Apple Music Streaming Cannot Enter Korea

Apple Music Streaming Cannot Enter Korea

Apple recently released a music streaming
(streaming: offers music on the Internet in real time) service.
However, it cannot enter Korea.

Thanks to the best internet speed infrastructure in the world,
almost 10 music websites that are ahead of
Apple Music are competing in the Korean market.
10 years ago, they already solved the copyright issue that
Apple is currently facing.

Korean music websites are easy to use,
and the Korean pop market has already conquered Asia.
Apple cannot only understand Korean people’s music
but its platform is also hard to settle in Korea,
home to Samsung, where Android phones are more commonly used.
Also, it is no better than currently existing
Korean music streaming companies.

Korea does not use Google.
Korea does not use Apple.
Foreign services have not been able to settle in
Korea not because they are bad.
It is just because these services have not
surpassed the level of the services in Korea.


The Scary Speed of the Internet and Mobile in Korea

The Scary Speed of the Internet and Mobile in Korea

The country with the highest usage of mobile is Korea.
Korea’s usage index was ‘125,’ which became No.1 in the world.
Followed by Korea, America was the 2nd (standard country, 100),
Japan 3rd (90), Britain 4th (80), and Germany 5th (70).

Also, it has been checked that the speed of Korea’s Internet is about
5 or 6 times faster than the average speed of the world.
The average speed of Korea’s Internet is 25.3Mbps,
which is 5 or 6 times faster than
4.5Mbps, the average speed of the Internet in the world.
For the speed of Internet, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland,
Sweden, Netherlands, and Ireland were after Korea.

Korea, the highest usage mobile rate and the fastest internet speed.
Likewise, every change is quick and uniform.
The entire nation, regardless of gender and age, know the news
and celebrity rumors that occurred in the morning by lunchtime.
Most Koreans use smartphones.
While walking on a street, at home, on the bus or subway,
in an elevator, and whether they have something to do or not,
they always have smartphones with them.
This is today’s Kroean society.
I hope that such remarkable changes and
infrastructure become good resources of Korean society.


MERS Reveals Korea’s Poor Citizenship and Government

MERS Reveals Korea’s Poor Citizenship and Government

MERS virus first occurred on May 20th in Korea.
If a good action were taken, everything would’ve ended on May 30th.
However, the government did not take any measure and
officially announced to avoid contacting “camels” that don’t even exist in Korea.
I have lived in Korea for decades, but have never seen camels even in a zoo.

The MERS virus has spread gradually,
causing 24 people to die, 166 people to have confirmed diagnosis,
and 5930 to be isolated.
An isolated patient in Gangnam, Seoul who is diagnosed with 
MERS rode a plane and had a tour to Jeju, an island in the southern part of Korea.

To revitalize the tourism industry that is facing difficulties due to the MERS virus,
the Korean government announced that it will
develop ‘Safety Insurance for Tour in Korea,’
which will provide medical expenses and travel costs for foreign tourists
that are confirmed to have contacted MERS in Korea.

The level of Korean citizenship and the government is almost the same.
It is as if they were having a bet on which one is poorer and more terrible.


Jeongho Kang, the 4th Hitter of Pittsburgh Pirates

Jeongho Kang, the 4th Hitter of Pittsburgh Pirates

Korea is a sports powerhouse.
It hosted 1988 Olympics and 2002 World Cup.
Its highest record in both the Olympics and World Cup was 4th place.
South Korea, a small country with a population of 50 million,
boasts remarkable performance results in sports indeed.
One of them is professional baseball.
Korea is one of the few countries that have professional baseball.
There are 10 professional clubs.
In 2008 Beijing Olympics, Korea won the gold medal in baseball.

Korea is one of the world’s top 4 baseball powerhouses,
along with the U.S., Japan, and Cuba.
As a result, many Korean baseball players join U.S. or Japan’s baseball teams.
Recently, Jeongho Kang became the 4th hitter of Pittsburgh Pirate.
Yesterday, he hit a home run and crowded the homepage main of Pittsburgh Pirate.

Pittsburgh Pirates is a professional baseball team based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
It belongs to the National League’s Central Division of Major League Baseball (MLB),
and had 2 Korean players before:
Byunghyeon Kim in 2008 and Chanho Park in 2010.


Do Koreans Worried about Dokdo Know of Gibraltar?

Do Koreans Worried about Dokdo Know of Gibraltar?

Korean people hope that the foreign press pay attention to
who the true owner of Dokdo is, learn that it clearly belongs to Korea,
and Japan’s claim over the sovereignty over
Dokdo is revealed throughout the entire world.

