Full Korea’s 2015

Full Korea’s 2015

FullKorea.com (www.fullkorea.com) was established in January 2010.
It will have its 6th year opening anniversary a few days later in 2015.
It has posted a total of 600 writings published around 260 posts so far.

45% of the entire visitors to Full Korea are Americans, 20% Koreans,
18% French, and 10% Ukrainians, followed by Germans, Chinese, and Canadians. ,

There were many incidents in 2014.
In 2015, FullKorea.com promises to deliver better and cooler stories of
Korea in the world in a fun way to its readers without stopping.
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

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A Fictional Movie on North Korea, The Interview

A Fictional Movie on North Korea, The Interview

Recently, the movie “Interview” by Sony Pictures of the U.S. is popular.
It deals with the assassination of Kim Jong-eun, the Supreme Leader of North Korea.
With a doubt that North Korea has hacked Sony, a film producer,
and Obama who is directly promoting the movie,
the movie “Interview” has been ranked as the best movie online after
reaching over 2 million downloads and earning $15 million in revenue.

“Interview,” a fictional comedy movie, has actors and storyline
that are very similar storyline to “This is the End” released in 2013.

It has enough elements to be a box office hit,
since it is an American comedy movie and is about North Korea.
However, it feels a bit uncomfortable that an awareness that
Korea = North Korea is spreading as a South Korean citizen.

All stocks of Korea are said to be devalued more than 60% relatively.
Although Korea has a safer public order than the U.S., U.K., and France,
it has many disadvantages for being the only divided nation in the world
and involving North Korea.
It feels worrisome that this movie might expand the 
disadvantage of distorting South Korea’s image,
and that foreign media will perceive and spread only North Korea, 
without knowing South Korea properly.


Koreans dodge online hurdles to see ‘Interview’

Koreans dodge online hurdles to see ‘Interview’

“The Interview,” the controversial movie most loathed by North Korea’s leadership that attracted tremendous public interest in the United States and worldwide, is now rampantly circulating in South Korea via illegal streaming sites and pirating operations.

Despite the large-scale cyberattack on Sony Pictures - which the Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded was orchestrated by Pyongyang - “The Interview” grossed more than $1 million upon limited release at the box office in the United Sates.

The hacking incident hampered a more traditional release of the film, though its opening on Christmas Day drew sell-out crowds.

South Koreans’ curiosity was also piqued by the frenzy of media coverage and U.S. President Barack Obama’s staunch support for the movie’s release. But unlike American viewers - who can watch the movie via Google Play, YouTube Movies or Microsoft Corporation’s Xbox Live - international consumers have more limited options.

Most have turned to other outlets to see “The Interview” - either for free or for a fee.

That includes downloading the film via peer-to-peer file-sharing methods, such as torrents, or even easier, illegal online streaming sites. One low-quality version of the movie uploaded on a streaming site with full Korean subtitles had more than 250,000 views as of Sunday.

The action-comedy is the brainchild of American actor Seth Rogan, in which he stars with James Franco, and centers on two tabloid TV journalists who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

As of Sunday, the film had exceeded 1.5 million downloads on a popular free torrent website.

“I downloaded [the movie] via a Korean ‘torrent’ website - the ones where you pay for points to download material, whether it be media or computer programs,” said Brita Hong, a 29-year-old Korean-American musical actress.

Such websites are still illegal despite the fact that users must pay a fee to download media content. They are not associated with film distributors and often take media content that has been collected illegally to enable easier downloads for users.

Hong, who watched the movie with her husband and friends, added, “I learned that the movie was very successful after its online release, but I do honestly think most people, including me, watched the movie due to the hacking controversy.”

She called the movie generally “distasteful” and that “North Korea could only react in such a way because it belittles and humiliates North Korea.”
But movie viewing hasn’t just been limited to tech-savvy youths. The older generations have also gotten their hands on it.

Because of the ease of sharing links over SMS services, such as KakaoTalk, and the availability of the movie - which has already been fully subtitled in the Korean language on low-quality streaming sites - even those without access to computers have had an easy time finding the film.

Falling America, Rising China and Korea

Falling America, Rising China and Korea

Market Watch posted an article titled “America is now No.2.”
According to the IMF, the U.S. economy is 17.4 trillion dollars, which falls behind China’s 17.6 trillion dollars.
Also, the U.S. takes 16.3% of the entire world economy,
which is second to China’s 16.5% in terms of purchasing power.

China is Korea’s closest country.
So far, America has been No.1 economic power in the world. But now, it is No.2.
Chinese people have preferred Korean products, Korean culture,
and Korean contents since a long time ago.
They all know Korea’s famous food, cosmetic products, and clothing brands.
Many Korean firms have advanced into China,
and their stock prices have gone up more than 2 times.

