Poor America, Full of Complaints

Poor America, Full of Complaints

It has been proven that 7 out of 10 Americans feel anger
against the current situation in the U.S.
This means that 70% of Americans are discontent with their own country, the U.S.
It seems that the failure of economic recovery by
Obama Administration is the biggest factor.
Also, a lot of head-aching troubles,
such as the terrorism by the IS and the spread of Ebola,
are bursting out and are bothering the country.

In the meanwhile, China has taken the center of the world economy.
It actually beat the U.S. in terms of GDP,
which was officially reported by Financial Times, a daily newspaper, in the U.S.
142 years ago, the center of the world economy moved to the U.S. from the U.K.,
and the world has now admitted the movement of the center of the economy
from the U.S. to China.
There have been opinions now that Chinese Yuan should be used as the
world’s standard currency instead of the US dollar.

CNN and ORC, a public research institute, conducted a phone research
for three days from the 24th to the 26th to 1,018 American adults.
30% of Americans answered that they were “very angry,”
and 38% “quite angry” regarding the current situation in the U.S.
Instead of demonstrating wisdom to handle crisis, 
America is continuing the angry circumstance.

Poor America. Is there hope in the U.S.?
Why are Americans who got jobs in Korea not returning to the U.S.?


If You Visit Korea

If You Visit Korea

Korea is an Asian country between China and Japan.
It is the only divided country in the world.
Like Germany was divided into East and West Germany in the past,
Korea is currently divided into North and South Korea.

North Korea owns nuclear weapons, and is under Kim Jung-eun’s dictatorship.
It is not a regular capitalist country but is a socialist country.
The unique poverty of a socialist country is in North Korea.
Thanks to the uniqueness, the country has probably been often
introduced in English-speaking countries.
However, it is better-off than some extremely impoverished countries in Africa.
Its economic size ranks 70th in the world.

South Korea is a lot different from North Korea.
It has many global brands such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai Motor.
Psy’s Gangnam Style swept the Billboard chart.
With the 10th strongest economy,
Korea is chosen as the second largest economy, next to China, in 2050.

If you visit Korea, you will visit South Korea, where I live.
If you visited Korea in the 1960s,
you could have lived pleasantly enough in Korea just because you are white.
Low living expense, Koreans who fell in white supremacy,
and students desperate to learn English,
Korea was a heaven to English-speaking whites in the past.
However, Korea looks down on ordinary whites these days.
They are just loud and uneducated foreign laborers.
They take the jobs that Koreans refuse to.
First, white people right now are poorer than Koreans.
They are loud, can’t speak Korean,
and still believe that having a white skin is a privilege.

If you are visiting Korea now, learn Korean,
If not, you will be treated as a “jobless who is too stupid to speak Korean 
and couldn't get a job in his own country.”
Korea is never friendly to white people from the U.S., U.K., Canada,
France, and many others.
This is because it has seen their stupidity long enough so far.

Music dominates Austrian event

Music dominates Austrian event

The Embassy of Austria on Tuesday celebrated its National Day in a very Austrian way.
Music dominated all during the reception to celebrate the key event.
An eight-year-old violinist grabbed the attention of audiences attending the reception at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.

Ko So-hyun played Mozart accompanied by piano played by Johanes Honsig-Erlenburg, president of Salzburg-based non-profit group Mozarteum Foundation. She played two more pieces after her performance as the audience who were fascinated by the violin prodigy shouted encore.  The little violinist is the first prize winner of Baroque Music Competition last year.

Honsig-Erlenburg praised her, saying she is talented. “I’m deeply impressed. This is really great talent. We’ll see how her performance will go in the future,” he said.

Ko’s mom said while raising her young girl, she said her daughter was an average girl and therefore she didn’t recognize her daughter would be a violin talent. “When she was four years old, I sent her to a nearby private institute teaching violin to children. I did this because So-hyun kept saying she was bored. This just happened and I didn’t intend my daughter to be a violinist,” she said.

Ko was one of the special guests who made the Austrian National Day special.
Days before the reception, Austrian Ambassador Elisabeth Bertagnoli told The Korea Times that music would feature at the reception and indicated that Ko would mesmerize the audiences.

