino.


Actually Moschino never sells such
T-shirts containing Nazi symbols of Swastika or Hakenkreuz.
The red T-shirts over are the fake Images.
The Nazi symbols should not be applied for any purpose and case.
But the information under is the unbelievable real story happening now.

As Nazi symbol represents the history of war & invasion of Germany,
Rising Sun Flag means the history of war & invasion of Japan.
That is, Swastika and Rising Sun Flag have the equalized meaning.

Just as the German atrocities, Japan also had been slaughtered numerous Chinese and Korean people, and made girls as sex slaves.
But at the moment, T-shirts containing Rising Sun Flag are for sale by Moschino, 
and Japan announced their soccer uniform containing a designed Rising Sun Flag 
for 2014 Brazil World Cup.

REAL !!!

The actual sale Moschino Online Store

The actual sale FIFA Online Store : http://store.fifa.com/85287.html

If you work in the related fields of media, press or social network,
then could you touch me with some information
about the frequent use of Rising Sun Flag!
Time can not be reversed, but problem should be fixed.


Sam Kim of K-pop Star 3 has to go 2 stages more toward the final win.

Sam Kim of K-pop Star 3 has to go 2 stages more toward the final win.

Korea Pop is called as K-pop, K-pop Star 3 is an open audition program by SBS,
Public broadcaster Korea, to develop the new K-pop Stars.
This is the season 3.
The winners of season 1 & 2 are crossing 1st and 2nd rank in K-pop Chart
already, and appeared in TV CF model for Korean global companies including
Samsung, LG, Hyundai Motors.

K-pop Star 3 is composed of 20 episodes totally. As a results by 18th episode
currently, 4 teams are still survived.
Bernard Park, chosen as the favorites from the first appearance and
Jjari Monddang had been touched Top 4 safely. Besides, Kwon JiNa, the praises
poured schoolgirl toward later, and Sam Kim, revived by the help of character vote
from the dropout crisis, had been launched at Top 4.
We found his shining powerful strength of Sam Kim escaping from the dropout
crisis barely.

TOP 4 : sam Kim, Bernard Park, Kwon JiNa, Jjari Mongddang

Indeed, who will win?
Who will be the new Star of K-pop?
will be Turned out a couple of weeks now.

Now Top 2. And finally, the winner is revealed soon.
In just six months before, a general person who can sing will be re-born as K-pop Star.


The island of Korea, if Japan took over by means of the power of the media and diplomacy?

The island of Korea,
if Japan took over by means of the power of the media and diplomacy?

Recently the Crimea was attributed to to Russia.
The Crimean peninsula is located between Ukraine and Russia, and after the
dissolution of the Soviet Union in the course of the independence of each country,
the ownership of the land has been a problem continuously.
In other words, the history of the Crimea has the confusion of 'land ownership'.

However, similar but very different natured event is going on right now in Asia.
It's just 'Dokdo', the island of Korea.

Dokdo is clearly a land of Korea. Japan also admitted that for several centuries.
It is proven through historical antique maps in dozens of times.
Namely, in the year of 1785,1870, 1877, 1908, 1946, and 1951 etc. ...
At numerous official maps, Japan drove Dokdo as Korea territory right.
There was not even mentioned in the Japanese territory.
Ever since the birth of mankind, only Korea has been occupied Dokdo,
only Korean people currently living in, and the Korean police are keeping.

That is, Dokdo is a Korea land on the historical and legal basis in 100%.
However, recently Japan began to argue it with 'Japanese territory'.
They start calling Dokdo as Japanese 'Takeshima', and began to designate as
National Day with 'Takeshima Day'.
It thought it was just a political comedy. but...

Google Map labels Dokdo as Liancourt Rocks.
Because the problem is a territorial dispute with Japan, once the neutral
representation is the policy of Google.

Russian media write Dokdo with Takeshima in parallel.

This comedy was possible thanks to the unconcern of the
international press and media about Dokdo.
Obviously it is a Korea's territory, but Japan by using the indifference of foreign
media, will unfold the media activities to turn this land of Japan quietly.
Now, it is in the year of 2014. But we are afraid of Japan today,
who can direct such shameless comedy drastically.

