Shin-soo Choo, Going to Texas Rangers

Shin-soo Choo, Going to Texas Rangers

The hottest batter in MLB.
The title belongs to Shin-soo Choo, the Korean baseball player
who is currently playing as a outfielder in Cincinnati Reds.

A total of 8 baseball clubs, including Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, LA Dodgers,
Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Houston Astros, Boston Redsoxs and
San Francisco Giants, suggested a high salary to Shin-soo Choo.
Among them, Choo chose Texas Rangers and entered into a super
7-year contract with the club for the total salary of 130 million dollars,
which means that Choo will earn 25,000 dollars whenever
he goes to bat. He will pay 37.7 million dollars as taxes over the 7-year period.
Also,he will pay 6.6 million dollars to his scout as a commission.

Shin-soo Choo recorded the on-base percentage of 42.3% and
112 bases on balls this year.
Texas Rangers will have the Korean ace,
Shin-soo Choo at bat in addition to the Japanese
ace pitcher, Darvish, who has recorded the average earned runs of 2.83 with
13 wins and 8 losses together with 277 strikeouts.
Darvish is currently the top pitcher in the league.

Shin-soo Choo started his baseball career as a boy in Korea.
He is now regarded as a big gun in MLB in the US. In his contract terms,
Shin-shoo Choo included the provision
of "The national games of Korea have the top priority compared to any other game."
Shin-soo Choo's baseball bat is the hottest in the world beyond MLB.


(kwon jin ah) K-Pop Star Girls

K-Pop Star Girls (kwon jin ah)

kwon jin ah Kpop star3

 kwon jin ah kpop star  sang the song
"I have a woman" which is the original song of Jin-young Park,
who is the CEO of JYP Entertainment and a popular singer in Korea.
He composed the song and wrote the lyrics for it before
releasing it in 2001. It is an acoustic dance song.
When he saw the list of songs prior to the performance and found out that
his song was included in it, he said,
"It would be hard to sing this song while playing the guitar." However,
 kwon jin ah kpop star sang the song enthusiastically with her
beautiful voice and guitar sounds based on her sensitivity.

Jin-young Park said, "She is much better than me. Many singers
have sung this song before. I think that she would be the best of all.
I have got many ideas for my own concert by looking at her performing."

Original Video Clip of "I have a woman" (Jin-young Park) sung by
 kwon jin ah kpop star : http://goo.gl/SlomjT

All three judges agreed to pass Chae-young Lee and
Jin-ah Kwon for the next round.
I hope that their passing both participants would lead them to become the
winners of the third season of K-Pop Star.

K-Pop Star Season 3.
It is an audition program broadcast by SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Station),
which is one of the public broadcasting stations in Korea, at 5pm every Sunday.
The winners of the first and second seasons of kpop star 3 have participated in
various TV advertisements and released their albums,
making their way to the top positions of the K-Pop chart.
The program is in its third season at the moment.

The third season of K-Pop consists of 20 episodes.
Today, the fifth episode was put on the air.
A number of young and pretty singer-songwriters were qualified for the next
round, getting a little close to the final round.

One of the participants, Chae-young Lee sang
'The Show' by Lenka from Austria. She participated in the first season of
kpop star, but dropped out of the contest. By looking
at her performing on the stage, one of the judges,
Hyeon-seok Yang (CEO of YG Entertainment whose singers include Psy and Big Bang) said, "I wonder whether I could have this kind of impression by
looking at my own daughter singing. I can see how much
she has tried for this moment over the last two years. She was simply amazing."

Also, Jin-young Park (CEO of JYP Entertainment whose singers include Rain,
the star of Ninja Assassin, 2PM and Miss A) said,
"Whenever I look at Chae-young Lee, I can't stop thinking about
having a chance to train her. I believe that the future of K-Pop depends on her."

Original Video Clip of "The Show" (Lenka)
sung by Chae-young Lee: http://goo.gl/iFC7Jd


Sunderland and Chelsea by KI

Sunderland and Chelsea By KI

In the quarterfinal of EPL, Sunderland defeated Chelsea.
After both teams maintained the score of 1:1 for a while,
the Korean midfielder, Ki Sung Yueng, who was put on the
ground after 18 minutes passed in the second half, made the winning goal,
helping Sunderland to win the match against Chelsea with the score of 2:1.

