The Japanese Prime Minister’s Name is Abe, not Hitler

The Japanese Prime Minister’s name is Abe Shinzo. He was the Prime Minister of Japan from 2006 to 2007, and has also been the current Prime Minister of Japan since 2012.

Japan is probably one of the most conservative in the world with very high self-pride in itself. In order to become the Prime Minister through votes and maintain the position, the Prime Minister of Japan should continue his conservative and nationalistic political activities.

One affected country of such political activities is Korea. Japan colonized Korea for about 35 years from 1910 to 1945. Korea’s independence from Japan was merely 70 years ago.

During that period, thousands of young Korean men were killed by the Japanese, and numerous teenaged Korean girls became Japanese soldiers’ sex slaves. However, Prime Minister Abe of Japan is denying these facts. He expresses a completely different stance 
from that of Germany’s Prime Minister Merkel, who regrets and apologizes for Nazi war criminals’ atrocities and cruelty.  

Not all Japanese are infamous and heinous like Abe. Only some very conservative Japanese politicians and old Japanese think like him. Even the Japanese society satirizes Abe as Hitler.


Exo, an Idol Group in International Spotlight

Exo, an Idol Group in International Spotlight

In 1997, there was a female idol group called Morning Musume in Japan.
Around 10 pretty girls sang many different songs in a group.
The group drew a huge popularity, but now is merely a part of history
with many new similar idol groups that have appeared since then.
However, there is a male idol group that still maintains such powerfulness.
It is Korea’s EXO, which made its debut in 2012.
(EXO is a name driven from ‘exoplanet’ that
means a superior planet in the solar system.)
Exo is a male idol group in international spotlight that is incomparable to other groups.

Starting from Seoul on May 23, 2014,
EXO successfully had its concert tour in major Asian cities
such as Hong Kong, Wu Han, Chongqing, Chengdu, Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore,
Guangzhou, Jakarta, Bangkok, Beijing, Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Osaka.
They drew about 320,000 audiences through 30 concerts in
17 major Asian cities for 7 months.
This means that at least 10,000 people attended the group’s one performance.

The musician that is sweeping Asia and
is in the focus of international attention is EXO.
EXO’s official homepage: http://exo.smtown.com/


The Winner of Kpop Star-Season 4 will be Revealed Soon

The Winner of Kpop Star-Season 4 will be Revealed Soon

Kpop Star-Season 4.
It is a program that Korean public broadcasting SBS airs every Sunday.
There are a total of 21 episodes, and 12 of them have been aired so far.
The winners of Kpop Star-Season 1, 2, and 3 are all being active as true musicians
in the Kpop industry by releasing albums and showing up on TV commercials.

The winners of Kpop Star will be directly scouted by YG, JYP, and Antenna Music,
the best management agencies that have produced
Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1, 2PM, miss A, etc.
These agencies will manage the winners’ album production and singing activities.

In Kpop Star-Season 4, which is being held at the moment,
Jeong Seung Hwan is a heavy favorite to win the audition.
Many different people from all over the
world participated in Kpop Star Season 1, 2, 3, and 4,
But only Korean-foreigners or Koreans became winners in all of them.
In Kpop Star-Season 4, Jeong Seung Hwan is a heavy favorite to win.


America is also Angry about Japan’s Historical Distortion

America is also Angry about Japan’s Historical Distortion

Japan’s Yomiuri newspaper conducted a survey to
Japanese citizens for two days from February 6th and 7th, 2015.
The result showed a public opinion that 44% of Japanese citizens believe
“Japan must apologize for the fact that it colonized Korea,
exploited Korean women for sex slavery,
and mass murdered innocent Korean people without reasons in the past.”
Japanese people admitted that their past is no different from that of the Nazis.

And the image above is a scene in SBS, Korea’s major public broadcasting.
It shows that American Historical Association sharply criticized
Japan’s historical distortion and signed a group petition.

Just because Prime Minister Abe and 
some conservative Japanese politicians distort the past history
that everyone throughout the world already knows does not mean that 
it will change anything.
I hope you also know Japan’s brutal past and present political comedy that
Japanese citizens and the scholars of American Historical Association know.


