Germany and Japan's Similar History, Different Historical Awareness

Germany and Japan's Similar History, Different Historical Awareness

Below is the content that appeared on 'SBS 8 o'clock news,'
a Korean public broadcasting news by Seoul Broadcasting System
that is aired during the time that has the highest viewer rate in a day.

"Do you know of Auschwitz Concentration Camp?
It is a massive genocide camp by Germany's Nazi administration.
On Jaunary 28, 2015, the 70th anniversary of liberation from
Auschwitz Concentration Camp,
German Prime Minister Angela Merkel bowed down again to apologize this year.
Germany is very different from Korea's neighboring country Japan that
keeps trying to erase its past history instead of apology and repent.

German Prime Minister Merkel bowed her head down this year, saying that
"Remembering the Nazi's brutality is
all German people's everlasting responsibility forever."
It is the regret on the past history that has been continuing for 46 years since
Prime Minister Willy Brandt dropped his knees in front of the Jews' memorial in 1970.

The German government is much contrasted to Japan's Abe administration
that is taking the lead in erasing the history, let alone any regrets.
Prime Minister Abe does not bow his head down for massacred
Korean and Chinese people.
He bows his head every year in front of the graves of Japanese troops

who participated in the mass slaughter.


Korea’s Interest towards EPL Soccer

Korea’s Interest towards EPL Soccer

European and South American countries are good at soccer.
Soccer has a very high popularity in Korea.

Cha Beom Geun is still on Frankfurt Legend Best 11.
His soccer skills were comparable to those of Franz Beckenbauer,
Germany’s soccer hero.
When Michael Ballack, a German soccer player visited Korea, he said that
he was honored to come to Korea, the country of his hero “Cha Beom Geun.”

During 2002 Korea Japan World Cup, Korea advanced to the semifinals.
After that historical record, Park Ji Sung, Lee
Young Pyo, Son Heung Min, Ki Seong Yong,
Koo Ja Cheol, and many other Korean soccer players are
being active in the EPL in Europe.

Since the time difference Korea has with
Europe and South America is almost 12 years,
people have to stay all night to watch European soccer (also known as the EPL).
However, according to Korea’s portal site
Naver (Google has barely any users in Korea.
Naver occupies 75% of Korea’s internet users while Google 5%),

the names of EPL teams and famous players are ranked number 1 or 2 of
real-time search words.
European and South American soccer is very popular among Korean people.


Korean Air Shows Korean Society with Many Parvenu Riches

Korean Air Shows Korean Society with Many Parvenu Riches

Korean Air, the most popular airline company in Korea.
When the daughter of the CEO of Korean Air
was about to fly back to Korea on Korean Air,
just because she was served Mauna Loa nuts
in a bag not on a plate for inflight service,
made a stewardess and the senior flight attendant dropped their knees.
She also created a disturbance on the plane,
and made the airplane that had already set off
return to the gate and forced the senior flight attendant to leave.
This is called “Nut Return” incident.

Due to this incident, the plane had to taka a U-turn and,
and its departure delayed for 15 minutes.
According to the inflight service manual, nuts were supposed to be served in bags.
The daughter of Korean Air’s CEO apologized.
However, when a recording file that “it will be forgotten in a month” was revealed,
the Korean society was shocked again as
people realized that the apology was just for media.
The senior flight attendant said every truth about this incident,
but the stewardess was already bribed by Korean Air and followed its instruction that
“We will appoint you to a professor position,
so speak as you are told by the company.
The stewardess was tempted by the professor position and told a lie to mass media.

Korean Air represents Korea.
However, it showed a dark side of Korean society that has many parvenu riches,
who have become wealthy without efforts thanks to their rich parents.