During a speech, Ambassador Bertagnoli noted the ever-growing Korea-Austria relations in trade, culture and people-to-people exchanges. She said Korea is the third largest market in Asia for Austrian companies following China and Japan.

The envoy also mentioned about a rapid increase of Korean tourists to Vienna and Salzburg in recent years as a sign showing strong people-to-people exchanges between the two countries.

Souce : korean times


The U.S. Forces, who are Poor and Uneducated

The U.S. Forces, who are Poor and Uneducated

It is too dangerous to generalize that all U.S. soldiers
working in Korea are poor and uneducated.
However, it is kind of correct to think that most of them are poor and uneducated.
If a person was born in the U.S., speaks English as a mother tongue in the U.S.,and graduated normally from an adequate university,
it is right for the person to find a job and work in the U.S.
However, people who do not graduate from colleges or are lack in something,
cannot find decent jobs that can easily make them a good amount of money.
Thus about 50 years ago … they came to Korea.
At that time Korea was an extremely poor country.
It was a period when people could enjoy eating
leftover chocolates and ham by American soldiers and smile.
All they have is youth, and all they can do is to speak English.
So they could have a job as a soldier or an English teacher.

However, now is 2014.
U.S. soldiers cannot by Samsung Galaxy smartphones that Koreans normally use.
A U.S. soldier receives a monthly salary of 5,800 dollars 
after working in Korea for 14 years,
and young soldiers who have worked 5 years or less are very poor.
People who could not get jobs in the U.S. still come to Korea these days.
Even now, all they have is youth, and all they can do is to speak English.

The U.S. soldiers from Koreans’ perspectives. 
They are just poor and uneducated people.
It is as if Korean society is taking care of young people 
who could not find jobs in the U.S.
It seems that Korea has an image of being a country of
wars since it is divided into north and south,
but the average cities of Korea are safer than New York.
Does it sound strange that Korea is safer than New York?
Then you are either poor or uneducated.


Popularity of Parody on Games: SNL Korea, GTA

Popularity of Parody on Games: SNL Korea, GTA

SNL is a comedy show that started to be aired from America’s NBC broadcast.
It sold its publication rights to a lot of countries throughout the world, and SNL Korea is being played through a cable channel in Korea.

For 2014 Brazil World Cup, which ended a while ago, SNL Korea aired a video.
It was a mix of GTA and Winning Eleven, and became popular.
GTA Winner, which parodied GTA Winning Eleven.
Watch the following video. (Video by: Youtube / Official SNL Korea channel)

During the first scene of the video, actors eat chicken and drink beer.
The main characters of a recent K-drama
“My Love from the Star” also eat chicken and drink beer.
The drama became very popular in China,
and “Chi Mac,” a chicken and beer set menu,
gained popularity as a new food item of the new generation.
Also, it is said that many Chinese began selling Korean style chicken and beer.
“My Love from the Star,” a drama aired on Korea’s SBS channel,
has been recorded as one of the most watched TV dramas on
iQiyi.com and letv.com, which are China’s online video website.
The drama is a great hit, as it has been viewed 14.5 billion times only on
iQiyi since it was first unveiled on the 12th.

In the final scene of the video, Korea’s soccer player “Lee Chun-soo” appears.
He is a member of Korea’s national soccer team, and demonstrated an
outstanding play during 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.
Lee Chun-soo: Wikipedia information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Chun-soo

SNL Korea’s GTA Winner. It is one of the videos that drew
huge popularity in Korea.


China is Enthusiastic about Korean Culture

China is Enthusiastic about Korean Culture

The world’s richest nation used to be Britain.
However, America had continued to be the most powerful nation since 1872.
On the other hand, China has been the most powerful country since 2014.
In 2014, 5 years ahead of 2019 that IMF initially expected,
China’s GDP officially surpassed that of the U.S.
As the U.S. beat Britain became the greatest economic power in 1872,
it has now left its 142 years of glory to the past.
China is the closest country from Korea.
For the past 10 years, China has been swiped by
Korean culture (movies, music, dramas, etc).
Recently, a new Chinese movie called “The Heirs from the Star,” which is a mix of
two Korean dramas “My Love from the Star” and “The Heirs,” is
expected to be released soon.

