Merkel salute to the Nazi emblem ?

How the Europeans are gonna feel about if the German Prime Minister Merkel salutes to the Nazi emblem and go through with Vivo experiment of Corona Virus by visiting Auschwitz?

They’ll take it as ridiculous performance and German national reputation will fall down hit the ground in the world.

And needless to say that German nation people will go through also with impeachment of Merkel. So she’ll never even think to do this kind of challenge and even there’s no reason to do it.

By the way, Japan is different.

Japanese Prime Minister Abe saluted in front of the Rising Sun Flag the symbol of compulsory suppression which is just equivalent to German Nazi. He visited the military camp executed inhuman Vivo Experiment with Korean and Chinese and lifted up his so proud thumb with a creepy big smile sitting on the plane used for Vivo experiment at that time. 

Of course such great scene had been spread out not only to ‘Japan’s Kyodo News’ but also to various media in the world.

Don’t we know the Japanese Army Unit 731 was a horrible organization performed inhuman Vivo Experiments on Korean and Chinese P.O.W and civilians to support chemical and biological weapon development and study in the Second World War? 

USA Washington’s diplomatic and political communiqué, Nelson Report analyzed about that Abe’s such performance and photo insisted it’s almost same as ‘German Prime Minister showing up herself with Nazi uniform for fun.’

Even though, such an event was to satisfy supporters in partial conservatives it was still considered as inhuman politic actions which have to be wholly deleted on the earth.

Now, Abe himself seems like a brand wearing on a suit expressing a title like ‘I’m abnormal.’

We look forward to see a normal Japanese politician who has historical view based on facts and able to globalize with healthy ideas. 

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