Gigi's Cupcakes Chooses Gangnam as its First Overseas Branch

Gigi's Cupcakes Chooses Gangnam as its First Overseas Branch

Gigi's Cupcakes, America's biggest cupcake brand,
is going to open in Gangnam, Seoul.
America's Gigi's Cupcakes has 100 stores in 23 states in the U.S.
The opening of its branch in Gangnam, 
Seoul is the first overseas branch of Gigi's Cupcake.
It has chosen Gangnam in the center of Seoul,
the capital city of Korea, for its first overseas location.
"Gangnam" is the name of the place that comes out in
Psy's Gangnam Style that many people know.
It is one of the busiest and most crowded places in Seoul.

As the products MADE IN KOREA are popular thruoghout Asia
and are appreciated as guaranteed high quality,
not only Korea's cultural contents but also home electronic appliances,
cosmetics, cars, and many other Korean products are sweeping all over Asia.

Will "Gigi's Cupcake" fulfil "Gangnam Style" in Seoul's mecca "Gangnam"
and try the advancement into the second and third Asian countries?
It should satisfy Gangnam Style first.


New York’s Subway Should Learn from Korea

New York’s Subway Should Learn from Korea

New York’s subway system was built in 1904, which is 100 years ago.
Dirty smell, poor sanitary conditions, and no WiFi in any subway
as if it is looking down on the penetration rate of smart phones.
It is weird that New York is even making it as a tourist product.

The floor of New York’s subway is full of garbage.
It shows that it a hot bed of New York citizens.

Please keep in mind that subway is a public transportation system.
People’s lives depend on it, which is an industry that offers people’s time.
Try searching Korea’s subway system.
It shows the culture and facility of an advanced country’s public transportation
A subway system that is clean and in which people are considerate for others
cannot be found in New York.

Accurate arrival time, transferring with credit cards and transportation cards,
uncrowded and unblocked transfer areas, clean facilities,
automatic electric door that is installed on every single platform
to prevent people from falling down to rails, wifi support, etc.
Korea’s subway system is making fun of New York.


Real Life Story of Gangnam GTA, Bentley Incident

Real Life Story of Gangnam GTA, Bentley  Incident

The song that hit the entire world with
new YouTube record in 2012 is Gangnam Style by Psy.
In this song, “Gangnam” is a place name that indicates south of Seoul,
the capital city of Korea.
Gangnam is where the rich or ambitious people
who want to be in the upper class live, and is also
full of adult entertainment centers, cram schools,
plastic surgery hospitals, and food service businesses.

In the middle of that Gangnam, a speeding and
chain-reaction collision of Bentley incident occurred.
It was also called the real life story of GTA.
Bentley, which was overspeeding beyond speed limit,
caused a chain-reaction collision
by driving 500m more even after its front wheel came off.
Then, the driver abandoned his car and
stole a car parked in the shoulder of a road and escaped.
He was finally arrested by the police after he ran into a BMW car.
The diver of Bentley took off all of his clothes and
created a disturbance before caught by the police.
The police is still investigating the incident, with a possibility of him using drugs.

Gangnam is where tens and hundreds of rich people are born.
However, there are still too many mentally immature people like a game called GTA.


UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Does No Long Shake Hands

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Does No Long Shake Hands

Ban Ki Moon is South Korean and is currently the Secretary General of the UN.
Wikipedia introduces Ban Ki Moon as the following.

Ban Ki-moon :  Diplomat.
Ban Ki-moon is the eighth and current Secretary-General of the United Nations,
after succeeding Kofi Annan in 2007. Before becoming Secretary-General,
Ban was a career diplomat in South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the United Nations.

He is on the highest position in the UN,
an international cooperation organization for world peace.
As the secretary general and South Korean citizen,
Ban Ki Moon has recently left a message to the
international society suffering from Ebola.
After he came back from travelling Ebola-infected countries,
he greets others by touching elbows instead of shaking hands.

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon actually enjoyed shaking hands.
However, after he returned from Ebola-infected countries,
he now greets others with elbows or by waving hands
to  tell others that “there are no problems.”

South Korean Ban Ki Moon
is on the highest position of the world peace.