Even though Chinese people do not know who Justin Bieber or Maroon 5 is,
they know Super Junior (a Korean boy group).
Even though Chinese people do not watch
American dramas “Friends” and “Sex and the City” on TV,
they watch Korean dramas “My Love from the Star” and “The Heirs.”
China is closer to and is more enthusiastic about
Korean culture than American culture.
Do you know of Super Junior’s songs?
Reflect back on whether you are only exposed to the
culture of a backwater country, the U.S

There are not many days left till you will be looked down or have to do
blue collar jobs just because you are from the U.S. and your skin is white.
Poor whites who only know how to speak English,

learn Chinese. Do the work ordered by Asians. Then you can succeed.


Full Korea, Information on Korea for Foreigners

Full Korea, Information on Korea for Foreigners

The following is the visitor history of Full Korea’s English blog (www.fullkorea.com).
It is based on a week, from October 13, 2014 to October 20, 2014.

Full Korea criticizes English-speaking countries
who undervalue Asian culture just because they are whites.
Full Korea also encourages them to remember that
Samsung and LG, and Psy’s Gangnam Style
are the true pictures of Korea, instead of only remembering the
excellence of Asian economics,
viewing the Nazi flag and the Rising Sun flag as the same,
and North Korea’s poverty and nuclear problem.

The majority of visitors to Full Korea is mostly from the U.S. and France.
Korea is not even in the ranking.
Information on Korea from English-speaking countries.
Instead of always being nice and kind,
we will propagate better contents to overseas
in order to awaken their lack of knowledge and ignorance.
Full Korea. We hope it helps Koreans become more confident in the world.

Maybe they have already gained confidence.

Korea and Japan, and an island in the middle

Korea and Japan, and an island in the middle

Korea and Japan are close.

Korea used to be Japan’s colony.
Korea’s economic level is now similar to that of Japan.
Nowadays Japan is evaluated to be poorer than Korea.2002
Korea and Japan are a bit special.
They are the only countries to have co-hosted World Cup in its history.

There is an island in the middle, between Korea and Japan.

Korea says: the island’s name is and is a Korean territory.
Japan says: the island’s name is and is a Japanese territory.
Two countries are having a battle of nerves over the same island.

As the U.S. army and police protect the U.S. territory,
the Korean army and police protect the island.
Japan argues that it is an “illegal occupation,” but there is
no historical evidence to that “illegal occupation.”
Rather, many historical documents prove that Dokdo is a Korean territory,
And Japan has started to call it since just 2005.

I hope you, the reader of this post, remembers.
Ever since the humanity started using languages, the island has been
Inhabited, governed, and administered by Korean people.
Its name has also been Korean, , and it has been called .
However, only Japan has been changing its name since 2005.
Would its rubbish trick really be acceptable in the international society?


Superstar K6, Korea’s First .. Best Music Audition Program

Superstar K6, Korea’s First .. Best Music Audition Program

Korea has many different music audition program.
K-Pop Star, which was aired SBS public broadcasting, had up to season 3.
Before that, Superstar K has been Korea’s first music audition program,
continuing the longest.
Its 6th current season is being played on Mnet, a music television channel.
At noon on October 13, ‘Superstar K6 Top 11 – Part 1,’
an album that has songs by Top 11 participants’
first stages of the live broadcast, was released for sale
throughout Mnet.com and other major music download websites.

The first live broadcast stage was held on Mnet ‘Superstar K6’
on last Friday night (11th).
It broke its own highest viewing rating and received high attention from the audience.

The 11 finalists of Superstar K6 are as the following:
Kim Feel – Foxstar – Jang Woo-ram – Burstered – Lim Do-hyeok – MICA –
Song Yu-bin – Lee Jun-hee – Brian Park – Kwak Jin-eon – Lee Hae-na.

Unfortunately, Foxstar band, consisting of high school girls’ who presented a
cheerful performance with their unique brightness, and a highly-talented female soloist
Lee Hae-na, who showed such a captivating performance,
were disqualified in the first live broadcast of Mnet ‘Superstar K6.’