Besides, Korea also wants Japan to apologize for forcing thousands of
Korean girls into sexual slavery when Japan colonized Korea from 1910 to 1945,
as the current German government apologizes for the Nazis in the past.

However, I’d like to ask Koreans.
Do you know of Gibraltar?
Do you also know of Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas?
Spain, Britain, and Argentina are also claiming these territories as their own.

If you want Dokdo to receive international attention,
you should also put effort into it.


MERS Fear: Do not Visit Korea

MERS Fear: Do not Visit Korea

Korea is a much more affluent and technologically advanced country than
what general foreign media and foreigners perceive.
Samsung, Hyundai Motor, and LG Electronics are Korean products.
Korean TV shows, music, and movies boast the biggest influence in Asia.
Psy’s Gangnam Style hit the whole world.
I am proud of South Korea.

However, if you were to come to Korea for travelling now, I want to stop you.
In Korea, a very strong virus called MERS is spreading.
This virus, which started in the Middle East region, is spreading much faster than any
Middle East countries thanks to the Korean government’s lazy response.
(No. 2 infected country in the world)

Korea’s corrupt politics, corrupt president.
Everyone just turns his/her back saying
“I’m just a manager,” and no one says he/she is in charge of.
No one bears political responsibility in Korea.
Please do not visit Korea to travel for a while.
There’s no reason to come to Korea at the risk of your life.
Due to the MERS virus, a total of 3805 people are being isolated,
over 2500 schools were closed, and 10 people died.
(As of 6pm, June 11th, 2015)


Korea’s Corrupt Politics is Revealed in MERS Fear

Korea’s Corrupt Politics is Revealed in MERS Fear

Korea is a country with a very high political corruption.
Its corruption index is ranked 27th among 34 OECD countries,
which is almost the lowest. Through this MERS virus situation,
Korean government showed its corrupt politics throughout the world again,
disappointing everyone.

Due to the Korean government’s wrong epidemic prevention activity,
the number of infectees that could stop at only 3 to 4 people,
led to 2,500 isolates and the closure of about
2,000 kindergartens and schools in the whole country.

Regarding this tremendous disaster, Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare
announced that people don’t need to wear masks and MERS is not infected by air.
However, the Minister of Health and Welfare wore such tight mask the next day.


MERS, korean fear

540 Schools are Closed in Korea due to the Fear of MERS

Do you remember SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome),
a fatal various that drives humans to death?
It was prevalent from November 2002 to July 2003,
generating 8,096 infectors and killing 774 people.
However, for SARS prevention,
Korea demonstrated the best medical treatment technology,
and received an international acclaim that
it offered almost the perfect SARS prevention guideline.

However, MERS is now shaking entire Korea.
The number of isolated people due to MERS exceed 1,000,
reaching a total of 1,364 with an increase by 600 people in a day.
The Korean government guaranteed that
MERS would stay at preliminary and secondary infection,
but tertiary infector also appeared.
As a result, 540 schools near school were closed.
CNN, an American news press, also covers the spread of
MERS in Korea quite exceptionally.

Don’t come to Korea now.
Korea is at the verge of being branded as a major country
that failed in virus management.
By the time you read this article, the number of people isolated due to
MERS will definitely have increased.

MERS virus, which started in the Middle East.
As China and Hong Kong remember the SARS precedent,
they had a successful prevention,
but Korea is now falling down so weakly in front of MERS.
Korean people cannot hide their disappointment
at the Korean government and medical institutions.


BIGBANG 2015 World Tour

BIGBANG 2015 World Tour

Korea’s music and dramas are very popular in China,
the world’s largest consumer of culture contents,
and many other countries in Southeast Asia.
A Korean group called “Super Junior” was ranked No.1
for 100 consecutive weeks on a Taiwanese chart.
For about 2 years, a Korean boy band won No.1 on Taiwan’s music chart.

Another big boy band that can rival Super Junior is of course “Big Bang.”
Big Bang successfully completed its concert in Guangzhou, China,
the first overseas tour concert of ‘BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’.’
The Guangzhou concert was held twice, and drew a total of 24,000 audiences.

Starting from the concert in Guangzhou, China, Big Bang will hold concerts in
Beijing, Hong Kong, Thailand, U.S., and Canada.
By having concerts even in North America
where its popularity is recently growing the hottest,
Big Bang is planned to meet 1.4 million audiences from all over the world
through 70 concerts in 15 countries.