Goal.com gave Ki Sung Yueng 4 points, the biggest grade for an individual player
in both teams. In the UK, SkySports evaluated Ki Sung Yueng highly with an article
under the title of "Ki to Success" which meant that Ki Sung Yueng was "the key of
success". The article said that Ki Sung Yueng maintained his patience in the match
and made an impressive goal in overtime. Meanwhile, most of the presses in Europe
delivered the news about the match between Sunderland and Chelsea with the headline
showing the picture of Ki Sung Yueng roaring. One of them was ESPN.

This year, Ki Sung Yueng was invited to a talk show as a guest.
He said that one of the hosts
(a Korean actress who is 8 years older than Ki Sung Yueng) was his ideal type.
Even if they met each other as a guest and a host for the first time,
they soon got married.

Their marriage was reported exclusively by various entertainment newspapers in Korea.
Ki's wife is still acting as an actress in a Korean TV drama.

Ki's father has worked at the Korea Football Association.
He recognized his son's talent as a soccer player early.
As a result, Ki was able to enter the European league when he
was young. After going through Celtic F.C. in Scotland and
Swansea City in the UK, he is now playing for Sunderland.

After defeating Chelsea, it would be interesting to see how far Ki Sung Yueng will go.

Ki Sung Yeung will participate in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil
as a member of the national soccer team of Korea.
I hope that he will fully utilize his talent at EPL and World Cup.

Lil Wayne's Sampling of the Song Sung by a Famous Korean Singer

Lil Wayne's Sampling of the Song Sung by a Famous Korean Singer

Lil Wayne's Original Silence.
It contains the sampling of "Mulmangcho (forget-me-not)"
which was originally sung by Cho Yong Pil, a famous Korean singer, in 1981.
Cho Yong Pil is known as a legend in
the musical circles of Korea. Also, he is often called the king of singers in Korea.

Cho Yong Pil had his debut performance in 1968.
Prior to his debut, he had worked as a professional guitarist.
He had his first album released under his name in 1979. In the year of 2013,
he released his 19th album with which he got the award for this year's album.
Also, the album showed the greatest amount of sales.
He got every concert fully booked. In Korea, there are so many K-pop stars and
idol groups with a countless number of albums.
However, Cho Yong Pil's album became the best of the best this year.

Lil Wayne's Original Silence

Cho Yong Pil's Mulmangcho (forget-me-not)

The song which was sung by Cho Yong Pil in 1981
has gone through a sampling process for a hip-hop song by Lil Wayne in the US. Unfortunately, not many Koreans are aware of such
a fact, since there are many other pieces of news regarding
Cho Yong Pil. Also, Lil Wayne
is not so popular in Korea. However,
I think that such an attempt is really welcoming.

Lil Wayne

Cho Yong Pil

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Advertising Korea ?

Advertising Korea ?

In Korea, there are many organizations,
individuals and companies voluntarily advertising Korea.
http://www.forthenextgeneration.com is an Internet site managed by
Gyeong-deok Seo, who is known as an expert in the field of promotion for Korea.
It is very popular among Koreans.
The story about him working with the singer Jang-hun Kim
to put the advertisements for Dok-do and bibimbap on famous media is
very famous among Koreans.
Also, there is VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea/http://prkorea.com)
which is a cyber diplomatic mission.

However, it seems that even if I am quite interested in the process of advertising
Korea, I can hardly remember the advertisements for other countries, which have
been displayed at Time Square in New York or through the Wall Street Journal.
(I think that there are definitely such problems as territorial disputes and history
distortions abroad.) I am aware of VANK because I am a Korean. If I were a foreigner,
I would have no idea about the organization. In fact, I can't remember the names of
those countries experiencing civil wars.

So, it would be quite absurd to tell foreigners that they need to focus on
Korea because Korea is currently experiencing a certain event.
Therefore, I think that it would be better to advertise Korea in a different way through
the Internet by targeting the American people. Even if the size of the target group is
still relatively small, at least 150 people would find more about Korea each day.

Page View for Each Country

Category - Page View
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France - 3
Australia - 2
Italy - 2                              
Malaysia - 2
Poland - 2

Around 1pm this afternoon,
144 people got access in the US and 14 people got access in China,
while some people got access in such countries as Thailand, Germany and France.
Even if the English site of Fullkorea.com,
which I have managed, is not very popular in Korea,
I will try my best to let foreigners know more about Korea little by little.

