Official Travel Websites to Refer to Before Visiting Korea

Official Travel Websites to Refer to Before Visiting Korea

You are probably an American, French, Ukrainian, Chinese, or Russian.
If you look at the visitors’ statistics of Full Korea,
visitors are counted in the order of the countries mentioned above.

There have been many distortions and errors to the images of “Korea.”
Foreign press has been reporting more provocative stories of North Korea,
by choosing images such as “nuclear weapon, divided nation, poor country, etc.
But North Korea is North Korea, 
and the true nature of South Korea is totally different. Simply saying,
you can judge it as a country that has the similar economic power as Japan.

You can pick Psy’s Gangnam Style, Samsung, LG, Hyundai Motor,
and many others as keywords for South Korea.
I hope you do not misunderstand Korea.
In addition, I hope you visit Korea.
If you are trying to visit Korea, please refer to the following website.
It is an official website by the Korea Tourism Organization for foreign tourists.


This website introduces the culture and travel information of Korea
in 13 languages, including Korean and English, of course,
and Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Turkish, etc.


8 Korean Shops Suffer Damage In Ferguson Riots

8 Korean Shops Suffer Damage In Ferguson Riots

At least two Korean-run shops were gutted and about six others suffered
property damage in violent demonstrations ongoing in the US town of Ferguson,Missouri.

A former Korean community leader in St. Louis, Lee Kye-song,
said a hair salon supplies store and a mobile phone shop were
completely burned. The two shops were located next to each other
along a street leading to the Ferguson police station.
Five or six other Korean-run shops were said to be either looted or
partly burned. Meanwhile, the protests sparked by the Ferguson case have now
spread internationally. In the UK on Wednesday,
about a thousand Britons protested outside the
United States embassy in London in sympathy with demonstrations across the
US over the killing of a black teenager by a white police officer.

Following the vigil at the embassy,
hundreds of protesters marched to the central London shopping district of
Oxford Street, where they stopped traffic.


Full Korea, which is often visited from the U.S. and France

Full Korea, which is often visited from the U.S. and France

The following is the visiting record of Full Korea from the past week.
It shows that people in the U.S. and France visit our blog the most often.

Full Korea blog intends on spreading the current affairs of Korea
correctly to overseas countries.
Korea is seen as a very poor, difficult, and a country at the risk of a war.
It is certain that these problems must be fixed.

Korea has a small land, but uses the fastest internet in the world,
and the most advanced smartphones.
It is the only country where people use credit cards for all public transportations.
It is a country with strong global brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, and LG.

Korea is has 10th highest national competitiveness, and is a country
that achieved the most and best economic performances in the shortest time.
It is safer, has better medical services, 
and has fewer gaps between the rich and poor than in the U.S.
It has more strengths than weaknesses, which is only one of the few in the world.

We would like to show the good sides of Korea to the world.
We want to inform the problems and issues of Korea of the world.
This is why Full Korea exists.

IKEA faces Difficulties while trying to Enter the Korean Market

IKEA faces Difficulties while trying to Enter the Korean Market

IKEA is selling a map for props. Of course, it is for worldwide use.
However, the map marked the “East Sea,” named because it is located
on the right side of Korea, as “Sea of Japan” after an insistence from Japan.

Internationally, the name of the sea is “East Sea.”
Although Japan is being very zealous in distorting its historical
consciousness and promoting marketing through international press,
causing some confusion in the use of the name,
history does not change due to a country’s unilateral efforts.

Would Tokyo become a Korean territory even if Korea suddenly argues
“Tokyo belongs to Korea” oneday?
Would Toronto become a U.S. territory even if the U.S. suddenly claims
“Toronto belongs to the U.S.?”
Absolutely not.

IKEA Korea held a meeting and apologized for naming the East Sea as
Sea of Japan on its maps for the use of interior design.
However, , scheduled to be held in a subway station in Seoul,
had to be cancelled due to the opposition of the public.
The public opinion is that despite being a global firm,
it cannot step into Korea without a proper historical consciousness.
IKEA does not have to fit Koreans’ tastes to successfully enter the Korean market.
But it should refrain from behaviors against the international sentiment.


Reactions from Abroad on Napoleon Chapeau

Reactions from Abroad on Napoleon Chapeau

Napoleon’s chapeau, the symbol of the Bonaparte family
(the French Royal family of Napoleon 1 and 3),
was auctioned off to a Korean at 1,884,000 euro.
The Korean man who successfully bid Napoleon’s chapeau
is an entrepreneur who runs a chicken restaurant.