Japan Makes Crisis Itself Without Knowing the History of Asia

Japan Makes Crisis Itself Without Knowing the History of Asia

Japan is currently facing territorial disputes with Korea, China, and Russia.

Japan is having conflicts over the Senkaku Islands
(尖閣 / Diaoyudao Islands / Diaoyutai Islands) with China,
Kuril Islands with Russia, and Dok-do with Korea.
It is arguing that all of these belong to Japan.
Of course, each of them belongs to China, Russia, and Korea.
Japan argues that they all belong to itself without any evidence
just because they are close to Japan.

Japan is an island country.
Thus, it is surrounded by sea.
It is arguing that all small islands in the sea belong to Japan.
There is a clear historical evidence that they are the
territories of China, Russia, and Korea,
but Japan is putting efforts to
persuade western countries (U.S., France, and U.K.) that
these islands belong to Japan, call them Japanese names, and
make the Japanese names to be official names.

If Japan is beside your country,
the territory of your country can be written in Japanese name
in the international society.
Japan believes that "if it keeps spending a huge amount of money on marketing
and spreading the false information, it will be able to get around and
increase an awareness in the international society that
Aren’t they Japanese from the beginning because they are named Japanese?”.
People should know and criticize Japan’s dangerous policy.


Korea’s Cigarettes are $4. Let’s Quit Smoking

Korea’s Cigarettes are $4. Let’s Quit Smoking.

The price of Korea’s cigarettes per package was about $2.2 on average until December 31, 2014.
The smoking rate of Korean men had been 40% so far.
However, the average price of cigarettes per package 
has risen up to $4 since January 1st, 2015.
It is a government policy to increase tax and reduce smoking rate.
Of course, many European countries such as the
U.K., France, Germany, and Netherlands already charge $8 to 9 per
cigarette package. It is almost $15 in Ireland.

The countries that have cheaper cigarette price are mostly
Southeast Asian countries, some Latin American countries, and India.
However, Korea’s cigarette has become more expensive than Japan and Poland
from 2015, and is now similar to Spain and the U.S.

Let’s all quit smoking in the new year in 2015.
If you have started smoking at a high-spirited age,
Let’s quit smoking as a cleverer and wiser person.
Smoking does not remind of James Dean anymore.
Tobacco is merely “a popular product of humans who are still insane.”


Korea and Japan’s Territorial Dispute

Korea and Japan’s Territorial Dispute

Korea and Japan have a sea between them.
The name of the sea is East Sea.
It means that it is located on the east of Korea.
The name has always been East Sea 
since when humans have started using languages.
It is because the sea belongs to Korea.

However, from about 50 years ago,
Japan has been calling it the Sea of Japan,
and has officially been writing it as the Sea of Japan even on textbooks.
Since about 50 years ago.
Will the name of the sea truly become the Sea of Japan in 50 years
due to the efforts by the Japanese government?

Please don’t be surprise. It really is. For sure. It is not a comedy.
Google, IKEA, and many other global corporations
have written East Sea mixed with the Sea of Japan.

The picture above is a Google Map.
Can you agree with me that the real name of that sea is East Sea?

Please blame on the Korean government whose stance is merely
“It is not worth responding” to Japan’s stubborn comedy.
Also, please criticize the official claim of the Japanese government that
is stubbornly showing a comedy.
Please know the mistakes by global firms such as Google and IKEA.


North Korea never Intervened in the 'Interview' Hacking Incident?

North Korea never Intervened in the 'Interview' Hacking Incident?

A claim  that an ex-IT engineer hacked Sony Motion Pictures
regarding its comedy American film 'Interview' was brought up.
'New York Post' reported that Norse Crop., 
a cyber security firm, delivered to the FBI
an analysis that 6 ex-workers of Sony and not North Korea hacked Sony.