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K-Pop Star 3, Here Comes Brodie loves by YG, JYP, Antenna music kpop

At 5 pm every Sunday, K-Pop Star, one of the famous music audition programs in Korea, is put on the air. It is already in its third season. All the participants who pass the preliminaries are divided into three groups, "Top", "Middle" and "Bottom" based on their levels. Among them, the final qualifiers for the next round are selected. Today, a little girl named Brodie, who had been put in the "Bottom" group with those members having relatively lower skills compared to others, showed a great level of improvement for her skills and impressed everybody on the show(kpop star 3 audition). She was assigned to Antenna Music.

The song which she chose was David Guetta's Titanium.

The voice of a 10-year-old girl was so clear. Also, her high-pitched tone was just perfect.

Antanna music ceo
JYP Entertainment ceo
YG Entertainment ceo

All three judges were fully satisfied with Brodie. It seemed that another big star was on her way. One of the judges, Hyeon-seok Yang (CEO of YG Entertainment) praised her very highly and said, "I think that I have just seen a miracle." Another judge,

Hee-yeol Ryu (CEO of Antenna Music) was so impressed with Brodie's performance and said, "It seems that she practiced so hard to improve her skills. I almost cried when I saw her performing on the stage. I really want to thank her for her effort." Another judge, Jin-yeong Park (CEO of JYP Entertainment) praised her very highly and said, "She will continue to improve her skills. I am very surprised to see such great effort of hers."

After watching the program, netizens said, "Brodie in K-Pop Star 3 is just amazing. She has shown a great level of development. It seems that the judges can't help loving her." They showed various responses.

Brodie chose Antenna Music which focuses on the training of musicians with great musical talents, instead of such big entertainment companies as YG and JYP. Brodie is currently on the top of the list of real-time search words at Naver.com, one of the popular portal sites in Korea.

Brodie singing all show : http://tvcast.naver.com/v/106856


Google Not Aware of Dokdo Belonging to the Korean Territory

Google Not Aware of Dokdo Belonging to the Korean Territory

South Korea has China in the north and Japan in the east. The Korean Peninsula
is surrounded by the sea on three sides. As a result, there are more than 50
islands belonging to the Korean territory. The Japanese government is showing
a comedy by claiming that one of the islands belongs to the Japanese territory.
The target of the comedy shown by the Japanese government is the island
named 'Dok-do(Liancourt Rocks)'.

There is no need to ask any question regarding the dominum regarding the
island, since it has been within the Korean territory from the beginning. But,
the Japanese government keeps claiming that the island belongs to the
Japanese territory based on its proximity. (In fact, the island is closer to Korea.)
Also, because of the deep-sea resource located under the sea around Dok-do(Liancourt Rocks),
the Japanese government will not give up showing such a comedy.

In the year of 512, the island Dokdo was indicated as one of the
regions belonging to the Korean island, Ulleungdo.
In the year of 1696, the Japanese fishermen promised not to enter the boundaries
of Ulleungdo and Dokdo since they belonged to the Korean territory.
In the year of 1877, an ancient document was found in Japan,
which said that since Dokdo belonged to the Korean territory,
Japan did not have any kind of authority over the island.
The island was indicated as an island belonging to the Korean territory on the
Korean map in 1530, on the French map in 1737,
and on the Japanese map in 1785 respectively.
In the year of 1943, through the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Declaration in
which such countries as the US, China and the UK participated,
the statement saying "Japan will also be expelled from all other territories
which she has taken by violence and greed." was applied especially for Dokdo,
which everybody believed belonged to the Korean territory.

Even the Google Map indicatesd Dok-do(Liancourt Rocks) as a Korean island.
(The blue line shows Korea's dominum.)

But, when I looked at the Google Map today,
the name of the island was different. Liancourt Rocks?
As a Korean myself, I have never heard of such a name. I believe
that most Koreans are not aware of such a name either.
Why has Dokdo been named as 'Liancourt Rocks'?

If such a change is a simple mistake made by Google,
it must be corrected at once.
But, if Google changed the name intentionally because it was worried about the
concern shown by the Japanese government based on its comedy,
such a change can be regarded as a great political error.
Why has Dokdo been named as 'Liancourt Rocks'
considering the fact that it belongs to Korea? Every piece of land
belonging to the Korean territory must be named in Korean.
No English, French and Japanese names can be used.