The auction dealer expected the bid to be 500,000 euro, but
the chapeau was auctioned off at a much higher price at 1,884,000 euro.
The local press reported that it was the highest 
bidding price for a chapeau in history.      

The Korean entrepreneur who won the bid said that
“It is a collection that I have
always wanted to have without being concerned with the price
for me to develop my business with a mind to pioneer it further,”

It is said that there is a total of 120 Napoleon chapeaus and
only 19 are remained right now,
among which 17 of them are in museums and
only 2 have been allowed to be kept by regular people.
One of them was auctioned off by a Korean entrepreneur.
He said that he will display the chapeau in his business site in Korea,
and will allow regular people to see them soon.


People all over the World are Swarming into Korea for its Advanced Medical Technology

People all over the World are Swarming into Korea for its Advanced Medical Technology

Seoul, the Capital of South Korea.
There is more number of foreign tourists from many countries in Seoul.
In particular, as the number of tourists to get medical and plastic surgeries during the tour has rapidly increased, the number of coordinators for foreign tourists in Seoul has also increased by 50.6% accordingly.

Those consider themselves as foreign tourists and patients
spend more on eating outs, shopping, and touring,
and stay longer in Seoul unlike other tourists, bringing bigger effects to the local economy.
A wind of change is blowing around hospitals,
starting from convenience stores and lodgings.
Obviously, part-timers at convenience stores speak English and
employees with medical knowledge are being hired in
hotels where foreign patients and guardians stay.

Korea’s medical technology is the best in the world.
Also, most Koreans have signed up for the national medical insurance.
It is unlike medical insurances where the U.S., Canada, and Europe barely participate.
Korea’s developed medical insurance and advanced medical technology
are drawing the attention  of people from all parts the world, including Asia.


Hakenkreuz, Different Status from the Rising Sun Flag

Hakenkreuz, Different Status from the Rising Sun Flag

Hakenkreuz is the logo of Nazi.
Recently, a Korean girl group “Pritz” wore the Hakenkreuz as an armband.
Since Korean music is global, the Wall Street Journal in the U.S. also reported this.

It is their fault.
It is their fault for wearing an armband that reminds of the Nazi logo,
not for wearing the Nazi logo itself.

Then what about the Rising Sun?
It is wrong. 
It is wrong that all patterns reminding of the Rising Sun Flag is officially used.
The Japanese national soccer team revealed their uniforms
that remind of the Rising Sun Flag.
Global SPA brands ZARA and Moschino sell clothes that
remind of the Rising Sun Flag.

Why do western countries use the Rising Sun pattern as a type of fashion
despite it is the symbol of Japanese imperialism that committed horried atrocities
while they do not permit the use of Hakenkreuz?

I want to inform the western countries.
If you want to inform the eastern countries that you hate Hakenkreuz,
know that we hate the Rising Sun Flag, and abstain from using it.

I also want to tell everyone who uses the patterns of Hakenkreuz and the Rising Sun Flag.
Ignorance is also violence. Just because your parents were not victimized by them
and because you didn’t know about them, do not the beautify historical sadness.

Knowing Nazi but not knowing the Rising Sun Flag.
Not interpreting them in the same way is selfish ignorance and violence.


Zara Stops Selling the Rising Sun and Nazi Hakenkreuz

Zara Stops Selling the Rising Sun and Nazi Hakenkreuz

Two T-shirts in the picture below.
They are T-shirts that were actually sold on the official
U.S. webpage of ZARA, a global SPA fashion brand.
Due to an overwhelming number of strong complaints that
the left one reminds of the Rising Sun flag, the symbol of Japanese imperialism
and the right one reminds of Jews in Nazi concentration camps,
ZARA stopped selling the T-shirts.

They can be put aside as the printings of simple patterns and designs.
However, it is a painful, tragic, and hurtful history for some.
Even if your family and people around you are not directly related to the
massive atrocities and genocides by Japan and Germany in the past,
The Rising Sun flag, representing Japanese imperialism
and the Nazi’s Hakenkreuz must be well-recognized as the symbols of
“international genocide of WWII” and prohibited from being used.
ZARA stopped selling the T-shirts they believe to have problems.

Hakenkreuz, the symbol of Nazi, is nationally forbidden and is taboo in Germany.
However, Japan is still using the Rising Sun as the military flags of the
Ground Self-Defense Forces and the Maritime Self-Defenses Forces,
with a reckless remark by the Japanese Prime Minister:
“Other countries must not intervene in our great history.”
Japan’s behaviors without any remorse or repent of the past
is a mockery towards the victimized countries.