Your attention might be needed.


Galaxy S5 to be unveiled on March 27

Galaxy S5 to be unveiled on March 27

TODAY, You can buy GALAXY 5 (if you live in korea).
Samsung Electronic is global company from south korea.
samsung Electronics, the nation’s largest handset maker,
is poised to move up Galaxy S5’s release date to March 27, from April 11, due to
recent developments with the nation’s largest mobile carrier SK Telecom.
(SK Telecom is Korean Major telecommunications company)

Due to an illegal subsidy war, the nation’s major telecom operators have been forced to undergo business suspensions on a rotational basis by the government regulator.

A source from SK Telecom said, “If Samsung Electronics rolls out its new smartphones after April 5, it will have a smaller impact on the market through (relying on just) KT and LG Uplus,“ to explain why the release date of the latest Galaxy phone has been moved up.

A source close to Samsung said, ”Although Samsung is a global company, it is based in Korea. It cannot underestimate the impact of the No. 1 carrier SK Telecom.”

“Samsung is considering rescheduling the release date before April 5 when SK Telecom‘s business suspension starts,” he added. If the Galaxy S5 is unveiled earlier in Korea, the global release date may also be affected, an inside source said.

souce by : http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20140324001599&kr=1

Three nations push 6-party talks

Obama mistakenly refers to Park as P.M.

U.S. President Barack Obama must have been under pressure.
He made an unusual slip of tongue, calling South Korean President Park Geun-hye “Madame Prime Minister” during trilateral talks with the leaders of South Korea and Japan.

Obama brought the leaders of the United States’ key Asian allies to the same table on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, Netherlands, Tuesday. Park and Abe have barely been speaking each other since they each took office about a year ago, due to frayed diplomatic relations between the two countries. It was their first face-to-face meeting since coming to power.

Obama was expressing his appreciations to the two leaders for attending the meeting. But the U.S. president, who is usually known as an eloquent speaker, mistakenly said while he was turning his head to Park: “Thank you very much again to Madame Prime Minister … uh … Madame President and Prime Minister Abe.”
Reports say Obama referring to Park as P.M. shows that he was intimidated by the awkward mood that prevailed throughout the three-way meeting.

Japanese Prime Minister worships the Japanese murders, who killed American

Japanese Prime Minister worships the Japanese murders, who killed American

There are historical logos, which the American should remember.
They are Swastica(卍) of Nazi, Germany and Rising Sun Flag of Japan.
70 years before, Japanese soldiers forcibly kidnapped American girls and made
them as sex-slavery and killed the innocent Americans.
At the moment, Japanese Prime Minister worships the soldiery murders
officially by visiting their tomb, and then?

By the way, the event occurs actually.
American had been entered into the Second World War and we remember the
sacrificed American soldiers at the War.
Japanese Prime Minister "Abe" and
Japanese politicians worship the war criminals by visiting Yasukuni Shrine every year.
Jim Steinberg, the post Deputy Secretary of USA, Joe Bide, the current Vice
President of USA asked "Abe" not to visit Yasukuni Shrine more than 10 times,
but Japan held the worship at Yasukuni Shrine without fail every year.

In addition, there is the World Cup 2014.
For the World Cup, the uniform taking the flag as a symbol of the war
(called as Rising Sun Flag) during war time was adopted. I believe,
the American phosphorus mind must not be good by taking a view of it.
How can dare Japan plan such kind of dirty event in this worldwide sports festival?
This can be compared with the application of Swarstica (卍)
for their uniform by Germany.
I wonder if you know the fact of Japan?

If the news is the first acknowledgement with you,
then please remember the function like under.

Swastika (卍) = Rising Sun Flag.
I hope, you could understand the wrong political and sports diplomacy of Japan.

If you ever work for the media and journalists, or your SNS activity, such as Twitter
and Facebook if you are, then please inform the fact for your neighbors.
Japan's behavior must be very wrong.
If your grandfather was killed by the hands of Japanese soldiers,
then I believe you will not be able to get away with this.