Norse Corporation clarified that "we have concluded that North Korea is
not behind the hacking incident" in the report.
In addition, it also criticized the U.S. FBI's official report claiming
North Korea as be responsible for this hacking incident that
"Finding out who's behind the cyber attack
just a few days after it happened is almost unheard of"

In the meantime, 'Interview' is a movie about the assassination of Kim, Jung-eun,
the leader of North Korea and the chairman of the National Defense Committee.
Its ticket sales were over 15 million dollars online on the first weekend after its release.
Such box office profit is the highest among all of Sony movies distributed online..
Also, America refused North Korea's
offer to solve the 'Sony hacking incident' together.


Unification is Dae-bak, Invest in Korea

Unification is Dae-bak, Invest in Korea

As the movie "The Internet" is drawing international popularity,
attention toward North Korea is being spread throughout the world.
It is true that all foreign media has been focusing on reporting
about North Korea that gives more provoking news
However, foreign media are recently paying attention to South Korea,
which has Samsung, Psy's Gangnam Style, LG Electronics,Hyundai Motor,
and many other global firms, as well as the 10th largest economy in the world.

It is because if North and South Korea reunite and become one Korea
that is not divided into North or South,
its economic size will grow  to be the 7th in the world after
China, U.S., India, Brazil, Japan, and Russia.
Also, it has been confirmed that South Korea's global brands will raise
South Korea's underrated stock market at 35% to higher than the right track.
This will be made possible since Korea's most advanced technology in the world
will absorb North Korea's labor force, which is cheaper than that of China.
(In fact, the stock price of LG Electronics is around $59.
If Korea is reunified tomorrow, this stock will become $180.)

Even the South Korean president
Park, Geun-hye said strongly by using the word "dae-bak.'
"Everyone, unification is dae-bak."


3-way Battle of Global Messengers, Line, What's App, and WeChat

3-way Battle of Global Messengers, Line, What's App, and WeChat

According to the U.K.'s market research firm Ovum on December 6th,
What's App, Line, and WeChat will rise to be the
big 3 with more than 500 million members
and will become international mobile messengers by 2016.

What's App is a messenger took over by Google. Currently,
it is  widely used in North America.
Line is a messenger made by "Naver," which is called Korea's Google.
It is popular in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
WeChat is a Chinese messenger. It has only absorb China's domestic market,
but is already the third largest messenger company in the world.

Among these, the biggest issue is "Line," a messenger 
made by Korea's portal company Naver.
50 million Japanese, 10 million from each of Korea, U.S., and Mexico,
and more than 20 million people from Thailand, Spain, Indonesia,
and many others have signed up for Line.
Google's service has never been able to be number 1.
WeChat only stays within China's domestic market and seems to be
absorbed by Line.

Line has long been Japan's national application,
and is now penetrating into the U.S.
A Korean messenger company "Line" can be picked
as one of the firms to pay attention in 2015.


Small and Strong Korea, Close and Huge China

Small and Strong Korea, Close and Huge China

Korean peninsula is divided into South Korea:
the 10th largest economy in the world that owns Samsung, LG,
Hyundai Motor, and Psy’s Gangnam Style, and
North Korea, that is notorious for Kim, Jung-eun, nuclear tests, and communism.
Korea is the only divided country in the world,
and the South and North are very different.
South Korea’s level of education, IT, and standard of living are number 1 in the world.
But news about North Korea is probably introduced more frequently in your country.

Korea is surrounded by its three sides on its east, west,
and south. It meets China to the north.
China’s economy is the 1st strongest in the world.
It is richer than the U.S., U.K., and France.
The growth rate of China’s economy is 7.4% ~ 9.6% every year.

Chinese people like Korean products.
Especially, Korean cosmetic products, electronic appliances, clothes,
and entertainment (songs, dramas, movies) are very popular in Korea.
Thanks to this, related-stocks have increased by more than 200%.
Just because Korea is closely located to China,
it has been projected that Korea’s
economic level will leap to no. 5 in the world by 2020.