Familiar with SNL Korea ?

Familiar with SNL Korea ?

SNL is a comedy program broadcast by NBC in the US.
SNL stands for Saturday Night Live.
After the format of the program was exported to Korea,
the same kind of program has been put on the air live
every week with various celebrity guests just like the one in the US.
While SNL in the US is organized by a major
broadcasting station, the one in Korea is shown by a
cable broadcasting station. Although the program is
broadcast by a cable TV company, it shows a considerably
high audience rating since a lot of major celebrities appear in the program.
However, the rating is still lower than that
of any other gag program shown by a major broadcasting station.

While the format of SNL was imported from the US, Korea
has exported various formats to several countries.

Many movies, music albums, dramas and cartoons have
been exported to about 40 countries around the world and
the programs based on such formats have been broadcast
by major broadcasting stations.
The Korean music has become quite popular in Asia and Latin America. More than
20,000 tickets for the performances carried out by famous Korean
singers are usually sold only within 1 minute. Super Junior,
a representative Korean dance group, has made a record of
making their song as a No.1 hit on the music chart in Taiwan
for 121 weeks consecutively. Also, the Korean drama,
'Dae Jang Geum (the Jewel in the Palace)' has been exported to 87
countries aroudn the world. It showed the highest audience
rate of 55.5% in Korea and 99% in Sri Lanka. Such a record
is considered to be unprecedented. About 3 billion viewers
around the world have seen the drama.

'Dae Jang Geum ' is a fiction based on the story about a real
person who lived in Korea a long time ago. Korea used to be
run by a royal authority between 1390s and 1910. The drama
was organized based on the story about a woman named
Jang Geum who served one of the kings with a high level of confidence.
The drama was broadcast in Korea between
September 15th, 2003 and March 30th, 2004. It is quite interesting
to see that the drama which was put on the air in Korea
10 years ago is still being broadcast abroad. Another interesting
fact is that the background of the drama is based on the old
Korea, which means that only Korean people can fully
understand such a traditional Korean drama.


Draws for FIFA World Cup 2014, What's the destiny of Group H ?

Draws for FIFA World Cup 2014, What's the destiny of Group H ?

The results of the draws for FIFA World Cup 2014 are as follows.
South Korea has been included in Group H.

There are four nations in Group H, including Belgium, Algeria, Russia
and South Korea. Most of the foreign presses would believe that Belgium
and Russia will be included in the top 16. But, according to the Korean
press, South Korea is the one which will be included in the top 16.
South Korea was in the top 16 in 2010.

Prior to World Cup 2010, every foreign press expected that such
nations as Argentina and Nigeria or Greece in Group B would be
included in the top 16 of World Cup 2010. But, South Korea named
itself as a qualifier together with Argentina. South Korea once made
it to the semifinals in 2002 at the competition jointly held in Korea and Japan.
Also, South Korea was included in the top 16 in 2010 at the competition
held in South Africa. Other nations in Group H of World Cup 2014, including
Belgium, Algeria and Russia, have the experience of being defeated
by South Korea.

South Korea will definitely make it to the top 16 at the competition held in
Brazil in 2014. What an excellent group formation!

almeng kpop star | Season 3 Highlights |Almeng, First one

almeng kpop star | Season 3 Highlights |Almeng, First one 

K-Pop Star is in its third season now.
A number of talented singers have had auditions for their debuts as professionals.
The jury consists of famous music producers and planners in Korea.
If those participating in the contest pass their auditions,
they could enter into a contract
with a music company and have their chances to release albums.
Until now, more than 10 amateur singers have had their chances to
release their official albums through the contest.
Also, they have participated in various TV commercials and programs.

YG, the production company of 'Psy'
who is famous of his song, 'Gangnam Style',
JYP, the production company of 'Rain'
who is known for his role in the Hollywood movie,'Ninja Assassin', and
AntennaMusic, the production company known for
its emphasis on the ballad music in Korea,
regardless of its having had no foreign expansion yet.
The jury of K-Pop Star 3 consists of the CEOs of these three companies.
In the third season, we are still able to see
a lot of talented musicians participating in the contest.

 | almeng kpop star |

* Mixed-sex Pair Vocal Group Almeng Kpop star
The female member of the group has a great talent as a singer and rapper.
She got approved by all three jurors.
She and her partner tactfull arranged Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' in a refined way.
almeng is unique sytle performance groupe in kpop star season3.
they will be show creative performance in the stage.
Let's watch  "Almeng kpop star"

* 4 Female-member Dance Group First One
The team dropped out of the second season of the contest.
They tried again for the contest after mastering their skills for a year.
When they were about to drop out of the contest for the second
time, YG made them stay in the contest as a wild card.