Now, America does not exist in Korean society.
Korea’s Samsung picked China’s Xiaomi, not Apple, as its competitor.
Black Friday is becoming popular,
but China’s Alibaba has already exceeded eBay and Amazon.
There are more people who speak Chinese than English.
Americans must learn Chinese as a requirement for America to grow.

Put down western culture, and learn eastern culture.
Put down forks and use chopsticks.


K-pop Star 4, an Interest of Asian Music Market

K-pop Star 4, an Interest of Asian Music Market

The Korean music market has gained huge popularity from overseas.
Many Korean songs are big hits in Japan, China, and Taiwan at the same time, 
and are very popular enough to break records of Japan and Taiwan (album sales,
highest number of concert audience, longest running number 1 on music charts, etc.).
Becoming a major musician in Korea is
very advantageous to be successful in the Asian market.
It is called "Korean Wave" by Asia,
which means Korean wind or wind blowing from Korea.

Thus, people from all over the world participate in Korea's music audition programs.
Current music audition programs to debut as a singer include
Super Star K and K-Pop Star.
Each season is aired once every year.
Super Star K ended its 6th season a while ago, with Kwak, Jin-un as the winner
and K-pop Star produced Bernard Park as its 3rd winner.
It is ranked No.1 on popular search word every episode,
and its 4th season is on-going right now.

Super Star K debuts its winners through the
broadcaster that planned and aired the program.
In contrast, K-Pop Star' is different as its winners are
recruited and managed directly
by Korea’s best music entertainment agencies (YG, JYP, and Antenna Music).
Most of the winners have entered the Asian music market.


Kim Jang-hoon, He is a Korean Singer.

Kim Jang-hoon, He is a Korean Singer

Korea is famous for K-Pop is famous.
Young men and women who mostly do sexy and intense dance
are spreading K-Pop, Korean music, throughout the world.
However, dance is not the only genre in Korean music.

I would like to introduce this singer to you
if you are interested in K-Pop, Korean music.
He is Kim, Jang-hoon.

He was born in 1967.
He is older than all dance groups that are in the center of Korea.
Also, he does not do dance music.
But why am I introducing singer Kim, Jang-hoon? 
Because he is a singer of Korea. 

Korea and Japan are facing political confrontations. 
Also, Kim is always there when Korea is having difficulties. 
He criticizes Japan's political problems instead of 
promoting his songs on TV news programs. 
Kim, Jang-hoon's total amount of donations for 20 years 
exceeded 20 million dollars (22 billion won). 

Korea's K-Pop is good, but I want you to know singer Kim, Jang-hoon.
He is a conscious Korean / and puts his words into practice.


Universities in Sweden Compete to Attract Korean Students

Universities in Sweden Compete to Attract Korean Students

Recently, universities in Sweden are promoting themselves actively to
attract Korean students.
Sweden’s major universities are visiting Korea one after another to send
‘love calls’ to Korean students who have outstanding academic
performances and financial support.

Sweden provided free education to foreign students in the past,
but started receiving tuitions from students of non-EU countries in 2011.
One-year tuition is 14,000 euro (17,000 dollars), which is not cheap.
Since then, the number of foreign students has decreased rapidly.

America’s Obama administration has mentioned numerous times that
it should take Korea’s advanced education system as a role model.
Korea’s competition in education is very fierce.
Children do not have much time to play outside and just sit down and study.
They mostly study math, science, foreign languages, and many others.
Some parents wish to give Europe’s relaxed culture to their children
instead of Korea’s intense education.

If Korean people left to America as laborers with American Dream in 1950s,
now they go to Sweden with Nordic Dream, hoping for better education,
leisure life, and stable old age.


Sing Kim Jang-hoon, Politician ED Royce

Sing Kim Jang-hoon, Politician ED Royce

There is a singer named Kim, Jang-hoon in Korea.
Wikipedia information on Jang-hoon Kim : Click

Whenever he earned money, he made donations, and the total
amount of donation exceeded 20 million dollars (about 22 billion won)
His donation went to many different things, but the largest amount
was used to correct Japan’s distortions of history.

Japan’s distortions of history are divided into 3.
1. Arguing that “Dokdo” belongs to Japan since 20 years ago
even though it has been Korea’s territory for thousands of years.

2. Denying the historical record that Japan forced Korean and
Chinese women into sex slavery during its colonial rule.

3. Using the “Rising Sun Flag” in Japan’s current national events
although it has the same connotation as the Nazi’s Hakenkreuz.

Singer Kim, Jang-hoon said that letting the whole world know the official
announcement of Edward Randall Royce (=ED Royce), a Republican representative,
would be more rewarding than promoting his new song on a public TV interview.