Samsung entrance exam books, Do you wanna work at Samsung ?

Do you wanna work at Samsung ?. More jobseekers rush to buy Samsung entrance exam books

Sales of books related to the entrance exam of South Korea's biggest conglomerate Samsung Group soared in March, one of the nation's largest booksellers said Tuesday, ahead of a change in its recruitment system later this year.

Yes 24 said its shipments of textbooks for the Samsung Aptitude Test (SSAT) jumped more than three-fold from a month earlier. While sales of such books usually soar in March ahead of the exam at the end of the month, this year's growth hovered above the 158.2 % and 60.6 % tallied in 2013 and 2012, respectively.

"Sales of SSAT-related books surged at a faster pace compared to last year right after Samsung scrapped its new employment plan," said Park Soo-ho, an employee at the bookseller.

Market watchers said the rising demand for SSAT textbooks comes as Samsung, which scrapped its new employment plan in January, is anticipated to roll out another recruitment program later in the year that apparently will give fewer jobseekers a chance to take the test. Earlier this year, Samsung said it planned to impose stricter qualifications on those wishing to take the SSAT, alarming jobseekers.

The move came after some 200,000 job hopefuls applied to Samsung in 2013, with most of them being given the chance to take the test. Samsung said the number of SSAT takers was a financial burden for both the company and the applicants. The group added it will also adopt a new employment system from this year allowing local college presidents to recommend their students for jobs with the business group, a system it said would help in hiring a diverse array of applicants with varying talents.

Samsung, however, scrapped the plan only two weeks later, amid public criticism that it favored some universities over others, adding that it will devise a better recruitment plan in the near future. Samsung, which kicked off its first-half recruitment Monday, will receive applications through Friday, with the SSAT being held on April 13 in major cities, as well as in the United States and Canada.

souce by : http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20140325000647


Korea, not mentioned overseas

Korea, not mentioned overseas

Lately, I have been informed to one journalist in Germany with a title of
"If Germany decided to take the Nazi pattern in their uniform 
in 2014 Brazil World Cup, then you can believe it?"
Just only because I tried to get some serious interests from the journalist in
Germany about the Japanese intention by comparing the Nazi pattern of Germany
through my information about the Japanese uniform taking the pattern of
imperialism for 2014 World Cup.

But the journalist was very, very angry with only the title of
"German uniform with Nazi pattern",
without reading all contents, and blamed me extremely.

He made biting remarks me with some phrases of
"It's really bullshit. I'm really very sorry.
You have to be shameful by this false rumor."
He might be misunderstood with my intention,
and just simply be flushed with anger.

Of course I got some disappointment about his urgent temper, but meanwhile
I felt some curious envy about his vitriol.
Our Korea seems to just watch the attitude of Japan, who shows the uniform of
the national soccer team, without any action, 
this German gentleman never allowed only a word of "Nazi".

However, this is the real situation, not a rumor. Though the damaged countries
including Korea and China, etc. never shows any expression about it.
Of course they could feel the anger in common, but no international action,
even online it's hard to find the related action.

The petition for "The historical fact of Japanese invasion into Korea should be
written in American textbook" has been moved for a few weeks ago, but we could
get only 17 signatures from Korea. I have been heard,
the petition for the lost gold medal of Kim Yuna had been exceeded 2 millions...
We have to calm down and reflect our standard of judgment, which is more
valuable than the others. Naturally,
the concentrated interest of Korean should be preceded.

Please follow the steps here under.

  • 1. Click the linkage of the signature-seeking campaign of the
    White House: http://wh.gov/lVwWa
  • 2. Create the account by pressing "Create an Account".
  • 3. Input the email address, first name and last name.
  • 4. Answer Challenge Question
    (If English were hard to understand, then please use Google translator).
  • 5. No matter to leave Zip Code in blank.
    After 1-2 minutes, by pressing linkage in your email account delivered from
    the White House (the longest at the 4. paragraph),
    then it connects you to the site for the signature.

    With pressing the green button on the left “SIGN THIS PETITION”,
    your signature will be completed.


To Nazi & Japan, the reaction of the world is too different.