* First One participated in the second season of
K-Pop Star last year as a 5 female-member dance group.
One of them now has her chance for the professional debut by
entering into a contract with DSP
Entertainment, the company which has produced albums for
Kara and Rainbow, famous girl groups not only in Korea but also in Japan.
As a result, only 4 remaining members have participated in this year's contest.

K-Pop Star season 3 is an audition program
which has a great level of influence over the Korean music industry.
In fact, those participating in the contest are likely to
become the center of the Korean wave.
The contest is not over yet. There are more talented singers waiting for their turns.

K-Pop Star 3 Full-version: http://tvcast.naver.com/kpopstar3


Anti-fan Website for One of the Participants in K-pop Star 3

Anti-fan Website for One of the Participants in K-pop Star 3

Now, there is an anti-fan website for one of the participants in K-pop Star 3.
The number of members of the website has already exceeded 4,000 people.
They are against one of the participants in the contest, whose name is Kim Eun-joo.
The establishment of such a website reflects the enormous influence of the contest.
Kim Eun-joo is a teenage girl who appeared in the first episode of K-pop Star 3.
She sang Beyonce's 'If I were a boy' with so much passion.
Her appearance was broadcast throughout the whole nation.

Kim Eun-joo's Anti-fan Website: http://cafe.naver.com/coinf

After the first episode was broadcast, an anonymous netizen
who identified herself as one of Kim Eun-joo's
school fellows said, "Kim Eun-joo not only showed bad behaviors at school,
including the one of distrupting
the class, but also smoked and drank." Also, she said,
"Kim Eun-joo gathered her friends to bully those whom
she did not like and took away money from others.
She even cut her own wrist and took a picture of it before
posting it on the SNS." She exposed every detail of Kim Eun-joo's past.
Because of the exposure, a number of netizens and
viewers visited the official online homepage of K-pop Star 3
to demand Kim Eun-joo to drop out of the contest officially.
The production team of K-pop Star 3 has not provided any official response yet.

The witch-hunt which was initially started based on the
report given by one of the netizens has become so much bigger.
The movement is now being led by about 4,000 people, while
the production team of K-pop Star 3 has not made any clear response yet.
What if such a story about Kim Eun-joo is not true?
I just can't imagine the consequence of such a case.
Even if it is true, there is still a big problem to solve.


The Reason Why Amazon.com Doesn't Enter the Korean Market

The Reason Why Amazon.com Doesn't Enter the Korean Market

Amazon.com is the biggest online shopping mall in the US.
eBay successfully took 70% of the Korean market for electronic commerce.
But such an achievement was possible only because eBay took over
such successful companies as Auction and G-market.
Another US company, Groupon took over Ticket Monster, which was showing
satisfactory results in the Korean market.

When Groupon entered the Korean market autonomously for the first time,
it was ranked in the 4th or 5th position, showing poor results.
But, after it took over Ticket Monster, the 2nd largest company in the field,
its market share increased rapidly and it became the 2nd largest company in the field.
Nevertheless, the 1st and the 2nd positions in the field of social shopping mall are still
being occupied by Korean companies.

As such, in order for Amazon.com to enter the Korean market successfully,
it would be better for the company to hire experts who are familiar with the Korean market
or acquire successful Korean companies in the market.
But Amazon.com has not even set its foot in the Korean market yet.
Korean people speak their own language. English is a foreign language for them.
They speak English only to respect the foreigners who speak English.
90% of those living in Korea speak Korean.
So books are written in Korean in the country, providing Amazon.com which possesses
and distributes a lot of books written in English with its first challenge.

Also, the level of distribution for books in Korea has already become world-class.
If you order books in the morning, you will get them in the afternoon on the same day.
Regarding books, it is quite difficult for US companies to become competitive in Korea.
Another limit which Amazon.com would experience is the poor level of contents.
Such simple and low-quality contents have been caused by the low-speed Internet
environment in the US where the Internet speed is 10 times slower than the one in Korea.
As a result, Amazon.com cannot help providing less contents used to introduce books.
If more contents are posted on the Internet, the loading speed will become slower.
But in Korea, some parts of books, including interviews with writers, writers' blogs
and various discount benefits, are shown in slides with the help of flash files.
Based on the fast Internet speed, the quantity and quality of contents have been improved.