Related link: http://www.fullkorea.com/2014/12/top-us-lawmaker-backs-proper-korean.html

Singer Kim, Jang-hoon has been donating most of his property that
he has accumulated for more than 20 years of his singing career to
correcting Japan’s distortions of Korean history.
He wants you living in far countries to know “Japan’s historical distortions” a little.


Top U.S. Lawmaker Backs Proper Korean Name for Dokdo

Top U.S. Lawmaker Backs Proper Korean Name for Dokdo

The chairman of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee on Saturday said Dokdo is "the proper name" for Korea's easternmost islets.

Ed Royce (United States Representative) told Korean journalists last Saturday that the Dokdo issue should be viewed from a historical standpoint, saying, "The proper name is Dokdo island."

Japan maintains a flimsy colonial claim to the islets, which has led to some confusion on international maps, whose makers have tied themselves up in knots in search of a "neutral" position.

The U.S. Board on Geographic Names changed the name of Dokdo to the old French name "Liancourt Rocks" in 2008 following lobbying efforts by Japan.

Royce says he was briefed on the history of Japan's colonization of Korea by Young Kim, a former assistant who is now a member of the California State Assembly. "It's another one of those issues where we have to understand history and what abuses occurred because it is relevant to our understanding today," he said.

"We should all just admit history as it occurred. The part of getting the future right is acknowledging what went wrong in the past," he added.

He also singled out Japanese attempts to whitewash World War II atrocities. "And this issue with respect to the comfort women" -- Asian women pressed into sexual slavery for the Japanese army in World War II -- "the treatment of the comfort women and the acknowledgement of the human rights abuses that occurred there is one of those issues."

He added that the historical record is unambiguous and Japan's excuses are unworthy of a moment's consideration, he added.

Royce also recalled that his father was taken to a German concentration camp during World War II and said Japan's denial of sex slavery is as bad as Holocaust denial.


Korean Air problem, so shameful Korea problem

Korean Air problem, so shameful Korea problem

THE daughter of the CEO of Korean Air forced the purser off a plane bound for Seoul from New York after she was incorrectly served some nuts — delaying the flight and triggering a government probe, officials said Monday.

Cho Hyun-Ah, who is an executive vice president of the family-run flag carrier, insisted that the purser — the chief flight attendant — leave the plane just minutes before takeoff on Friday, Korean Air said.

Cho had taken exception to the arrival of some macadamia nuts she had not asked for, and to the fact that they were served in a packet rather than a bowl.
Cho maintained that the purser was responsible for the crew failing to follow the airline service manual correctly, and should therefore leave the plane, the airline said.
The plane, which was already moving towards the runway, had to return to the terminal in New York as a result — causing a 11-minute delay in arrival.
The incident garnered substantial media attention and public criticism of Cho’s action.
The Transport Ministry said it was investigating the case to see if it involved any breach of aviation safety regulations.

“If the investigation finds any violations, the necessary action will be taken against the air carrier,” it said.

One ministry official told AFP that Cho’s action had been “totally inappropriate”. Seoul’s main opposition party also called for a thorough probe, saying the daughter of Korean Air CEO Cho Yang-Ho had a responsibility to protect the airline’s image.
“Why did she have to make all that fuss because of some stupid macadamia nuts?” the New Politics Alliance for Democracy said.

“She soiled the reputation of our flag carrier,” it said.
A Korean Air spokesman said Cho had taken the position that the purser was incapable of ensuring the safety of the 250 passengers on the 13-hour flight to Seoul.
The pilot on board agreed with Cho’s decision, he added.

souced : news.com

Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas?

Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas?

There is an island. It is called the Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas.
The distance between the Falkland Islands and Britain is 14,000 km.
It is only 500 km away from Argentina.
Argentina and Britain had a war for about 74 days in 1982.
Britain won, and took the control of the island.
As a result of the war, the name of the island became the Falkland Islands,
a British name, instead of Islas Malvinas, an Argentina name.

There is an island called between Korea and Japan.
The name of the island is “Dokdo.” It is Korean.
Korea and Japan did not have a war because of this island.
This is because is clearly a Korean territory.
Only Koreans live on . Japanese people cannot visit the island.
Korean soldiers defend the island.

However, Japanese people are doing a campaign to call this island .
Japanese politicians are trying to make as a national holiday.

By taking advantage of the international indifference,
will Japan able to take possession of “Dokdo,” 
a Korean territory, with only marketing and no war?
If Japan can include another country’s territory as its own by 
marketing only and no war,
Full Korea will insist that Tokyo is Korea’s and New York is 
North Koreas from today.


Is Angela Merkel Succeeding the Nazi Regime?

Is Angela Merkel Succeeding the Nazi Regime?

Look at the picture below. Of course, it is a composite photograph.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited all victimized countries
and apologized that there was “Nazi” in Germany’s past.

There is another picture. 
The picture below is not a composite but is a real one.  
It was taken on November 2013. 
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is bowing in front of the
Rising Sun Flag that the Japanese Navy are waving.