To Nazi & Japan, the reaction of the world is too different.

At the emails from Manchester United to fans in Oct. 2013, the Swasticka, which is
very similar to the patter of Nazi, was applied, and through this the internal
investigation was immediately performed with their humble apologies.
David Sternberg, the charged man for media of the club, announced
"unconditional apology" through his Twitter (https://twitter.com/davidlsternberg).
But Japan is very, very different. The Rising Sun Flag representing the militarism of
Japan, is a designed pattern with spreading sunlight from the national flag of
Japan, and its meaning is as same as the one Swasticka of Nazi,
but Japanese use it openly, even proudly.

So, how the eyes of the damaged countries by Japan could be gentle!
All of the damaged countries advised and asked Japan not to use it, but the
Japanese people love to use it very frequently at any event.

I would like politely ask your best understanding of the meaning under.
The 2 logos below have the same meaning,
therefore anybody should not use them.

I'm a Korean. Through the invasion of Japan, our ancestors were killed, and our
grandmamas were kidnapped to Japanese soldiers to serve as sex-slavery.
Whenever I face the Rising Sun Flag of Japan, I feel deepest sadness inside me.

Even the more important problem is the announcement of Japan,
that they will participate the 2014 World Cup
with wearing a uniform taking the pattern of Rising Sun Flag.

In a plain, you can understand Japan?
If you have a job concerning media including journalist and broadcasting etc, or
you drive the SNS activities on Twitter, Facebook etc, then would you please
inform this psychopathic challenge of Japan to your friends. Maybe especially the
leaders of Japan might live in another age not in 21st. century.
Even the reasonable persons of Japan should understand, that the barbarian
behavior of the Japanese leaders must degrade the dignity of Japan.


South Korea, US, Japan to Hold Summit Next Week

South Korea, US, Japan to Hold Summit Next Week

South Korea, the United States and Japan will hold a trilateral summit in The Hague next week on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit.

Presidential Spokesman Min Kyung-wook told reporters about the plan Friday, saying Seoul's Foreign Ministry will officially announce the three-way gathering later in the afternoon.

The upcoming talks will mark the first time South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hold a summit. The three-way gathering will also mark the first time in two years the two leaders meet. Earlier on Friday, Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun said South Korea, the US and Japan have agreed to hold the summit next week.

The daily said the three countries are coordinating ways to jointly announce the trilateral summit in the Netherlands. Quoting a South Korean government official, the daily said President Park decided to hold the meeting  after being briefed on the results of a National Security Council meeting held on Wednesday.

The report said that at the meeting, participants had stressed the need for leaders of South Korea, the U.S. and Japan to boost cooperative ties on handling issues related to North Korea on the occasion of the Nuclear Security Summit. The daily said the three countries are already coordinating on the summit agenda and North Korean nuclear issue will likely be the key topic during the meeting. It said the issue of Japan’s wartime sex slavery will not be put on the table.

souce by : http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/news/news_Po_detail.htm?No=101403&id=Po

Samsung Gear 2, Gear Fit prices officially confirmed

Samsung Gear 2, Gear Fit prices officially confirmed

Don`t you know samsung ?.
Yes, it`s Korean Global Brand.
Samsung Electronics announced that
its latest smart watch and fitness tracker Samsung Gear 2 and
Gear Fit will be priced at $295 and $197, respectively.

The price information came from Taiwan Wednesday,
where the Korean smartphone maker first introduced the wearable devices
in the local market. Samsung officials here in Korea also confirmed the
new reports on the latest development.
The price for the Samsung Gear 2 is a little lower than the initial price for the Galaxy Gear,
which came with a $300 price tag.

The release of the Gear 2 and Gear Fit is scheduled for April 11 worldwide,
according to a Samsung official. The tech giant first unveiled the smart watch and
fitness device at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.
The price for the budget model of the smart watch,
called Samsung Gear Neo, has not yet been unveiled,
but it is anticipated to be set in the mid-$200’s.