Rapid Increase of Israelite Visitors to Full Korea

Rapid Increase of Israelite Visitors to Full Korea

Lately, the international interest toward IS is very high.
The brutal terrorist acts of the IS (Islamic State,
name of the extreme terrorist group in Islam) is too horrific.
It recently murdered a Japanese reporter, and there was a news that
a young Korean boy went missing to join the IS.

Since January 2010, Full Korea has been delivering news on Korea for
English-speaking countries. About 4,000 foreigners a week visit the blog,
which had the highest number of visitors from Israel this week.
It is probably because of the above reasons.

2,500 people from the U.S., 500 from France, 2,000 from other countries,
And about 150 people from Korea a week visited the blog in general.
However, 2,000 people from Israel and 500 from the U.S. visited Full Korea.
Is it because there is higher interest toward Korea in Israel?


Gangnam Style’ a case of irrational investment: U.S. media

Gangnam Style’ a case of irrational investment: U.S. media

“Gangnam Style,” the K-pop track that launched a
thousand parodies and flash mobs, is drawing attention once more /
this time by potentially subverting the efficient market hypothesis,
according to the U.S. public broadcaster PBS.

The energetic tune by Psy, which went viral in 2012, was the basis of Korean
economist Andy Kim’s paper at the American Economic
Association conference in January.

In the paper, Kim challenged Nobel Prize Laureate Eugene
Fama’s argument that stock prices reflect fundamental value,
citing Psy as an intriguing case in which investors make irrational decisions.

The Sungkyunkwan University professor said the share price of the Korean semiconductor firm DI Corp. skyrocketed by as much as 800 percent shortly
after Psy’s “Gangnam Style” shot to meteoric success across the globe in 2012.

“There was only one even remotely relevant bit of information (to account for this).
The company’s executive chairman Park Won-ho is the father of Park Jae-sang,
a.k.a. tongue-in-cheek rap star Psy,”
said Kim at the meeting held in Boston last month.

DI Corp., which did not form any mergers or capitalize on the
father-son relationship, saw stock prices spike again upon the release of
Psy’s follow-up track “Gentleman” in April 2013 and
subsequent media appearances.

Notably, top-notch hedge fund Dimensional Fund Advisors,
which adheres firmly to Fama’s efficient market hypothesis that stock prices
reflect true value, became the largest shareholder in DI Corp.
following the breakthrough success of “Gangnam Style.”

“That’s an immense effect. That has got to be a true bubble /
as we call it, irrationality,” said Daniel Hamermesh,
professor at Royal Holloway University.

In the same paper,
Kim claimed that other irrational factors, such as CEOs’ attractiveness,
play an instrumental role in the changes in stock prices, at least in the short term.

souce by : http://khnews.kheraldm.com/view.php?ud=20150210000859&md=20150211090533_BL&kr=1

Lee Seung Woo Rejects Chelsea FC’s Scout

Lee Seung Woo Rejects Chelsea FC’s Scout

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and now Chelsea FC are showing interested in
Lee Seung Woo (FC Barcelona Juvenil A), a Korean soccer player.
However, there was a local report that he rejected the scout by Chelsea FC.
‘Daily Express,’ a British daily newspaper, reported that
“Chelsea FC offered Lee Seung Woo the highest salary for athletes
under 17 in British history, but it got rejected.”

It was also mentioned that Real Madrid, Barcelona’s all-time rival,
wanted Lee Seung Woo.
‘Daily Express’ explained that “Real hopes to scout ‘Korea’s Messi’
Lee Seung Woo as best 11 to Real Madrid Castilla that is led by Zinedine Zidane.”

Lee Seung Woo’s contract with Barcelona is until June 30, 2019.
Juvenil A is a juvenile soccer club that Lionel Messi,
the current leading player of FC Barcelona, went through.

The record Messi set in Juvenil A is 27 goals in 30 matches.
Lee Seung Woo’s record is 38 goals in 29 matches, 
proving his much superior ability than Messi.