Everyone in the world must no.
Swastika, Hakenkreuz, and Rising Sun Flag were all used by
invading countries in the past, and must not be used right now.
And Japan is still using the Rising Sun flag in its official national event.


IKEA to stop selling controversial 'Sea of Japan' map next year

IKEA to stop selling controversial 'Sea of Japan' map next year

Starting next year, IKEA will stop selling a world map that refers to the 
body of water between Korea and Japan only by the Japanese name.
Ahead of the opening of its first store in Korea this month,
Swedish furniture giant says it has decided to leave the map off
its global product line-up.

The map caused quite a stir here in Korea as it refers to the sea as "Sea of Japan,"
and doesn't include the Korean name "East Sea."
The company explained the map was not intended to be used as an educational tool,
and apologized to those who might have been offended.

souce by : arirang.co.kr

Different Behaviors between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chancellor Angela Merkel

Different Behaviors between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chancellor Angela Merkel

Japanese Prime Minister’s name is Shinzo Abe.
Japan invaded China, Korea, and other Asian countries,
and made their women as sex slaves in the past.
It also did not stop at nothing to commit genocide of
old people, children, and women who were not related to the war.

Every year, Japanese Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe make visits to the shrine to commemorate
the Japanese soldiers who invaded the neighboring countries at that time.
Of course, China and Korea that were victims of the war are very critical of Japan.

On the other hand, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made visits to commemorate
the Jews who died during the Second World War in 2013 for the first time..
She did not commemorate German soldiers, who led the Nazi regime,
but directly visited the countries that were victimized by the Nazi regime.

What do you think about the both leaders of Japan and Germany
who commemorate for different purpose?


After Rodman, Kim Jong-un turns his attention to Messi

After Rodman, Kim Jong-un turns his attention to Messi

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
wants to invite Argentine football megastar Lionel Messi to North Korea, 
a football official says, according to AFP on Tuesday.

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) executive committee member
Han Un-gyong, told an AFC gathering in Manila that
students at the Pyongyang International Football School loved Messi
and said she wanted the FC Barcelona player to visit the academy.

"When I go to the Pyongyang international school,
I ask them who they think is the best player," Han said.

She said the students knew about Messi, 27, and the players' names
because they were allowed to watch "everything" at the school.
Han said the football academy was "brainchild" of Kim Jong-un,
an avid sports fan who hosted ex-NBA player Dennis Rodman in
Pyongyang for a friendly match against the national basketball team in January.

With the visit of Rodman ― purportedly aimed at improving the
U.S.-North Korea relations ― causing a major controversy,
Messi's proposed visit would almost certainly cause another international stir.


Say hi, stay high on Green Friday

Say hi, stay high on Green Friday

Businesses in Colorado -
which legalized marijuana in January ―
has introduced "Green Friday," a promotional period to help people relax after Thanksgiving Day and the Black Friday shopping.

Online newspaper BuzzFeed reported that
marijuana stores in Denver and Boulder ― including "Grass Station,"
"Medicine Man" and "The Green Room" ― were offering door-buster deals.

The first 16 customers at the Grass Station from Friday to Sunday could buy an
ounce of marijuana for $50, while The Green Room lowered its price from $50 to $40.

Although the stores could not advertise the deals on billboards, TV or magazines because the advertisements must not be exposed to people under 21 in public,
Green Friday, according to BuzzFeed, was a roaring success.

Retailers said the event was "a much-needed stress relief from the holidays" straddling Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.
Organic Alternative sales and marketing director Maka Kala'I said the holiday season was "stressful, and some people might need a little relaxation afterward."

A Sudden Increase of Gun Sales on Black Friday in the U.S.

A Sudden Increase of Gun Sales on Black Friday in the U.S.

As the purchase of guns increased on Black Friday,
the National Instant Criminal Background Check System that is used to
investigate a buyer’s criminal record was ‘overloaded.’
The average number of inquiries for criminal record investigation per day
at the NICS is 58,800.
But it had soaring hits with around 145,000 a day on Black Friday in 2013.

In Korea, less than 1% of the entire population owns guns.
If someone is shot dead, it is on the news.
Firearm accidents are on the news only once or twice in three years in Korea.
It has been analyzed that one person is shot to death per every 16 minutes in the U.S.
America is where police shoots other people with their guns
just because they are note white and still gets found innocent.

America is a country that highlights its strengths only.
The Statue of Liberty is merely like a statue in a neighborhood and the Niagara Falls
are much smaller than Iguassu Falls in South America but is much more famous.
America’s wide gap between the rich and the poor, firearm accidents,
political corruption, and racism are not known much.
America is merely a country that markets itself very well,
but is absolutely not a good country.
(However, only the negative aspects of Korea stand out to the world. That is too sad.)