The live mission songs of ‘Superstar K6,’ which is aired every Friday night at 11PM,
can be downloaded through Mnet.com and major music download websites
at noon every Monday, three days aftger the program is broadcasted.
The winner is determined about 40 days later.
The winner sweeps Korae’s all music and album charts.
The show is a broadcast, but is a reality.

official : http://superstark.mnet.interest.me


Zuckerberg in Seoul to discuss Facebook phone with Samsung

Zuckerberg in Seoul to discuss Facebook phone with Samsung

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg
met Samsung Electronics vice chairman Lee Jay-yong on Tuesday in Seoul,
fueling rumors that the two firms are discussing the final details of
Facebook-exclusive phones.

According to multiple sources on Tuesday,
the two met at the Korean tech giant’s Seoul headquarters and then
held a dinner meeting, which was reportedly joined by Facebook COO
Sheryl Sandberg, Samsung’s mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun and
other executives from both companies.

Their meeting came three months after the two met in July
at the Allen & Co. conference in Idaho,
U.S. It is the two’s third meeting this year alone.
Tuesday’s meeting also raised speculations that Samsung and Facebook
could soon reveal a new form of smartphone gadget,
which is being called the “Facebook phone” by local media.

Industry watchers say the two firms’ smartphone
collaboration will bring tangible benefits for both companies,
as Facebook continues to find a new growth engine
while Samsung’s smartphone business is being threatened by
its Chinese rivals such as Xiaomi and Huawei.

Samsung has already proven its tight relationship with
Facebook by launching the Samsung Gear VR in partnership
with Facebook-owned virtual-reality technology company Oculus last month.
Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker,
has suffered a third-quarter earnings collapse,
with an almost 60 percent drop from a year earlier due to
sluggish sales in its key smartphone business.

souce : kheraldm.com


Minor Problems of Girls’ Generation and Big Bang, who are in the Center of K-Pop

Minor Problems of Girls’ Generation and Big Bang, who are in the Center of K-Pop

Korean music has already secured competitiveness in the world market.
In 2012, Psy’s Gangnam Style swept across the whole world.

If you don’t know Gangnam Style, you are either an alien or an illiterate.
Psy’s Gangnam Style has recorded over 210 million hits on YouTube.
The world’s population is 710 million. 1 out of 3 people has seen it.

Korean music is called K-Pop, meaning Korean Pop Song.
Usually, electronic and dance genres are strongly popular.
In the center of K-Pop, there are a 9-member female dance group
called So Nyuh Shi Dae (aka SNSD or Girls’ Generation, GG)
and 5-member male dance group Big Bang.
Girls’ Generation is to be reorganized as an 8-member group due to
one member, Jessica’s withdrawal from the group.
There is a huge controversy over whether Jessica leaving the group
is done voluntarily or she is forced out by her agency.
Big Bang’s member SeungRi caused a car accident with over-speeding
while driving his Porsch 911 at 110km per hour.

Photo: Jessica from Girls’ Generation

Winning number 1 on Korea’s K-Pop chart leads to an almost
simultaneous top ranking in Japan, Taiwan, and China as well.
It is not wrong to say that Korea’s music download market is
Asia’s music download market.
It is like Samsung in terms of a brand.
Most of Korea’s K-Pop album sales, music downloads, and
performance records are from overseas, not from Korea.


President will visit Italy to see pope, attend ASEM

President will visit Italy to see pope, attend ASEM

President Park Geun-hye will visit Italy from Oct. 14 to 17,
where she will attend the 10th Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM)
in Milan and then meet with the Italian president in Rome,
the Blue House said yesterday.

The Korean president’s visit to Italy comes five years since
Park’s predecessor Lee Myung-bak visited La Maddalena for the G-8 summit.
“President Park attending the coming ASEM, the only multilateral channel available between Asia and Europe, is expected to provide momentum for Korea to step up its diplomacy with Europe and Asia,” the presidential office said in a release.

Park will deliver the Korean government’s vision for the
“connectivity between the two continents,”
presidential spokesman Min Kyung-wook noted in a briefing.