America Shows Interest in Rain’s Advance Into China

America Shows Interest in Rain’s Advance Into China

A movie called Ninja Assassin was released worldwide in 2009.
The main character of this movie is Rain, who is Korean.
The Wachowskis are the directors of the movie Matrix and the
producers of Ninja Assassin,
They decided to cast Rain as the lead role of the movie and
distributed it throughout the world.

A few years later in 2015,
Not only the Chinese press but also the American media are showing interest in
Rain’s debut as a main character in a Chinese drama.

On February 2nd (local time),
Hollywood Reporter focused on Rain’s change by comparing
Rain’s roles in this drama and in a popular drama ‘Full House,’ with a title saying
‘Korean actor Rain is making his debut in a TV drama in China.’

Since long ago, China has been Korean stars’ main stage.
Also, their advancement into the U.S. is also common news.
While Korean stars’ advance into China probably didn’t news in the U.S. in the past,
America’s entertainment magazine now covers Korean stars advancing into China
to go along the flow of the world economy.


Lee Seung Woo, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona

Lee Seung Woo, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona

Marca magazine in Spain made the scouting of Lee Seung Woo,
a rising soccer star in Korea, into Real Madrid as its front-page story.
However, Lee Seung Woo is currently playing in FC Barcelona Juvenil "A"

Futbol Club Barcelona Juvenil "A" are the under-19 team of
Catalan professional football club FC Barcelona.
They play in the Group III of the División de Honor Juvenil de Fútbol and
UEFA Youth League.
They also participate in the Copa de Campeones Juvenil de Fútbol.

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) took
severe disciplinary action on Barcelona that violated the rule that
prohibits the overseas transfer of younger than 18-year-old soccer players.
Due to this disciplinary action,
Lee Seung Woo has not been able to play in official games.

It is said that Real Madrid offered a condition that it can solve the disciplinary action to
Lee Seung Woo, who was suspended to play in soccer games for a year by the FIFA.

Lee Seung Woo right now has a record that is very similar to the record
Messi set while he was playing in Juvenil "A" before he became an adult.
Lee Seung Woo is being mentioned as a new replacement of Messi.
Korea is preparing to present strikers who will represent Spain Liga BBVA.


South Korea will Appear More Frequently in front of You

South Korea will Appear More Frequently in front of You

South Korea will Appear More Frequently in front of You
You probably know Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” right?
You might be using Samsung’s smartphone,
watching Samsung or LG’s monitor and TV,
or riding Hyundai Motor’s car.
All these firms are the brands from South Korea, a small country in Asia
that has the 10th strongest economy in the world.

I live in South Korea.
However, TV, newspapers, and other official mass media show you
information on North Korea, which provides more provocative news.
However, South Korea will appear to you more frequently from now on,
like I am sharing this with you right now.

You can view information about South Korea on www.fullkorea.com.
Since it was opened in January 2010, it is a Google-blog based English media without advertisements.
Popular for having direct tone and manner without filtering like mass media,
it is currently chosen as one of the best channels to inform about Korea to the world.
More than 3,000 people per week from the U.S., France, Italy, Russia, China,
and all parts of the world access this blog.
Please come to take a look and remember,
I am from South Korea.


American Soldiers Continuously Hurt their Image in Korea

American Soldiers Continuously Hurt their Image in Korea

Korea has four automobile companies
that include Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, and Ssangyong,
and is especially home to Hyundai Kia Motor,
one of the top 5 automobile companies in the world.
Cars that are more than 10 years old are generally exported to overseas
or are preferred by American soldiers living in Korea.

An American soldier who drunk and
drove a 15-year-old used car was arrested this time.
There have been 3 incidents of U.S. soldiers
causing troubles with cars reported on news.
Robbery, theft, violence, and numerous other
criminal incidents are too common in Korean society.

American soldiers residing in Korea.
They probably came from far to this country as they could not settle down in the U.S.,
They are so ignorant that they cannot speak a word of
Korean even after being here for a few years.
Poor American soldiers keep committing crimes. Despite all these,
it is very pitiful to see them talking loudly just because they are white-skinned.