Meanwhile, a new variant of the Samsung Gear 2,
equipped with a universal subscriber identity module, or USIM,
is said to be on the way. The USIM-embedded Samsung Gear is expected to be
released through three major Korean mobile carriers-- SK Telecom,
KT and LG Uplus-- in Korea. It is not known if the standalone
smart watch will be available in the global market.

souce by : http://khnews.kheraldm.com/view.php?ud=20140320001098&md=20140320151751_BC


You should distinguish South Korea and North Korea.

You should distinguish South Korea and North Korea.

Korea is divided by North Korea and South Korea.
From 1910 to 1945 Korea was invaded by Japan and became a colony,
but at last in 1945, Korea became independent from Japan.
And in 1946, Korea was divided into North Korea in Russian style and
South Korea in American style.
From that time, the division of Korea is lasting for 70 years.
The unique divided country is Korea.

Currently, North Korea is ranked to 100th in world economy....
With Vietnam and Cuba altogether, it is one of a few remained communism country.
As communism does not accept individual private property, regardless of working
volume the receiving of everyone is equalized, so it reduces the desire to work.
Therefore the whole country became poor,
and it tries to break through the poverty with 'nuclear weapon'.
Its uniqueness was enough to attract full attention of worldwide media.
North Korea is browsed in Google more than 1.2million times a month. But on the
contrary to it, South Korea and Korea are browsed less than 0.1million times a month.
Overseas media focusing exciting news pours out the news related
North Korea every day.
The military power of North Korea,
threatening world with nuclear weapon, is only ranked to 30th.

Kim JongUn is a king of North Korea. His grandfather and father were all the
kings, and now it is a era of Kim JongUn. It is a political succession.

△ the published night view by NASA 
(it shows distinct difference of economic activity in South-North)

Meanwhile, South Korea adopts democratic system. President and another every
politician are elected through the vote by people. South Korea has at the
momentum a 7th. exporting power and a 13th. economical power in a world.
On the basis of economic & cultural foundation like Samsung, LG, Hyundai Motors
and Gangnam Style it has been joined the ranks of developed countries.
Perhaps you might hear Gangnam Style of Psy with
Samsung smart phone and go to work by riding Hyundai automobile.

The reason, why you noticed only North Korea, but not know South Korea,
might lies on Google and overseas media. However,
South Korea is richer than Swiss, Australia & Spain, and similar to Italia & Canada.
Of course, with Czech, Hungary, Croatia & Mexico it is an incomparable rich country.

You should distinguish South Korea and North Korea.


Japanese history, what America has to acknowledge

Japanese history, what America has to acknowledge

On 7. Dec. 1941, Japanese Navy planes had been made the surprise attacks
against U.S. army bases located at Pearl Harbor,
Oahu of American Hawaii. It is a so-called .
Through the air raid, the dead of America reaches the number of 2,403 persons,
and 21 battleships & 188 planes were destroyed.
Thanks to the Pearl Harbor Accident,
America had been entered regularly the Second World War.

▲ Burning after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Namely, Japan is one of the countries, who caused the Second World War.
The most brutal countries during the Second World War
can be indicated as Germany and Japan.
Germany, represented by Nazi, had been tried to "ethnic cleansing" by the
Holocaust, and Japan kidnapped the females of
China and Korea forcibly as sex-slavery.

Now the war is over.
Germany apologizes the history during the war against humanity for the
damaged countries including Poland and Israel etc. in heart,
But the Japanese Government denies their own invasion history and
irritates the countries surroundings, who were suffered by Japan.
Recently Japanese Prime Minister, "Shinzo Abe" announced, that Japan has to
re-consider the apologized official writings of sex-slavery accident during the war.
And moreover, he worshiped "Yasukuni", which is the tomb of dead Japanese
soldiers of the invasion war, by visiting every year.

The Vice-President of America, Joe Biden, advised by seeing Japanese Prime
Minister, "Abe" with saying, that "Never visit Yasukuni" in 3 times,
and again asked him by phone calling, but Abe,
in spite of it, visited Yasukuni and also expressed
obviously his willing, that he will visit Yasukuni later.

Look at the attitude of Japan. Evidently,
I wonder the Second World War had been finished, really?