Launched in March 1994 in Bangkok, the biennial ASEM currently has 49 member countries - 20 from Asia and 29 from Europe, including 27 members of the European Union - and partners with the European Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat. It is the biggest regional cooperative body linking Asia and Europe.

The meeting, scheduled Oct. 16 to 17, will cover the theme,
“Responsible Partnership for Sustainable Growth and Security.”

After three days in Milan, the president will fly to Rome and visit
Pope Francis in the Vatican to reciprocate his visit to Korea in August.
This will be the second meeting between the two in just two months.
It is followed by a summit between Park and her Italian counterpart,
Giorgio Napolitano.

The two heads of state are expected to discuss measures for cultural, scientific and technological exchange, boosting trade, investment and energy cooperation, said Min.


Invest in Hyundai Motor

Invest in Hyundai Motor

Hyundai Motor’s overseas sales turned out to be the
3rd largest among global automobile manufacturers.
South Korea’s automobile company Hyundai Motor sold 15% of its cars in Korea and
the rest 85% in 78 other countries, achieving top 3 in the world’s automobile market.
The 1st is Germany’s Volkswagen (86.8%), and the 2nd is Japan’s Nissan (85.2%).
The overseas sales of BMW (84.7%), Renaults (82.3%), Honda (82.1%), Benz (81.2%), etc. were also more than 80%, taking top 4 through 7.

A global brand with its home-base in Korea is daunting.
From Apple’s competitor to Apple’s leader, Samsung.
The number 1 TV sales in the world, LG (the 2nd most sales is of course Samsung).
The company with the world’s 3rd highest sales volume, Hyundai Motor.

These 3 companies are global firms that represent Korea.
Another common thing is that as of October 2014, 
their shares are said have hit a new low.
The shares of Hyundai Motor, Samsung, and LG Electronics are already in the bottom.

Refer to stock investment, and closely watch the advances of Korean brands.
Apple enlarged its screen size by following Samsung’s Galaxy Note series,
and LG’s TV is showing technology that American and
European products cannot follow.
In other worlds, these 3 global brands from Korea are very unlikely to go away.

Overseas Start-up, Growth of the Reversed Direct Purchase Market

Overseas Start-up, Growth of the Reversed Direct Purchase Market

Korea uses the fastest internet in the world.
America’s brands Nike and Adidas have of course entered Korea,
but there are more low-priced various models in the U.S. than in Korea.
On the contrary, Korea’s global brands Samsung and LG
are cheaper or have many more new products in Korea.

The shopping scale of Koreans purchasing products from overseas through
internet shopping has exceeded a trillion won annually (940 million dollars).
Korea uses the internet fast and freely.
Even if you are an American living in the U.S.,
I access eBay and Amazon and purchase products faster than you do.
The internet speed is 50 times faster than 
yours at most and is 3 times faster in general.

Also, Korea has “Incheon International Airport,” which was chosen as the
top airport distribution center for 9 years in a row.
In one word it is the country with the fastest internet in the world,
and has the fastest and safest distribution system in the world.
So we purchase your country’s products the most.
In contrast, Koreans selling Korean products to your country,
the overseas start-up (reversed direct purchase) business,
is gaining huge popularity in Korea in the second half of 2012.
It has started to draw attention as a popular start-up item.

Thanks to its fast internet and distribution system, and the
national brand that it handles the best products in Asia,
Korea sells and buys products easily.
Soon, Korea will sell stronger and many more products to you.
Compared to 2010 and 2011, the number of Korea’s
eBay sellers has increased by 102%.

The country that Korean sellers export the most through eBay is the U.S.,
which takes 83%,
followed by Australia (10%), U.K. (4%), and Germany (1%).


Observe Samsung Electronics’ Stocks Carefully

Observe Samsung Electronics’ Stocks Carefully

News about the collapse in Samsung Electronics’ stock
prices are coming up from both home and abroad.
The analysis that it is hard for them to drop further is
dominant in terms of valuation (Enterprise Value Evaluator).
On the 2nd, the shares of Samsung Electronics reached 1,141,000 won,
with a 1.3% drop from the day before.
This is the same figure as the record of the 52-week all-time low on September 24.
When the stock prices of Samsung Electronics dropped below
1.2 million won from September 2nd to October 2nd,
foreigners consistently bought the stocks in straight purchase
except for 3 business days.

