NO Japoan campaign of south korea

Korea’s semi-conductor and display industry are taking gross portion of its economic sales as much competing for the top rank in the world. Samsung and LG are Korea’s brands and they’re manufacturing semi-conductor, display, TV, LED and smartphones.

Samsung and LG had been importing some parts from Japan but Japan unilaterally proclaimed no supply those kinds of parts to Korea so called as "South Korea-Japan Trade dispute" in 2019. And it had been lasted about a year.

During such a year, Korea also strongly counteracted with boycott for Japan products which is voluntarily raised by nationwide people and it has been reflected very well in such a title as "No Japan".


At the bottom line, Japan had to restart supplying those parts to Korea’s brands but some Japan brands like Uniqlo, Sony, Olympus, Nissan and Toyota left Korea as a result.

Actually, many of Uniqlo shops closed in Korea and Nissan automotive left Korea completely after unprecedented discount event. Japanese beer and automotive brands’ occupancy in Korea peninsula shrunk back as much 84% and 51% each. Japanese beers like Asahi, Sapporo are almost disappeared from Korea peninsula now.

The date, August 15th, 2020 is the 80th anniversary of Korean Independence Day from Japanese colony. Inevitably, Korean boycott of the Japanese product seems to come back around this time and does not seem to go away easily.

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