Germany will take the Nazi pattern at her uniform in Brazil World Cup?

If Germany decided to take the Nazi pattern in their uniform in 2014 Brazil World
Cup, then you can believe it?

Of course the uniform is a fake. Germany will never do this. But... the unbelievable event has been occurred in Japan. We find the pattern of 「Rising Sun Flag」 in the presented uniform of the Japanese national team for 2014 Brazil World Cup uniform.

「Rising Sun Flag」. It is a flag, which was applied in the Pacific War caused by Japan for the invasion of every Asian country, having a shape of spread sunlight around the Japanese national flag. It has the same meaning with the Nazi in Germany.

Asian many countries sob with this pattern, but ... Japan dares to participate in 2014 World Cup wearing such uniform ...

The attitude can be comparable with the Nazi.
Please image, that Germany takes part in World Cup wearing the uniform with the
pattern of Nazi. Do you really think this is possible? However, the brave Japan now will do realize this fantasy.


Let America deal the Invasion into Korea by Japan in their textbook.

Let America deal the Invasion into Korea by Japan in their textbook.

We will notice the White House and deal the Invasion into Korea by Japan in the
American textbooks.
We will inform, what brutalities and crimes were committed Japan against Korea,
and though it has passed 70 years after the war, but still Japanese Government
never did official apology for Korea.

We should make stop the tears of the comfortable grandmothers
Let's leave our signature at the White House of America.
We have to be authorized to blame the weak Korea Government.
Please follow the steps here under.

  • 1. Click the linkage of the signature-seeking campaign of the
    White House: http://wh.gov/lVwWa
  • 2. Create the account by pressing "Create an Account".
  • 3. Input the email address, first name and last name.
  • 4. Answer Challenge Question
    (If English were hard to understand, then please use Google translator).
  • 5. No matter to leave Zip Code in blank.
    After 1-2 minutes, by pressing linkage in your email account delivered from
    the White House (the longest at the 4. paragraph),
    then it connects you to the site for the signature.

    With pressing the green button on the left “SIGN THIS PETITION”,
    your signature will be completed.

And, please deliver the message to your Facebook/ Twitter / Blogs.
Have you ever seen such frequent and successive absurd remarks of
Abe Prime Minister?
Korea is facing at the moment on the international crisis.
We have to block Japanese tricks.

Jjari Mong Ddang, this time with "Let it go" !!!

Jjari Mong Ddang, this time with "Let it go" !!!

Kpop Star 3 currently has been selected by Top 8.
They are Kwon JinAh, Jjari Mong Ddang, Almeng, Han HeeJun, Chang HanNa,
Bae MinAh, Bernard Park, Sam Kim.

▼ play the "let it go" (Jjari Mong Ddang ver.)

And, if let me guess only one team as a front-runner, from the view of the record,
expectation and completeness by now, it might be Jjari Mong Ddang, and many
people will do have the same opinion, I believe.

They are friends in a same classroom, same high school,
and 19-year-old girls born in 1995.
They are a trio female vocal team having a strong teamwork and
even remarkable individual skill.

Kpop Star 3 with 20 series in total.
Already the 17th. stage will be broadcasted at 5 pm.
on the 16. (Sunday). (in Korean time)
At this stage, 2 teams will be dropped out and 6 teams remained from Top 8.

Jjari Mong Ddang will sing "Let it go", the famous OST of Winter Kingdom.
They are expected to arrive into Top 6.

You can read korea Language : http://blog.naver.com/adfish/40208468484


Kwon Jin Ah, the unanticpated first place in Kpop Star 3

Kwon Jin Ah, the unanticpated first place in Kpop Star 3

24 hours
by Kwon Jin Ah (2014. 03. 16)

Kwon Jin Ah could not attract some big attention by now because of 3 Power
System of Almeng, Bernard Park and Jjari Mongddang, and is a 17-year-old (born
in 1997) high school girl just singing a song with an acoustic guitar modestly.

However, she entered in TOP 8 play-off with the "see-through", the extreme
hip-hop song, at once, and obtained high praises of the judges.