Among the victim countries, there are Korea, the 10th largest economy,
and “China,” which beat the U.S. and became number 1 economy in the world.


Deeply Sincere Promotion of Korea for Dok-do

Deeply Sincere Promotion of Korea for Dok-do

There is a sea between South Korea and Japan.
The name of the sea is East Sea. It means “it is the sea on the east of South Korea.”
Japan requested the international society to name it the “Sea of Japan.”
However, the name of a place doesn’t change by someone’s unilateral request.
It is based on a long history. Of course, Japan’s request was dismissed.

In the middle of East Sea, there is a small island. The name of the island is Dok-do.
Since the South Korean government has jurisdiction over the island,
it obviously is a Korean territory, and its name is also Korean.
Japan requested the international society to name the island “Takeshima.”
It was also dismissed, because it was
Japan’s unilateral request to the international society
from 20 years ago without historical evidence.

In other words, it is the same as arguing 
“Toronto belongs to America” just because it is close.
This is a comedy to just laugh about, 
but the Japanese government seems very serious.
People in Asia and other far countries can easily mistake the island
for being Japan’s territory, and accept the mistake as a fact.

Thus we, Full Korea (www.fullkorea.com) sometimes cover the Dok-do issues.
Also, there is a website that argues that Dok-do clearly belongs to Korea and
Japan’s false comedy must be stopped in the international society,
with more detailed Historical evidence for English-speaking countries and Japan.
It is Dokdo-Takeshima Google blog. (http://dokdo-or-takeshima.blogspot.kr)

It has been emphasizing that
Dokdo is a Korean territory with historical facts since 2007.
Please give a huge attention to Dokdo-Takeshima Google blog.

Dok-do, dokdo, Takeshima, Liancourt, Liancourt Rocks ?.
don`t worry. its Dok-do. only one name, only korean area.


Two Favorites to Win Super Star K6

Two Favorites to Win Super Star K6

“Super Star K” is Korea’s oldest music audition program.
Its 6th season, “Super Star K-6,” is already on the show with only
Top 5 out of 200 audition participants remaining right now.

There are 4 judges, and the rest is determined by phone / SMS
votes to determine the winner.
The Top 5 are all males, proving that a large number of
female viewers participate in the phone / SMS votes.

Super Star K-6, which recorded a viewing rate of over 10%,
fell all the way down to around 1% last year.
Now it has revived, with a viewing rate of over 5%.
In the center, two out of Top 5 are the favorites to win.
They are Kim Feel and Kwak Jin Un.

Kim Feel boasts a typical vocal who easily sings high-pitched tones, and
Kwak Jin Un sings in low voice to bring more catharsis than high notes do.
No matter who wins, it is certain that a new singer of a new genre will come out.
The songs of the winners of Super Star K have ranked number 1
on Korea’s music chart, at the same time as they win.


Hyundai motors China sales jump 19% in Oct

Hyundai motors China sales jump 19% in Oct

korean global brand Hyundai motors.
The nation’s leading automakers Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors have been in the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons, including a $100 million civil penalty they had to pay to the United States for inflating fuel-efficiency ratings on their cars.

But one piece of news out of the companies is purely positive: October sales in China were at their highest for this year.

Hyundai Motor said yesterday it sold a total of 92,455 cars in October in China, a 15.5 percent rise from a year ago, while its affiliate Kia Motors sold a total of 57,037 units, a 25.3 percent rise. Combining the performances, the sister companies sold a total of 149,492 cars and enjoyed 19.1 percent growth from a year earlier, a high for the year.

souce by : koreajoongangdaily.joins.com


Won-Yen Exchange Rate Falls to 6-Year Low

Won-Yen Exchange Rate Falls to 6-Year Low

The Japanese yen has fallen to its lowest exchange rate
against the Korean won in six years.

The won-yen rate came to 948-point-75 won per 100 yen as of 3:40 p.m. on Tuesday, falling under the 950 won mark for the first time since August 2008.

The yen is rapidly weakening after the Bank of Japan (BOJ)
made an unexpected announcement of additional stimulus programs last week
amid the U.S. dollar’s appreciation.

On the Seoul foreign exchange market, the won-dollar rate surpassed
one-thousand-80 won at one point during the session to finish at
one-thousand-76-and-a-half won.