Stock trading firms at home and abroad are carefully presenting an analysis that
because  the worries in performances in the third-quarter are
already reflected in the stock prices,
the price on book-value ratio (PBR) has reached
close to the low point and it will not drop further.
On September 30th, JP Morgan assessed that high-priced 
smartphones take up only 30% in
Samsung Electronics’ operating profits, 
which is much lower than that of Apple’s (70%).
It is the fact that the high-priced smartphone market has turned downward, 
but it is a bit too much to say that the stock prices have crashed due to this.
The stock prices of Samsung Electronics dropped 17% this year,
while those of Apple increased by 23.7% within the same period.

I cannot certainly say to buy the stocks of Samsung Electronics.
However, it is necessary to observe its stocks closely right now.
Also, the stocks of LG Electronics are also in the low ranks.
Korea has always enlarged its economic size,
and it surely plans to develop its economics until 2050.
Of course, the growth speed is slow compared to that of China and
developing countries in Southeast Asia,
but its stability is definitely on comparative average.


An Ebola Patient Appears in the U.S.

An Ebola Patient Appears in the U.S.

Aol.com featured an appearance of America’s
Ebola patient as the news on its first page.
The news title is
"US Ebola patient's family under quarantine as he faces criminal charges in Liberia."
With the first patient to be confirmed being diagnosed with the 
Ebola virus, USA Today and other presses reported on the 2nd that suspected 
cases with secondary infections were also found.
The fear on Ebola, which had been limited to Africa only,
now has the possibility to be spread throughout the U.S.,
where the highest number of the world population goes in and out and the
country with the 9th largest GDP per capita in the world.
In other words, the entire world is keeping eye on this situation.

Among the people who made contact with Thomas Eric Duncan (a Liberian national),
the first person to be infected with Ebola in the U.S.,
one new suspected case has turned out to be found,
although it has not been revealed whether that suspected case is
Duncan’s relative or an acquaintance.
Duncan, who entered the U.S. to visit a relative’s house
in Dallas from Liberia in West Africa on the 20th,
showed the symptoms of Ebola, was confirmed to have been infected
with the virus, and is now receiving quarantine treatment.

According to the report of the U.S. health authorities,
the number of people who made physical contact
with Duncan is 80 at most after doing an epidemiologic investigation,
and although there is no one showing the symptoms of Ebola, those people are
being monitored strictly in case.
America’s ABC broadcast reported that the U.S.
health authorities directed Duncan’s 4 relatives
to stop making contact with the outside and stay at home until the 19th.
Regarding the appearance of the Ebola patient, the White House claimed that
“it does not plan to put travel restrictions for blocking Ebola,”
and thus it is likely that Africans will continue to enter the U.S. for a while.


Korea is a bit more Fierce

Korea is a bit more Fierce

A country that has the fastest internet in the world,
where the largest number of people use smartphones,
change to new devices every 2 years,
where anyone can used the high speed wireless communication network LTE,
and where Samsung of electronic products, LG, Hyundai Motors,
and Kia Motors are from, is Korea.

Its total land area is only 109th in the world,
but it has the 10th largest economy in the world.
In the internet, automobile, and smartphone markets, Korea is ranked very high.
These industries have something in common as they are in speed competition;
they have to be safe but be fast at the same time.
Korea is the closest country to the future.
Electronic credit cards are used in every store and taxi.
Every citizen uses a smartphone, connects to the internet for over 2 hours a day,
and downloads a 2GB movie in 1 minute and watches it.
IPTV is already deployed commercially at home.

A CNN broadcast said that ‘if you are wondering what the future looks like,
get a flight ticket to Korea.’
Goldman Sachs picked China as the largest economy and
Korea as the second largest in the world by 2050.
If what “KOREA” reminds you are North Korea’s unstable situation,
nuclear war, a governing nation, and
if you know North Korea’s leader Kim Jung-eun but
not South Korea’s female president Park Geun-hye,
and if you do not know that the prices in Seoul are 
5% higher than those of New York,
then you are already falling behind.

Most Koreans have already arrived and been living in the future way ahead of you.