It's the original "see-through" by Primary.
With the comparison, you can find the remarkable arrangement ability of
Kwon Jin Ah.

She wiped off the worries of the judges about "You expose prominence only in
doleful ditty".
And she left stronger impact with time goes by.
This Sunday, Kwon Jin Ah challenges again to enter TOP 6 with "24 hours
insufficient" by Sunmi, which belongs to so-called sexy dance genre.

Kwon Jin Ah now exposes her existence through breaking the
expectation at every time that the winner must come out
among one of 3 teams of Almeng, Bernard Park and Jjari Mongddang.
The stage of Kpop Star 3 on this Sunday must be very expected in full.

You can read korea Languagehttp://blog.naver.com/adfish/40208419242


Almeng, the strong powerful front-runner of Kpop star3, entered Top 8.

Almeng, the strong powerful front-runner of Kpop star3, entered Top 8.

The most possible front-runner of Kpop star3 might be Almeng.
Basically Kpop star selected some a singer with good singing ability, but the real
purpose of the audition is the debut of new faces on the Korean Kpop market with
sincere and creative stage.
This is why Almeng is the effective front-runner, because Almeng received
honorable mention at every stage.
Naturally without any difficulty Almeng entered Top 8.

Especially, the ability of write the lyrics with a story by the female vocalist,
Choi Rin, must be really remarkable.

Choi Rin was dropped out from various audition
because of uncomely appearance, she confessed.
So, her writing contains the unfair past.
"I'm not pretty and not beautiful but charm enough to to sing"
"When the singers should be pretty"
"But all of you are only pretty unnecessary"

For the first time, while watching Kpop star3 I had a fevertion.
How could be it written such kind of the lyrics... And the courage to cry out in
spite of bad condition of the throat, with only harsh voice
challenged to have a head-to-head contest...
Not with the singing ability,
but with getting goose bumps Choi Rin showed her honesty in Almeng.
With the reason, Almeng might be the perfect front-runner in Kpop star3.

13 things you can do with the Galaxy S5 that you can‘t do with iPhone 5S

13 things you can do with the Galaxy S5 that you can‘t do with iPhone 5S

Samsung is South korea Brand.
Apple is america (US) Brand.
While the rivalry between the two global smartphone makers
Samsung and Apple only intensifies,
Samsung may carry the day when it comes to what
their latest handsets can offer to users worldwide.

South Korean handset maker Samsung recently unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, and it allows users to do a lot more things that U.S. tech giant Apple’s iPhone 5S cannot, Business Insider reported.

1. Samsung partnered with PayPal,
so users can use fingerprints to make secure payments from the phone.

2. It can be dropped it in water for a few minutes without breaking.
We all know what happens after an iPhone takes a dive.

3. The rear camera flash works as a built-in heart rate monitor
so users can easily check their pulse right from the phone.

4. The camera shoots 16-megapixel photos while the iPhone 5S camera only has 8 megapixels. It is also better than the iPhone for taking pictures of moving objects.

5. Like the iPhone, the Galaxy 5S comes in 16GB and 32GB models. The iPhone also has a 64GB model, but the S5 has a micro SD memory card slot,
expandable to a whopping 128GB.

6. The front-facing camera is better, so selfies will not be grainy-looking.

7. The Galaxy S5 is also the first phone with live HDR preview,
so users can see what the popular effect will do to the picture before shooting it.

8. The Galaxy S5 lets users toggle through different modes if when lending it to someone. Easy mode simplifies the interface and Kids Mode restricts it.

9. A Galaxy S5 can reduce its screen to black and white to save battery.
When the phone gets low on power, it drops into a monochrome power-saving mode,
which doubles the remaining battery life.

10. If the battery starts running out, a user can replace it with a new one.
iPhone’s battery is not replaceable.

11. Users can use the Galaxy S5 as a remote,
because it has a infrared blaster on the top.

12. The Galaxy S5 has an image chip that dynamically adjusts the color and contrast of the screen based on the surrounding light, so users can see it well in all environments.

13. It can shoot video in 4K, four times HD resolution.

souce by : http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20140314001059