The Korean Internet users do not usually get interested in the contents showing only texts or a couple of pictures like those of Amazon.com or Google.
If Korea had been in the position of the US,
it would have used the same technology to create Earth instead of Amazon.com.
But since English is used worldwide as a common language and the American market is
quite large, it has been possible for Amazon.com to grow.
That Amazon.com has not even set its foot in the Korean market yet.


K-Pop Star3 from China

K-Pop Star3 from China

K-Pop Star, one of the most popular audition programs for potential singers in Korea,
is now in its third season with two episodes already put on the air.
Until now, there have been several foreign contestants from
such countries as the US, Australia and the UK.
In the second episode, a contestant named Yao,
who was included among the top ten qualifiers of C-Pop Star,
the copyrighted Chinese version of K-Pop Star,
appeared on the stage and passed the first round with unanimous votes from the judges.

Just like SNL Korea, the copyrighted Korean version of the famous comedy show
SNL (NBC) in the US,
C-Pop Star is quite popular in China.

The Chinese contestant Yao from C-Pop Star sang
'You raise me up' in the first round of the final of K-Pop Star 3 (SBS) on December 1st.
Yao came from Shanghai, China.
He was introduced as a chef of Italian food with 6-year experience.
After listening to his song, the three judges of the show made the following comments.

Antenna Music CEO, Hee-yeol Ryu (Music Producer):
"Even professional musicians are sometimes afraid of starting their songs,
because the introductory part often reflects all the emotions too plainly.
You seem to have a natural tone."

JYP CEO, Jin-yeong Park (Music Producer for Miss A, 2AM, 2PM and GOD):
"You have a beautiful and perfect voice. When I was listening to your song,
I thought about how to help you to successfully hit the high notes.
Your singing the high notes would make everybody,
including both boys and girls, become so much attracted to you and your song.
I hope that you could learn such a technique from somebody."

YG CEO, Hyeon-seok Yang (Producer for Big Bang, Psy and 2NE1):
"These days, the job which attracts my interest the most is chef,
since I am quite dissatisfied with the meals cooked by my wife.
Your real voice will be brought up by Jin-yeong Park in the next round."

Yao passed the first round with unanimous votes from
Hee-yeol Ryu, Jin-hyeong Park and Hyeon-seok Yang.
Will he be included in the top 10 in Korea, or even able to become the winner?


American Eagle korea, Hollister, Victoria's Secret, Aldo, Vans, Levis.

American Eagle korea, Hollister, Victoria's Secret, Aldo, Vans, Levis

Recently, there was the Black Friday sales in the U.S
However, during it, Korean people bought Korean products
which were being sold in South Korea instead of buying
American ones and it was on the news.
That’s because Korean merchandise are of better quality.
Also, they are cheaper due to the economic problems,
so they are sold at a more affordable price even with the shipping tax.
Such as this, Korean people prefer products which are made in South Korea.

As they prefer electronic devices of brands of Samsung, LG,
cars of Hyundai, Kia, also buy clothes which are manufactured, produced, shipped in,
from South Korea instead of those which are done so in Vietnam.
Cambodia and Myanmar.
The following are the American clothing brands:
American Eagle, Hollister, Victoria's Secret, Aldo, Vans, Levis etc.
American products are not so popular in South Korea.
In South Korea, brands such as ZARA, H&M, Uniqlo,
Korean manufactured SPA (affordable chain clothes stores), Forever 21,
8seconds, MIXXO are more popular and preferred by the consumers.

This is because, clothes of American standard, design,
price is not satisfying enough for the Korean buyers.
Especially, Forever 21 is an clothing company
which is established by the Forever 21.
460 branches are set up all over ten states.
You can find the Forever 21 stores in large cities such as New York and LA.
Korean clothes are more popular than the American ones in the U.S.

However, sneakers of American brands such as NIKE, Reebok,
Addias and Puma are more preferred by the consumers.
Korean trainer brand called Pro-specs are also popular.
It’s expected to sell well as the brands of sneakers such as Reebok and Puma.

American Eagle korea


Amanda Seyfried in korea

Amanda Seyfried in korea

Amanda Seyfried visited South Korea.
That day when she came was her birthday.

Amand Seyfried will stay in South Korea,
for about three days, she will do a press interview related to the cosmetic brand,
she is a model of, called Cle de peau beaute,
visit its shop in a department store, star in a beauty commercial,
participate in a TV interview and parties.

You can see the actor, Justin Long in the back of the photo,
he is also an American actor but most Koreans do not know him.
Only the news about Amada Seyfried’s visit to South Korea was an
big issue on the internet.
She will probably do a lot of promotion here,
there but a lot of Koreans do not know that she is an actress and singer.
Her hit film, sit com, name of the movies she starred in,
songs are not known in South Korea.
Of course, the fans of American sit coms, movies ,
pop music will be familiar of her but she is not a big star in South Korea.
How helpful will her visit be to the brand of Cle de beaute?


Samsung jobs

Do you wanna work at samsung ?

if you want. read this !
Samsung want to get a worker for Retail Marketing Manager.


Position : Retail Marketing Manager

You will be responsible for the followings:
 - Planning and executing Global In-store marketing Communication Strategy
 - Space Optimizing and establishing Home Appliance Shop Identity within
 consumer electronics store (Brand Store, Shop-in-Shop, Channel Store)
 - Monitoring and improving retail shop related procedures

 - Over 4 years of relevant work experience
 - Well adopted Korean culture and language
 - English fluency

Desired Skills/Experience in
 - Retail / In-Store Marketing Communication such as Retail Manager,
 VMD, BTL Marketing Manager
 - Channel or Category Manager in FMCG/Electronics/Cosmetics/Food Industry
 - Global Marketing Communication

Samsung official introduce
 - For more than 40 years, Samsung Electronics has been at the forefront of innovation,
delivering breakthrough products and exceptional value to people around the world.

As the #1 Consumer Electronics company,
Samsung Electronics is the global leader in mobile,
semiconductor and display technologies. Through our successes with the
Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note series,
as well as our groundbreaking advances in computer memory
and green technology, we continuously strive to
push the limits of technology to better peoples lives

Guided by the simple philosophy, ‘Inspire the World, Create the Future’
we are committed to shaping the future of technology and setting the standards
in the realm of fast, dynamic change.
For more information, please visit: www.samsung.com

KPOP STAR 3 episodes | YAO, Sam Kim, The kids from that village

2nd, 3rd episodes of KPOP STAR 3 |YAO, Sam Kim, The kids from that village

The 2nd, 3rd episodes of K POP STAR 3 were broadcasted on last Sunday.
KPOP STAR has been shipped to China; its name has been changed to C-POP STAR.
As American SNL has been promoted to various countries,
its name has been altered to SNK Korea in South Korea.

YAO, who has an attractive, sentimental voice stayed as one of the no.10 contestants and won the place of top 10, of the C-POP STAR has starred on the KPOP STAR.
He already has 60 thousand fans.
A contestant singer, who has gained fame in the C-POP STAR,
has gotten the chance to be a part of the finals of the KPOP STAR.

South Korea is a divided country.
If you go up north from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea,
there’s the borderline between South,
North Korea which can’t be passed and this is called the 38th line.
South, North Korea is divided by this line, a band called,
The kids from that village’, consisting of high school students
starred in the program as well. They made an instrument called, ‘’Kahon’’,
played it and this performance touched the hearts of the judges due to its funniness.

Sam Kim, who had come from ,
learned to play the guitar on his own only for a year and half.
However, his skills of playing soft guitar sounds,
rhythm were applauded by the judges.
The judge, Yoo hei yeul commented that he would need to learn about
music from him and called him a genius.

In the TV audition program, KPOP STAR has been broadcasted for three seasons,
in it, the representatives of the management companies, JYP, YG, Antenna music,
who are musicians judge, themselves, train the contestants who win,
in their own company, help them to release their
own albums in order to come up with singers of better singing ability.
The nationality of the contestants, vary from Chinese, American, Australian,
mostly Korean ones have won, the contest, the no.1 place in the record charts
and starred in various CFs.

The K POP STAR 3 is a Korean entertainment program.
But, it’s not just entertaining,
but also provides the viewers a glimpse of the true musical passion of the contestants.